Seeds of Success | New Moon in Taurus | May 2019

New Moon MAY (1).png

With this New Moon in Taurus (Decan II) aligned with the 6 of Disks acts as an invitation to tune right in and sow the seeds of our success. But, we feel a bit unsteady, perhaps too keenly aware that we may not have our feet on solid ground yet. Uranus is in the Moon’s happiest place in the zodiac, adding this element of unsettling and instability to the mix. Never the less, these dark skies open up a beautiful time for sensual connection with nature — literally planting seeds for flowers (beauty) and food (sustenance) — and offers up a magic-making elixir from Neptune with spiritual wavelengths harmonizing with the Sun and Moon now.

This NEW MOON’s Soundtrack: This Is How We Do by Katy Perry [Music Video]

The Challenge: avoidance or laziness, procrastination, feelings of insecurity, unworthiness or entitlement, fear of failure or not having what it takes to reach goals and dreams, holding on to complicated issues or ignoring simple solutions

The Breakthrough/Potential Wisdom: kindness, charity and philanthropy, healthy balance of giving and receiving, awakening to greater feelings of self-worth and self-reliance, feeling in communion with nature and the divine, external manifestation of inner desires and needs fulfilled feels highly likely, feeling the promise of luck and success

Taurus Decan II.png

The 6 of Disks is the visual + symbolic representation of a New Moon in Taurus. Sacred geometry bursts into blooming radiance in this image, evoking our intrinsic nature to connect, create and commune. This harmonious pattern is the way we do this most efficiently. We are shown what is pleasing to the eye and to the bank account.

The Sacred Hexagon

With Taurus as the sign of pleasure, abundance, self-reliance and sustainability — it makes perfect sense that the sacred hexagonal shape adorns this Tarot card aligned with the second decan of Taurus, where this New Moon occurs.

Encoded in nature, this shape is everywhere, although the first that comes to mind is usually the bee’s honeycomb. It’s the most efficient way of creating and storing, as it requires the least amount of effort with the most bang for your buck! No space is wasted and less energy is used in the process of making it. This concept is high vibe Taurus energy at play, as it can lean toward laziness in favor of saving precious energy and resources. Sweet Taurus wants to have the cake and eat it, too. The hexagon shape gives Taurus everything she wants!

The Recipe For Success

If you look closely at the image on the Crowley Thoth Tarot Card above, you’ll notice each of the 6 disks is stamped with a planetary symbol. (The astrological correspondence is one of the reason I love this deck!) These planetary symbols hold the keys to our success! Tuning into the planetary wisdom of the 6 of Disks is like following a recipe. Every disk is perfectly situated at a 120 degree angle, in perfect harmony with the others, in order to form the sacred hexagon. So, easy does it. Equal measures of each ingredient create the finest and decadent results.


[Currently Rx in Capricorn, with Pluto and the South Node of the Moon, squaring Venus]

Proceed with caution, taking into account the consequences of our actions/failures to act. Saturn can be a stern guide, always reminding us that we live in a physical world with limitations and rules. That’s why it’s so important to live with integrity, honor and respect. We must manage our time, as mortal beings, wisely, if we are to create something meaningful that will stand the test of time. Considering the highest benefit for one’s self and for all involved and doing the hard work necessary to achieve that end, is one of Saturn’s greatest avenues toward being a G.O.A.T.


[Currently Rx in Sagittarius, opposing Mars]

Be open and willing to take a risk once in a while! Jupiter takes us on a journey, so we can experience life more fully and gain new perspective and wisdom. Always encouraging us to expand, we gain treasured wisdom. Life is an adventure, full of ups and downs, and Jupiter helps us stay afloat with chance encounters with guides, teachers and even Angels, who reconnect us to our Divinity and Natural Law on our quest for more. Stay open to new and unexpected developments.


[Currently in Aries, squaring Saturn]

There must be an emotional connection, a deep desire to achieve success. It must personal to us, and that’s where Venus comes in. We are willing to give and open to receive. We value our connections with people and know we can’t do it alone. The power of love fuels our drive for success, and enables us to truly enjoy it (and share it!) when we have accomplished what we set out to do.

The Moon

[Currently synced with the Sun at her New Moon phase in Taurus, sextiling Neptune in Pisces]

Intuitive guidance flows from deep within us. The Moon shows us we don’t always have to be ON. We cycle like the Moon. There times when we need more rest, and solitude. Times when we express ourselves full-out and truly shine. The Moon gently reminds us to sync with our own natural rhythms, and listen to our Soul.


[Currently in Aries, trining Jupiter]

The trick is to avoid distraction, so we can effectively communicate our brilliant ideas. Mercury keeps everything in motion. We must be light on our feet, flexible and willing to creatively maneuver in this world of time and space. The daily routines we operate on, the words we use to clarify our intention and the alignment with our authentic self are all vital parts along our path toward true success.


[Currently in Gemini, opposing Jupiter]

Go get it! Mars activates our willpower and drive for success. Not a fan of losing, Mars ignites the flame within us that inspires us into action toward a goal and doesn’t easily back down or shy away from a challenge. It helps us get started, and helps us get back up when we fall down. Our instincts and impulses can light the way forward. Knowing we have the energy to get there means victory is within our grasp already.

Every ingredient in this “cosmic recipe” is vital to our sweet success. I’ll be Live on Facebook on Friday, May 4th, to share more about how we can work with this energy of the 6 of Disks! Tune in or catch the replay if you can’t make it live, HERE.

120 Degrees

Now, back to the sacred hexagon and a sneak peek at the Future. . .

The hexagon takes shape under immense pressure that incites a 120 degree angle that creates it’s interior angles, bringing it into formation. Interestingly enough, there’s one on the north pole of Saturn. And get this! — The day after this New Moon, the Moon in Taurus will connect with Saturn in Capricorn to make a perfect 120 degree angle. The Sun will follow suit, making this connection to Saturn about 10 days later.

Known as a “trine” in astrology speak, this is the most harmonious of all aspects. In general, it’s the aspect that indicates things coming easily to you, where others may view you as especially lucky. [More about the Moon Trine Saturn aspect.]

So, while I know we’ve been under enormous pressure as we navigate the wild changes in our personal lives and in the world at large, we are supremely connected to the Divine Harmony of Life. There’s a divine design at play, and this New Moon blesses us with a new twist - we get more of what we want when we tune in and sync with this natural rhythm encoded within us.

Divine Willpower | New Moon in Aries | April 2019

With this  New Moon in Aries  (Decan II) aligned with the  3 of Wands , we can be proactive and willing to fight or stand-up for something that we believe to be absolute truth. With Mercury newly direct and all planets moving forward at this time, we can feel ready to make a power move, but we must be willing to act from a place of integrity and higher standards, considering not only what is in our own best interest, but in the best interest of others as well. It’s important to be realistic when considering exactly what it will take to create something new, and of higher quality than we’ve known before.

With this New Moon in Aries (Decan II) aligned with the 3 of Wands, we can be proactive and willing to fight or stand-up for something that we believe to be absolute truth. With Mercury newly direct and all planets moving forward at this time, we can feel ready to make a power move, but we must be willing to act from a place of integrity and higher standards, considering not only what is in our own best interest, but in the best interest of others as well. It’s important to be realistic when considering exactly what it will take to create something new, and of higher quality than we’ve known before.

This NEW MOON’s Soundtrack: The Champion by Carrie Underwood ft. Ludacris [Music Video]

The Challenge: difficulty deciphering truth from falsehoods or accepting truth that has been revealed after being hidden for a long time, virtue-signaling - not afraid to tout a moral high ground to put others down, pompous arrogance or self-righteousness, impulsiveness, desiring a quick fix to a large problem that proves to be futile/harmful/damaging, becoming headstrong but lacking humility or grace

The Breakthrough/Potential Wisdom: willingness to risk losing or sacrificing something superficial temporarily in favor of long-term benefits, courage to fight or take a stand for something from a space of integrity and alignment, liberation from long-held fears, breaking the silence to speak the truth, directing creative energy toward something meaningful, willingness to consciously override self-doubt, limiting beliefs and fear in order to pursue something that matters, strength in the face of haters or nay-sayers, renewed vitality, high energy

Aries Decan II.png

With the 3 of Wands, we become a force to be reckoned with!

It’s knowing what we stand for and why. It’s the connection to our core values and an unwavering, undeniable truth that ignites the flame within us, inspiring us to engage with life in a new way. It’s the kind of will that keeps us going even when the going gets tough. When the pain borders on the unbearable, even when we feel broken or down-trodden, this is the unseen force that compels us to keep up the good fight. Because it means more to us than any temporary set-backs or failure. It’s what connects us to something greater than and beyond our self, but at the same time, through the process of fighting for it and sacrificing much, we learn to honor, respect and value our True Self even more.

Magic Wands, Magic Words

The suit of wands is spiritual, passionate and action-oriented. Wands encompass those things that inspire, encourage and motivate us into action. With that kind of fuel, we direct the energy to create new forms. All other symbols in the Tarot suits are forged in fire - swords, cups, and disks. Fire, associated with the wands, comes first. It creates things. It’s the Spirit within that animates and sparks life.

The U.S. Constitution begins with Freedom of Religion and Free Speech in the first amendment, in that order. Perhaps, the revolutionary leaders of the “New World” knew what they were doing. It’s no coincidence that threats to the first amendment are the subject of much debate in American politics these days, and this may be a particularly hot topic in the media around the time of this New Moon as conflict and disagreements surge.

While Mars, the ruler (The Emperor) of this Aries New Moon is a few steps ahead, moving through the sign of Gemini at the this time, we can be quick-witted and sharp-tongued. Some feathers can definitely get ruffled. The magic happens through the spoken (or written) word with these vibes. But it can still be tricky to tell when someone is speaking truthfully, and from the heart. It requires us to tune into their tone and our underlying emotional transmission that we tend to shove aside, when we like what we hear and desperately want to believe it. Deceptive energy is still at play, as it has been for quite a while, but during the New Moon phase we’ll have easier access to our intuitive guidance and subtle instinctive signals, when we are willing to listen.

Our voice is most powerful when we use it authentically and honestly. (Aries loves it when you call a spade a spade, and get straight to the point!) We can initiate conflict (necessary or unnecessary) with our voices, but within this realm of the 3 of Wands, temporary conflicts could lead to beautiful turnarounds and an infusion of love. It reminds me of the difficult conversations guests on the Dr. Phil show have, when they scream and call each other out. But, by the end of the episode, they’re hugging and bawling their eyes out.

Invoking The Power of Three

Our will, and the voice we give it, is best utilized when we stand firm in our integrity. This is, of course, always the case, but we get a conscious boost of this powerfully creative energy through the number 3 now. You may already know that 2019 is a 3 year, and if you read my e-book you know how important this year is. The Aries New Moon is a pivotal moment in the timeline of this year, as we ignite a flame that will continue to revitalize our lives for a long-time to come.

We integrate our will with Divine will through the three graces, the three virtues, the Holy Trinity - however you prefer to name it.

The three graces of classical mythology have been beautifully brought to life, painted and sculpted, by the most masterful and legendary artists since the Renaissance era and in new ways in every era since then. The three graces are goddess qualities represented as three nude female bodies angled in such a way that every aspect of their manifestation is revealed. Some say they are a depiction of the triple moon goddess, signifying the three stage of feminine development and maturity: maiden, mother, crone. Others say they are expressions of characteristics and divine qualities of Lady Venus; chastity, beauty and love.

The three virtues of Christian theology, are like the recipe to being infused by the grace of God.

When we invoke the 3 virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity; integrate and act from those qualities, we become supernatural. They are the anchors that keep us going, moving forward, fighting for something because we know we are not alone. We are tapped in, tuned in to a Creative Source of power. We establish the meaning. We give it a purpose. And then we let the power of 3 fuel us, guide us and lift us when we falter.

If you’ve ever met someone who is tuned in like this, you know. They are the ones who command respect with their mere presence. They make you want to stand up straighter, and inspire you to be better… all while being gentle, charming, graceful and kind.

With the power of three, like the virtues depicted above, we recognize and honor our human nature and allow the divine to operate through us in an imperfectly perfect way. We are motivated to do better, reach higher, but we also recognize when we need to adjust or let go of attachments and singular, self-serving motivations.

Divine Will-Power

We’ve got some heavy, heavy influences ahead of us. We will need to be anchored in Truth, connected with the Light, and humble in order to move forward. We must be willing to accept those temporary upsets along the journey without forfeiting what truly matters above all else. Plugging into creative source, the beauty of the mystery of Life, will carry us through. But we must release the lies we’ve been told or have been telling ourselves. We must be willing to see what is being revealed now, and move forward, even if that sobering realization is emotionally turbulent. It can feel like a blow to the gut to really see where we have been deceiving ourselves, but it is an absolute must now. That means we’ve gotta be brutally honest with ourselves, and get straight. That’s where the 3 virtues, grace or the holy trinity will flood in and help us weather the storms ahead.

HINT: A good way to tell if you are moving in the right direction is if it is NOT based on fixing the past. It’s NOT a twisted version of something that has been tried. And it is NOT certain. If you have no doubts about your own abilities, then that’s a clear sign a trickster energy is at play, deceiving you. — We are creating the Future. And it is nothing like what we’ve experienced before. Stop fooling yourself, thinking that if only you try it this way it will make all your dreams come true and solve all the issues. This is NEW energy. The temptation will be to incorporate or change the past. Stay aware.

That’s why I selected this particular song for the soundtrack to this New Moon. It’s about being “right”, it’s about doing what’s right. It’s about building our own confidence and fighting for what matters most to us. Ultimately we are becoming stronger, individually, in order to do the work of bringing to life a whole new reality and force against us will be great. Connect with your inner-Champion, your Higher Self — that part of you that knows it will worth it and you can do it.

The C is for the Courage I possess through the drama.
H is for the Hurt, but it’s all for the Honor.
A is for my attitude working through the patience.
Money comes and goes, so the M is for Motivation.
Gotta stay consistent, the P is to Persevere.
The I is for Integrity, Innovative career.
The O is optimistic; Open and never shut.
And the N is Necessary ‘cause I’m Never giving up!
— Ludacris, The CHAMPION

A Whole New World | New Moon in Pisces | March 2019

New Moon MARCH.png

With this New Moon in Pisces (Decan II) aligned with the 9 of Cups, we can feel full to the brim with dreamy, flow-y good vibes. It can be fairy-tale-like and yet, at the same time, we can realize something’s missing or not quite measuring up to the perfection we know is possible. With Mercury stationing retrograde and Uranus crashing into the sign of Taurus (this time to stay for several years) around the same time, these vibes can make way for emotional instability and surprising events that seem to threaten our happy endings.

This NEW MOON’s Soundtrack: High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco [Music Video]

The Challenge: feelings of loneliness, over-compensating for inner sense of lack or guilt, over-giving, over-indulgence or bingeing, depression, feeling like something’s off, missing or forgotten, self-righteousness, smugness or snark, complacency or lack of willpower, opting for ease above all and resisting responsibility, giving up right before reaching a milestone, settling for good enough, blissful ignorance

The Breakthrough/Potential Wisdom: wish fulfillment or new wishes coming to light, emotional satisfaction, material happiness, in the mood to share and give, connected to infinite Love/willingness to love unconditionally, envisioning new hopes and dreams, on-point law of attraction, synchronicities, deeper connection with true happiness and appreciation through new experiences and celebrations, harmony, beauty, bliss, feeling open to more possibilities, blessings multiplied

Pisces Decan II.png

Just look at those goblets overflowing with goodness in the imagery of this Tarot card, the 9 of Cups! Everything looks beautifully abundant…. But, it’s not yet complete. It’s like scoring a 9 out of 10. It’s really good, but it’s not perfect. We could do better. And we’ve almost made it. - Almost, being the keyword there.

We may experience feelings of being over-joyed in some way, but it gets tainted by feelings of loneliness, guilt or looming sadness… It may feel fleeting and only temporary and we may want to hold on longer. This could be like achieving some goal or getting the opportunity or recognition of a lifetime, but wishing someone special was there to celebrate with you. Or overwhelming guilt when feeling happy, knowing that others are suffering. There’s a nagging realization that realities differ and we only see one fragment at a time… and we want more. We won’t want to feel good when someone else is suffering, and we won’t want to suffer when someone else is having the time of their life. With Pisces, we want it all to be beautiful and perfect.

Always Had a Vision. . .

I didn’t know how, but I always had a feelin’.” - One of the lines that stands out for me from this song I selected as the soundtrack for this New Moon.

Some desires may be unveiled and feel much more possible now. We can simultaneously get the feeling that our visions are closer than ever to becoming a reality, and yet we don’t know how. It’s still confusing… but high hopes are on tap, none the less.

We’ve gotta feel into it with this New Moon, if we want to make the most of it. That means getting into the feelings of what you want, truly. Let that vision sweep over you. It’s entirely possible now to let that feeling fill you up so fully you may wonder if you are flying or drunk on the nectar of Life. But remember the fine details of that vision of yours…

As I mentioned before with this 9 of Cups in the mix, it’s important to consider what might be missing or could potentially ruin the happy ending you envision. Like losing all the weight you wanted to, but only as a result of getting very sick and being unable to eat, or getting that high-paying dream job, but having no time for friends or a social life. What would you not be willing to sacrifice? What really, really, really matters in the end? (That’s where getting into the feelings of the vision really helps!)

Also…. Does it have to be lonely at the top? I don’t believe so. We’ve got support in changing our deeply rooted, even unconscious, perceptions this year. So as you dream those big dreams and envision your own heaven on Earth, take time to reconsider any preconceived notions and underlying beliefs you hold when it comes to your heart’s desires. These sneaky influences, that can lead to our own self-undoing, are worth becoming more aware of now. (Especially when it comes to those things you’ve wanted forever and can’t seem to catch a break. Now’s your chance to breakthrough that shizzle once and for all!) It’s about creating a new normal; a whole new world for ourselves.

Happy is my natural condition.
Life gives me all I need to be happy.
— Tarot: Mirror of The Soul, Gerd Ziegler

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore.

So many shifts happen all at once alongside this New Moon in Pisces. We could be meeting up against some confusion, ranging from subtle to more serious, and thinking, What now?

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we could face some bizarre characters and situations. We may not realize how we got here from there. Things don’t quite add up. Now we’re really in it… the realm of the unbelievable and fantastical. It can really take us aback, and make us wonder. We may even be wondering about things we’ve never encountered before in our lives, especially as it relates to sustainability and the Future. On a personal level and on the collective scale.

Chances are pretty good we feel different, but may not be able to find the words or thoughts to make sense of why or exactly how we feel different…. That’s because Mercury is at a stand still on the final degree of Pisces (and the zodiac), stationing retrograde. We may feel compelled to move forward, but feel like we’ve forgotten something very important, which ignites feelings of anxiety, urgency or desperation.

On some level, we know we must trust and have faith, perhaps like we never have before. Remember, in the Wizard of Oz, it wasn’t the yellow brick road that led Dorothy to the Truth. It was her ruby red slippers that made the magic happen. What she already had, and simply hadn’t recognized the power of before, that led her back home.

You had the power all along, my dear.
— Glinda, The Good Witch

Make a Wish!

The 9 of Cups is known by adept Tarot readers as the “wish card”. Our wishes are extra blessed with this New Moon!

While there are certainly some shaky vibes with this one overall, that in no way diminishes the fact that this is the time for renewed hope, a boost of faith and wishes granted. In it’s purest, most magical form, like a child innocently wishing upon a star…. Dreams do come true under this New Moon influence.

If anything —- anything at all — was possible, what would you wish for?

Go big. Let your imagination play. Open up to blessings and miraculous turnarounds.

Remember to include what you’ve identified as missing from the bigger picture and what you ultimately want to feel when you’re wishing. That’s more important than the logistics now.

[And if you are one (like me) to freely wish for blessings and all things good for others, but have a tendency to forget to include yourself —-don’t forget yourself this time. Ok?]

The concept of wishing upon a star is particularly relevant now. To wish upon a star is symbolic, in that we aim high for something beyond us and in the unknown reaches of space. It’s like trusting in a Higher Power. And it’s common practice to not feel pressure to figure out the how. We simply wish and let it go. It’s not our job to make the wish come true. That part is out of our hands.

Be a believer now. Even if it’s just for a moment. This is, after all, a whole new world. And together, we get to create the experience we have in it.