Equinox + Full Moon in Libra | March 20, 2019

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This Full Moon event occurs at the 0 degree mark in the sign of Libra, so it brings with it a vibration of renewal — an aspect that is amplified by the Divine Timing of this one, too. It’s happening with the Equinox, marking the dawn of the new season. (Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern.) Adding to the significance of this lunation, is the intensity of this current Mercury Retrograde. And next month (on Apirl 19th) we’ll have another Full Moon in Libra; only that time, it will be at the final degree mark of the respective sign. This is a new beginning in the middle of an end, that will offer some significant closure during this 28 day cycle.

This FULL MOON & NEW SEASON Soundtrack: Rewrite The Stars by Zendaya [Music Video]

The Challenge: conflicting ideas, conformity that leads to resentment, stand-off, stalemate, resistance or unwillingness to see the truth of what is in the moment, ambivalence, reluctance to commit or sitting-on-the-fence, indecisiveness, low self-esteem, feeling incompetent, abandonment of self or individual ideas for the sake of compromise

The Breakthrough/Potential Wisdom: equilibrium, diplomacy, non-partisan stance that results in benefits for both sides, objective communication, comfortable balance, amicable resolutions, honor and respect within relationships, deeply spiritual inner-peace, empowered decision-making abilities, manifestation through intellectual debates that lead to progress and justice, revelations of higher Truth (whole Truth), union with another while standing firm in individual identify, healthy compromise that provides healing from old wounds

Libra Decan I.png

The Sun enters the Sign of Aries, ending the astrological year and beginning a new season every year at the time of the March Equinox. This time, the Moon (in Libra) will be opposing it, illuminating this newness with Full Moonlight at the degree of new beginnings - zero. Adding to this influence of new beginnings is the 2 of Swords. The astrological symbols on this Tarot card are the Moon and the sign of Libra, further amplifying these Libran vibes. (This Full Moon corresponds with last October’s New Moon in Libra.)

In the Book of Thoth, Aleister Crowley describes the 2 of Swords as energy that “abides above the onslaught of disruption”. We come to terms with what is; the ever-changing, yet consistent, energy of Nature. The Nature of our environment, our material world, and also the nature of who we are. There is beauty in that realization that provides a necessary equilibrium, from which we can move beyond present challenges and open up to new possibilities. This is could be a calming effect that acts a conduit for deeper healing, as we may come to be more at peace with the very essence of Life itself.

God and Goddess At War

The planetary rulers of this Full Moon (Mars and Venus) square off in a way that could reveal hidden tension within relationships.

What we want (to release or to start) may be in conflict with what we think or feel we can actually have. What we want may be very different than what the other person wants, or believes is even possible. We are susceptible to far-reaching and unrealistic expectations now (and really, this influence sticks with us all year long). But, when we meet each other in the space of acceptance of what is right in front of us and communicate from a calm place within, we create a new way forward. Together.

There’s a focus on what will sustain us and help us feel safe in the long-run, while also (maybe) feeling the desire to split or be more free to explore beyond what we’ve known. (Especially if situations in relationships have been difficult for a while.) It’s hard to tell where things will end up and tensions may be high.

While the Equinox is a time of balance, a time when day and night are equal, there’s this interesting pattern in the cosmos that reveals what I see as a sort of tilted-cross, even what appears like an anarchy symbol, with Mars (Masculine) and Venus (Feminine).

While the Equinox is a time of balance, a time when day and night are equal, there’s this interesting pattern in the cosmos that reveals what I see as a sort of tilted-cross, even what appears like an anarchy symbol, with Mars (Masculine) and Venus (Feminine).

Truth and Justice…. OR Righteous Justification?

Amid a mind-numbing Mercury Retrograde phase, this Full Moon seems to provide a strange sense of deep direction. But, taking some time for healthy inner-reflection would be a wise move before jumping into the mud…. You can’t see what’s down there. Make sure you’re aligned with what is true and an absolute non-negotiable value for you before making a statement.

It’s essential to sift through the illusions that are so pervasive at this time. What pops up first to get your attention deserves to be examined. We don’t have all of the information yet.

The trick is to not get too comfortable with doubt and sitting on the fence. What is revealed with this moonlight glow is something asking to be released and immediately paving a new path forward. It feels as though there will come a need to defend the position you take, so it must be anchored in Truth, not self-defensiveness.

Relationships of all kinds may get a bit of a tune-up now…. Notice when you may be operating on a need to be right and simply defending your position or desires without truly listening to the other. But also notice where you may have been right all along, and you’ve been self-sacrificing in ways that simply are not good for you. Self-righteousness can show up in that way, too…. when we believe we’re doing it all for another person and we secretly feel we deserve some kind of medal for that.

Truth and justice is not something that feels like a blow to the ego. It’s not deflating or cumbersome. It’s like putting down a heavy load and feeling like you can stand up straighter Holding your head high but not looking down on another, meeting them eye to eye. A true win-win. — To be clear, this doesn’t always mean there is happy ending or just agreement. There may be those we encounter that simply show us a piece of ourselves we hadn’t faced before. We can choose to hold our head high and make a choice that honors both parties in the situation, and sometimes that means parting ways. A win-win is possible when we, individually, choose to act from a higher place within us, so no one walks away a loser.

It feels like reclaiming a lost part of yourself. The beautiful thing is that our people, the relationships in our lives, are great facilitators of this kind of enlightenment.

A New Chapter

Even when the odds seem to be stacked against you (or your love), there’s gentle opening — a sort of part in the clouds.

With the 2 of Swords, the pair of swords intersect inside the blue rose that is shaped like a cup. This is not a mushy, self-abandoning, “You complete me” terms of endearment kind of vibe. It IS an honoring of the individual and the whole. It’s the beginning, a glimpse of a higher potential within a partnership that is grounded in honesty and transparency. It’s sobering. And mystical.

This is the beginning of a new kind of relationship — with another, within ourselves or with our worldview. We come to terms and then leap forward in some way.

There’s a reason I selected this song for this Full Moon’s soundtrack. We get to begin a whole chapter now when we get real about what actually is in front of us, know what we want and then are brave enough to face it. There’s a fated, even sparkly quality here…… an opening to new possibilities we haven’t been able to get a glimpse of before. We get to embrace a new reality together with someone. And that makes even feel even more possible.

March 22, 2019

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Delicate Balance | Full Moon in Virgo | February 2019

Full Moon FEB.png

This Full SUPER Moon event occurs at the 0 degree mark in the sign of Virgo, so it brings with it a vibration of renewal. While Full Moon’s are generally illuminating, revealing and releasing…. this one (and next month’s Full Moon in Libra, also happening at the 0 degree mark) brings on an extra burst of NEW energy, too.

This FULL SUPERMOON’s Soundtrack: Delicate by Taylor Swift [Music Video]

The Challenge: criticism, negative self-chatter, worry, micro-managing tendencies or pressure/effects, missing the details or over-looking important features or the fine-print, naivete, jealousy, finicky or picky — too focused on details that don’t really matter, pettiness, gossip, meddling or chatter that disrupts natural maturation of goodness resulting in a ‘spoiling’ of circumstances that ruins what is best left alone or untouched (this could alter actual results), vulnerable to poisoning or toxicity

The Breakthrough/Potential Wisdom: release what’s not working or worthwhile in the long run, focus , knowing what to leave untouched, understanding particular needs appropriate to natural cycles, efficiency, productivity, tuning into natural rhythms and nature itself/working in communion with natural processes, natural instincts - especially when applied to material concerns like finances, organization or production, the benefits of caution and patience - good things come to those who wait, humility, smart moves and even strategic victories, grounded, inner-security/rooted in and supported by the physical realm in a sustainable manner, holistic healing/healthy improvement, satisfactory evidence in a situation that brings resolution

Virgo Decan I.png

With this Full Moon in Virgo (Decan I) aligned with the 8 of Disks, we can get more rooted and secure when we know what we’re working for. An extra dose of patience is on tap, when we know it will be worth the wait and our efforts will pay off in the end — even if we can’t yet see when that end will be. This vibe also helps us get clear on what’s actually worth our attention and what’s just so not anymore.

We may feel a bit more flexible when it comes to letting some things that are unnecessary fall by the wayside. Our focus can turn toward what actually deserves our attention; as it shows us signs of progress or feels most promising in the moment. (Feels being the operative word here. Logic may not have all the answers you need at this time.)

... in purely material matters, especially those relating to actual money, there is a sort of strength in doing nothing at all.
— Aleister Crowley, The Book of Thoth

It’s also an indication of investments paying off in the end. Prime time for at least setting something aside for the future and leaving it alone — letting time work it’s magic. Like fine wine aging or financial investments, like retirement accounts, some things are just better after time has passed and require little to no effort once properly set up.

(It’s the benefit of time itself; the time it takes for things to grow or multiply, naturally, producing dividends. This also applies to healing… the peace we begin to feel only after some time has passed.)

On the card is an image of a tree growing tall and flowering. Every organic gardener knows that if the soil is nutrient-rich, the plant well-cared for and protected, then it builds a natural immunity to pests and as it grows will produce abundant fruit with little effort.

Making Gains

This Full phase of the Moon completes a cycle that began last September, with the New Moon in Virgo. Think back to what you started then, or set in motion. If you’ve been setting New Moon intentions, now’s the time to take stock and look back at what you intended back in September.

Make the time to secure your bounty, or at the very least tighten up the preparations for what you feel will be needed in the future, before the next New Moon (in Pisces) in early March, when we can expect some ground-breaking events that make us think twice. Things may be extra confusing next month, when dramatic changes cause us to reflect and rely ever more on our intuition and psychic abilities. [New Moon + Uranus moves into Taurus + Mercury stations Retrograde all on the same day!] We won’t have this kind of access to the clearly analytical-mindedness of Virgo then.


This phase, as represented by the 8 of Disks, is a delicate stage of development in the grand scheme of things. While we may see signs of progress, the process is not yet complete. It’s not time to harvest - it’s time to protect the future harvest and ensure the results will be optimal in the end.

Just as flower petals are a beautiful sign that fruit is on it’s way, it’s best not to touch the delicate petals. If we tamper with them, we risk sacrificing the end result (material gains/abundance) for a split second of pleasure. Resist the urge to fix things that are best left to Mother Nature, especially those things that are new and just beginning to emerge — like a new relationship or a recent investment.

Patience is vital now. It needs time to mature. This also applies to some things we may notice going sour…. sometimes what’s not beneficial will dismantle of it’s own accord without any interference on our part. It’s best to listen to your intuition when it comes to knowing when to keep your mouth shut or hands off and let karma take it’s natural course.

Keep It Neat and Tidy

With Virgo’s clean moonbeams, it is a good time to remove excesses to better your chances of prosperity and abundance come harvest time.

I have a wild raspberry patch in my backyard. In the early springtime, I prune the canes, carefully removing the excess to ensure a bountiful berry harvest in the growing season. It requires that keen Virgo-eye, though. If I cut back too many canes, or fail to remove the old and dead wood, the harvest is lousy. But if I don’t clear away enough of the raspberry canes, it quickly becomes overgrown and the berries are difficult to reach in the tangled mess, limiting the berry-bounty. It’s a surgical process under the influence of Virgo moonbeams.

The load can be lightened in a way that produces a better, cleaner outcome. Not a time to get carried away with any details that don’t matter, though. Any effort applied must be meticulous, as to not disrupt the delicate balance that has potential to produce a high yield. Make sure you clean up what needs cleaning up and nothing more.

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Live and Let LOVE | Full Moon in Cancer | December 2018

{A Full Moon happens every month.  This is the part of the cycle when the Moon is in opposition with the Sun.  It's a great time for us to see what we need to release or let go of, reap what we've sown (literally or metaphorically) and tune into what is really being revealed to us since this is the brightest time of the month.  It's like clicking zoom in on your screen.  The images and fonts become larger and enhanced.  This is the opportunity we get every month to do that in our own lives.}

The last Full Moon of 2018 happens in the sign of Cancer on December 22nd, 2018. Here I'll share my take on the energies of this Full Moon, including my intuitive insight for what's going on in the cosmos (astrological influence) and wisdom from the Major Arcana Tarot Card aligned with this zodiac sign + the card aligned with this part of the Universe, so you can  leverage this collective energy and move thru this phase with greater confidence, prepared and aligned with the vibes!

The last Full Moon of 2018 happens in the sign of Cancer on December 22nd, 2018. Here I'll share my take on the energies of this Full Moon, including my intuitive insight for what's going on in the cosmos (astrological influence) and wisdom from the Major Arcana Tarot Card aligned with this zodiac sign + the card aligned with this part of the Universe, so you can leverage this collective energy and move thru this phase with greater confidence, prepared and aligned with the vibes!

We’ve got some lovely moonbeams with this final Full Moon of the year in the sign that the Moon Goddess herself rules, Cancer.

A flowy homecoming kind of vibe that reconnects us to our literal home and family, what is familiar and comfortable. With a complimentary connection to liberator Uranus, this Moon helps us be more flexible when it comes to mending broken hearts and reuniting with those we love in ways that move us beyond the status quo. A breakthrough in healing our closest bonds is possible.

This is emphasized by the 0 degree marker that this Full Moon activates… Amplifying that energy of pure possibility for greater healing, emotional security and deeper connections with those we love most.

Serving as a yet another primer for us as we head into 2019, we get the opportunity to take a mature approach to truly loving - ourselves and others. This influence is a fortunate one, a guiding light that reveals to us how much we’ve grown and can now reap the rewards of all the hard work we’ve done all year, in our work and relationships. We may see the benefits reflected in the twinkling eyes of our beloveds, reminding us of the very reason we have committed to working so hard ourselves — what truly, madly, deeply matters to us on a Soul-level.

Sagittarius Decan III (1).png

These favorable, gentle and sweet Full Moon vibes are supported by the 2 of Cups, that aligns with the 1st Decan of Cancer.

All in the Name of LOVE.

Love is on our minds, in our hearts and all around. We may want to spill our guts and let ourselves be vulnerable with a partner and need to feel safe in doing so. It’s all about UNconditonal love now. And we are wise enough to recognize it because we have experienced the kind of loving that comes with conditions and restrictions in the past.

We may find it easier to forgive ourselves and others at this time, when we allow our emotions to flow without trying to control them. Notice the free-flowing water depicted in the Tarot Card above… this love wants to move us from deep within and be shared with another.

As with all Full Moons, our emotions will be heightened. And this time around our intuition is enhanced, too. It’s all guiding us toward pure love. It’s really getting us in touch with the power of Love.

(This Full Moon may feel like the calm before a storm… as we begin 2019 with a bang! — a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn the first week of January. Soak u p these healing, loving vibes to replenish your energy for the New Year.)

Signs to Watch For 

[The astrological vibes affect the mode of operation, if you will, for how we tend to receive our signs. It's like this -- if you know you'll be getting an answer via email, you'll check your inbox, right? So, here's how the messages may show up for you, so you know where to look.  You'll understand the mode that Spirit may use to contact you or guide you.]

Cancerian vibes during this Full Moon phase connect us more directly with our intuition and empathic side. Revelations may appear through emotions and our bonds with others. We may simply feel something that brings a sense of clarity or an answer we need.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and share your feelings and the response you receive from that could serve as a clear sign. Signs may be prevalent in your home and most familiar surroundings… gentle signs of that you are loved, watched over and cared for may show up in the most usual places.

Live and Let LOVE,

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