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Meet the High Priestess Power Panel


Lisbeth is a single mom who holds space and offers coaching for other single moms just like her. She knows that single moms desperately want the best for their kids, but many moms have neglected themselves along the way.

Lisbeth shows moms how to get more out of their money and bring freedom, wealth, and abundance into their lives.

She holds women's circles both in person and online for any woman interested in finding their sistership tribe. Her specialty is working with Moon energy to create a life of abundance.

You can join her tribe of Thriving Single Mamas here.


We're keeping St. Brigid's Perpetual Flame burning inside the club.


Nichol uses her intuitive abilities along with energy work to help clients tap back into their inner knowingness, their true essence.

As a Shamaness and Spiritual Teacher, she serves as a bridge for her clients by delivering them the messages of their Soul with her various healing techniques and Soul Coaching style.

Among the many tools she uses are Reiki, Crystal Healing, Cards, tuning forks.  

You can stay in touch with her on Instagram and enjoy her unique and powerfully uplifting messages daily.


Sharon is an Intuitive Metamorphosis Coach. As she intuitively and energetically partners with Divine Energy, she transforms into an energetic clean up crew. She is a Divine Translator who delivers messages in an earthly manner that her clients are able to understand.

Through her own unique style of old school wisdom, faith, and new age spirituality, she birthed her business of “Wisdom, Worship, and Woo”. She uses this combination to encourage her clients to embrace their own essence and become their own true light being.

Sharon utilizes her own life adventures, misadventures, knowledge and abilities as she provides compassion, understanding and inspiration with a sassy kick in the butt.

Sharon offers personal coaching melded with intuitive card readings and energetic clearings.