The Empress Heart Academy

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The Empress Heart Academy


Advanced Training to Reclaim Your Power as the Empress of YOUR Life through specialized energetic protection techniques that allow you to give more, sacrifice less, and shine your light brighter in the World.

Go from Bleeding Heart Beaming Heart!




What You Get:

6 Weeks. Self-Study Course.

Advanced Training Sessions and templates with each lesson.

Facebook Group for constant support + convenient LIVE Q & A sessions weekly.

(Lifetime Membership to group)


Master Class #1

Understanding How Your Light Shines in a Dark World {Guided by the Queen of Swords}

  • Identity and the roles we play everyday
  • Duality awareness and mindset anchors for peace
  • Claiming the blessings of contrast


Master Class #2

Build Your Fortress of Unity, Not Solitude {Guided by the Queen of Wands}

  • Healthy ENERGETIC Boundaries
  • Heart-Centered Strengthening


Master Class #3

Design Your Ground-Breaking Inner Security System {Guided by the Queen of Disks}

  • Grounding your power in the Earth
  • Using high vibe objects for protection and anchoring
  • Syncing with cycles and seasons


Master Class #4

UPdate How You Relate  {Guided by the Queen of Cups}

  • Guide to relationships that fill you up and don't drag you down
  • Becoming a clear channel for Divine Wisdom and authentic expression
  • The power of pleasure and emotional integrity


Master Class #5

Strengthening Your Empress Heart {Guided by The Empress}

  • Recap & Integration
  • Empress Qualities 
  • Union of ALL Energetic Fields for Balance & Harmony



Inner Coronation Ceremony {Graduation}

  • Crossing the threshold with a powerful ritual
  • Guided Ritual & Meditation
  • Step by Step Guide to creating your personalized Inner Coronation Ceremony: Enter the Empress



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Enrollment Ends May 24th, 2017.

Classes begin June 6th, 2017.

Your BONUSES, Human Design Reading & Full 1 Hour Tarot Reading can be booked immediately upon purchase of the course or anytime throughout the year. 

*** Credit for Bonus Sessions expire 12/31/17