The Eclipse | 1-Hour Tarot Card Reading


The Eclipse | 1-Hour Tarot Card Reading


Here's a quick overview of what you're getting!

  • 1 Hour Virtual Tarot Card Reading Session with Kimberly

  • Angel Message

  • Video + Audio recording of your reading

Revealing the Truth.

Choose from an in-depth general reading or focus on a specific area of your Life, like Business/Career or Relationship.

One on One virtual live sessions with Kimberly offer the clarity you need to make decisions that will truly change your Life & reveal what's behind the scenes affecting you.  Discover the challenges and opportunities that will arise in the future so you can prepare for them.

Includes Q & A, Angel Message & recording of your 1 hour reading.

Is this your First Time getting a reading with me?? Check out this video to learn more about how I give readings!



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