BElieve | 5 Month Program

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BElieve | 5 Month Program

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Soul-Deep. High-Vibe. Mystically Attuned + Spiritually Supported. That’s YOU. Get it all here as we journey together for 5 Months where you’ll receive constant intuitive support from Kimberly.

This is for you Seekers, who crave more from your Spiritual Practice; a way to put it all together and to ACTUALLY, VISIBLY Change Your Life. You know it’s Inner-journey, but you are ready for SO Much More. To go deeper into understanding, healing and integrating.

This shadow work, and symbolic stuff, and totally woo-woo — so if you’re not into that, this isn’t for you.

This is Soul-group session, rituals, and individual support, too. You get it ALL.

Let’s Glow Deeper to really Bring Magic to Your Life! Magic like feeling FREE to be yourself, solid and constant signs from Spirit that lead you to the most amazing things, people and experiences. (I mean, you’re already getting a taste of it, right? You are here!)

Here’s what you’re getting into to. ;-)

Your BElieve journey begins on the New Moon in Taurus on May 15th, 2018

Together we’ll dive deep into Dream Interpretation, Leveraging Star Power (astrological aspects) and Signs from Spirit!

  • 1 Monthly New Moon Ritual to dive deep into your intentions for healing, growth and expansion | VIrtual, Live Session via private ZOOM conference call with Kimberly

  • 1 Monthly Energy Healing Support Session with Intuitive Guidance offered | Reiki, Crystals &/or Crystal Healings available for you, individually (optional) + our Soul-group within the program

  • 1 Monthly Guided Meditation to further your understanding and deepen your healing, expand your Light

  • 1 Monthly Private 30 Minute Call with Kimberly for Clarity, Support and Guidance using your Star Map (Astrology Natal Chart) for deeper revelation into what is influencing you and supporting your deeper healing and growth in real-time

  • Believe Guidebook full of exercises, journal prompts and intuitive guidance

    You should know… this is ALL Cosmically aligned and timed. The whole thing! If you’re not into how the stars align to shift and support our spiritual evolution, then this is not for you.

    Each new month goes deeper beginning with the New Moon, the darkest time of the month, when you have greater access to your hidden strength, intuition and more. It’s all beautifully synchronized with the collective, overall vibe of this year, 2018. {Oh yeah! If you don’t already have The Year of The Priestess: 2018’s Astro, Tarot, Numerology Vibes e-book, you’ll get that, too!}


The Shooting Star 1/2 Day VIP Tarot Card Reading session [$497 VALUE!]

The MOST in-depth reading offered. 3 hours + a follow-up call within 30 days of your reading.

This comprehensive reading covers every area of your life. Unlimited questions. Angel messages. Plus, video & audio recordings.


** Flexible Payment Plan available upon request. Email Kimberly to learn more. **


16-Day ROYAL Challenge [$100 VALUE]

With daily guidance from the Court Cards of the Tarot — the Princes, Princesses, Knights & Queens — you’ll learn how to use ancient and archetypal wisdom to transform your ordinary life and begin living with more Grace, Ease and Power— like Royalty.


2 Tickets to the GLOW FOR IT RETREAT! [$2400 VALUE]

Bring a friend to the Brightest Live 2-Day Retreat for Spiritual Warriors who are here to shine and achieve their wildest dreams! We gather together in high-vibe unity to encourage, inspire and support each other as we raise the vibration of Light and Love on planet Earth. Aligned with the principles of the Glow For It community, you’ll discover New ways to activate and amplify your intuition and psychic abilities, overcome fear to more fully Bring Your Own Magic to Life.

Date TBD | Tickets can be used to attend the Live event in-person OR to attend Virtually via Livestream of the entire event.

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