Your Eclipse Trilogy Star Map

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Eclipse star map graphic.png
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Your Eclipse Trilogy Star Map

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Get a personal astrology chart reading that laser-focuses on how the Eclipse Trilogy happening in July/August 2018 will affect you personally. Identify themes, opportunities for growth and areas of your life that will be triggered by eclipses and what it means for you!

Eclipse dates covered in this reading — July 12/13, July 27/28 & August 11/12, 2018.

What you get:

  • 5 page PDF report, including your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign insight (your path to self-discovery)

  • Reads like a map that can offer insight and clarity for what is currently unfolding in your life

After purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email requesting your EXACT BIRTH DATE INFORMATION. In order for your reading to be accurate, you must provide the precise time, date and place of your birth. You will receive your reading with 72 hours of purchase.

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