“Such a Clear and Vivid Reading.”

... Kimberly had the ability to see me in different situations and help guide me through my past, present and future. She was incredibly accurate and knew things she couldn't possibly know about me and my life. I left my session confident and ready to take on life. This was the best and most favorite session I've ever experienced!

— Jennifer

“Increased Alignment with my Soul's Truth”

... Kimberly is truly gifted with piercingly accurate intuit, yet offers it gently in a relevant, unassuming, wise way. Her connection to the unseen ways of the universe is beautiful and full of light and hope for anyone who seeks her services.

— Rose

When openess meets clarity, that’s when wisdom emerges. And suddenly the beauty of our life, as it unfolds, can be experienced like magic with the very essence of our being.

— Kimberly, Empress of Eclipse Tarot + Intuitive Tarot Guide


“I am in awe!”

Received a random live reading and it was fantastic!

— Charlene

“So much was on point.”

It not only left me feeling a greater sense of clarity but relieved, refreshed & calm with positivity and lots of insight. I really enjoyed the reading and would recommend it to others. It was my first reading and I was nervous at first but it was so easy & comfortable speaking with you and allowed me to open up with ease.

— Lisa


“I can use this insight to improve my relationship.”

Kimberly is a talented and highly intuitive reader. She shed light on some aspects of my romantic relationship, through my personal tarot reading.  Through the use of the tarot and her guidance, she helped me gain a better understanding of how my relationship dynamic is playing out, and how I can use this insight to improve my relationship. I love the rich symbolism and layered meanings that are conveyed in Kimberly's readings. I felt really understood and special. Thank you so very much for sharing your unique intuitive gifts with me!

— Alissa

I couldn't help but feel lighter and more sure of myself.

 My reading was overwhelmingly positive with a lot of emphasis on success. At the time, I was in a very unsure, fearful state of mind about where I was dedicating my energies. Afraid that I might be wasting my time, wondering if I should abandon 3 years of work and attention to my project, and doubtful of my capability to progress any more. The reading I received from Kimberly encouraged me to continue on my path, which Kim knew almost nothing about before the reading. I have spent the past year continuing my work and meeting success after success. There were certainly times when I doubted myself but my reading was so powerfully, intuitively given, I couldn't help but feel lighter and more sure of myself when I remembered it. I so appreciate the encouragement and advice to persist on my path, given by Kimberly.  She was so understanding and non-judgmental. She is obviously gifted with the ability to interpret the cards and use her intuition to clarify their meanings. She is a tarot artist!

— Robin