Career/Business Tarot Reading

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Career/Business Tarot Reading


Ready to LIGHT UP your biz or career ventures with some clarity & divine guidance so you can really Shine?


During this reading, we laser focus on your career or business to help you breakthrough roadblocks, prepare for possible challenges ahead and get insight into best practices and favorable timing for launching, starting, collaborating and more!

All readings are LIVE via video or phone call. Yay!

  • 45 minute session
  • Includes complete Tarot Card spread & intuitive reading
  • Opportunity to ask questions at the end of the reading for further clarity
  • Possible channeled messages from Spirit 
  • May include astrological insight for more clarity
  • Divine Download Included! Get a full report of your reading with images of the cards that come up for you emailed to you within 7 days after your live reading.


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** After purchase you'll receive an email with a link to my calendar to schedule your appointment and select how you'd like to connect! 

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