Cosmic Breakthrough [Emailed] Reading | Available Thru February 18, 2019

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CB Reading Graphic.png

Cosmic Breakthrough [Emailed] Reading | Available Thru February 18, 2019


Got a situation in your life that you simply can’t figure out? It’s not making sense… you’ve tried everything… Could there be something you aren’t aware of and you don’t even realize it?

The Cosmic Breakthrough Reading is designed for those kinds of things.

>> Limited Edition Readings. Available Now Through February 18, 2019, OR when Sold-Out!! <<

In this emailed reading, you’ll get clear and direct answers that will lead you directly to a breakthrough! And there’s a reason I only make this reading available at certain times of the year… when the stars align to amplify the breakthrough energy!

This reading is different from any other… I’ve tailored it to get to the core of any issue, by using questions that transformational life coaches use.

Only — I ask Divine Intelligence for the answers for you, answers to these laser-focused questions that reveal what’s underlying the issue + what you can do about it. Clarity coupled with suggested action is pure magic!

Because these kinds of readings DO NOT REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT (they are delivered to you via email within 48 hours of purchase), I only make a limited amount of them available. After all, I’m only one person!


4-5 page PDF with Images of your cards + detailed insight for your Cosmic Breakthrough path forward.

Angel messages that can truly speak to your heart and offer even more clarity.


Fill-in form at check-out describing the issue or area of life you’d to focus for your reading.

Check your inbox within the following 48 hours! :)

You can always contact Kimberly directly, if you have questions: OR via Facebook Messenger .

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