I’ve been giving psychic Tarot Card readings for 20 years, but the truth is, I’ve always been psychic. I was born this way. And — spoiler alert — so were you.

I know it seems radical to say that everyone is born with psychic abilities. So let me ask you this. .. .. is it believable that we are born with heightened senses, awareness, even psychic abilities - beyond just the five senses — but these aspects of ourselves have been suppressed/repressed our culture because it is misunderstood?

What I find fascinating is that throughout the ages seemingly-ordinary people have proven to have and use their extra-sensory abilities to accomplish amazing things and accurately predict future events.

With all of the incredible discoveries, especially in the last century, our human brains are still very much a mystery to scientists who estimate that we may only be using a small percentage of our cognitive capacity. Our dream state, memory function and even consciousness itself, cannot be explained by science.

... human understanding being created by intellect cannot see secret things...
— Nostradamus

There is a space between what we know as our intellectual minds and the spiritual dimensions. But we are not taught, or encouraged, to use this aspect of ourselves.

That’s why I’ve created this program for you — to assist you in exploring your natural psychic abilities.

In this bootcamp-style 21-day mentorship program, you’ll discover how to use your extra-sensory abilities to know…

  • which opportunities to seize, and which ones to bypass

  • what’s worth focusing your efforts on, and what's not

  • when to let go and when to go all in

Really… the benefits are infinite. People will start saying you’re really Lucky, when you tune in and learn how to use your psychic abilities because there’s so much to gain and so many pitfalls that can avoided when you can foresee what the future holds.

There’s nothing extraordinary about Psychic abilities, but we each have our own unique ways of utilizing our senses. And these abilities can be developed and strengthened, just like a muscle.

The problem is… Most people didn’t learn about this mystical power they have and have no idea how to begin the strengthening process. — That’s where I come in!

Over the decades I’ve spent honing my skills as a psychic tarot reader and exploring the realms of my own psychic abilities to improve my daily life, I’ve discovered some key practices & techniques that enhance these senses.

This is a 21-day program because that’s just how long it takes for us to create a New Habit.

We start at the beginning of the Year (January 2nd) when we naturally desire a fresh new start and set big goals of some kind for ourselves.

AND we leverage the power of the Eclipses, when the veil is thinner and a portal opens — making it even easier for us to tap in, tune in and receive data from psychic fields!

When it comes to the higher frequencies we can access psychically, the 2 weeks between eclipses in the most potent time tune in. This is the very reason behind the name of my business here, Eclipse Tarot.


So what are you waiting for? Get in now while there are spaces available. This is a BETA program, so only a Limited Number of Spaces are open and it will sell-out quickly!

Ahh.. I knew you might have questions. Totally reach out to me via Facebook Messenger or Email & I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.