Recordings of Readings

Your privacy is important to us.  Due to the sensitive nature, and personal information that is often shared during a reading, once the recording of the reading has been sent to you, the client, to download, your reading will be deleted.

We use software that enables us to record the reading using video and audio.  The recording is stored in the cloud via the software, then deleted from that software immediately after it has been downloaded to enable us to send it to you, the client/recipient of the reading.  You will receive the recordings (both video and audio), most often via Google Drive due to the size of the recordings, via email.

We may request confirmation from you, via email. that you have received and downloaded your recordings.  Once confirmation is received from you, or within 72 hours of the recordings being sent to you, whichever comes first, the recordings (both video and audio) will be deleted permanently on our end.  You will receive notification via email that your recordings will be deleted, so that you can download them if you have not already.

It is the sole responsibility of the client to download and secure the recordings of their reading.  Once deleted, after 72 hours, the recordings will not be retrieved.


Furthemore, a client's reading will never be shared with anyone, or any other entity.  The recordings are only sent to the recipient of the reading. 

It the client's responsibility to provide a valid and secure email address to receive the recordings for their individual readings.  It is also the client's responsibility to download the recordings of the reading within the time frame of 72 hours.  It is recommended that the client downloads the recording immediately upon receipt and provide confirmation by replying the email received.