11/11 2018 | Triple Eleven Mystical Portal: Message From the ArchAngels

November 11th every year is a special day… a magical portal of sorts, with double 11’s. This time around, the Master Number 11 is magnified with 2018 being an 11 year. {2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11}.

November 11th every year is a special day… a magical portal of sorts, with double 11’s. This time around, the Master Number 11 is magnified with 2018 being an 11 year. {2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11}.

Straighten up. Stand tall. On this day there is a vibrational alignment opening each one of us up to channeling more of the higher consciousness. Like the Master Number 11, we (as individuals) stand parallel to the Oneness (all that exists/the Universe). Here’s what the ArchAngels want to share with us today…

“Your body acts as a staff, the symbol of ancient wisdom that draws on the power of the highest and breathes it into the Earth. You are a beacon, of Light and Love, existing in a realm of extreme density at this time. It is possible, even necessary, to transmit higher frequencies through your physical being that results in infusing wholeness in places where it has been forgotten.

There is no separation, although the illusion is so close to your perception it can often be difficult to feel the Oneness that is.

Like a mirror image, you stand as the One, able to see it in front of you as though it is separate, but it is not. Consider for a moment when you look at yourself in a mirror…. You know there is not another you standing there. It is a reflection. That is what you are. A reflection of the Highest dimension, in a condensed state of being. It appears different, separate. That is the illusion.

Allow the limits of your perception to dissolve naturally through this portal through the experience of our unity.

Today you can experience the Oneness, the Love that permeates as you and through your very existence in this physical realm. Use it as an opening to expand your experience. There is more available to you in this lifetime, and you now awaken to it. You bring it to the physical life you live, as a unique expression of higher Consciousness. Nothing is lost, or wrong, or missing in you.

You can use your higher vibrational frequency through this perception to activate your energetic power centers previously un-remembered to your current state of consciousness. It is an available channel acting as an additional source of power than you have accessed. You may weave in and through this higher consciousness more easily now, and with consistency, it is utilized in ways that awaken more of your Soul Wisdom.”

To call on the Angels today to assist you & support you in whatever difficulties you may be experiencing, simply close your eyes. Straighten your spine, lift your chest to lighten your posture. Maybe place your hands on your heart. Breathe deeply. Give yourself permission to open up to their presence in ways you haven’t before.

Here's How I Use the Tarot In My Own Life & As a Spiritual Practice

Here's How I Use The Tarot.png

For me, the Tarot started out as a curiosity.  I grew up in a strict, religious household and had never really been exposed to more occult or taboo things like the Tarot. So naturally, as part of my rebelliousness, in my late teens & early twenties, I was drawn to them.  Anything related to divination and magic and 'the craft' that I had only really read about in fictional books or seen in movies, mesmerized me.  It was the ultimate way to "break the rules" I had grown up with.

My first Tarot deck (the one I still use today) was given to me by a friend and it really was for fun. I was fascinated by something so ancient and mysterious that I had to get my hands on them.  And back then (more than 20 years ago) if you told me I would be where I am today -- using them as a part of my Spiritual practice, giving readings as a professional, teaching classes and running a business titled Eclipse Tarot, centered around them, I would've given you the classic eye-roll I was known for, smirked, and sarcastically said, "Okayy."

But here I am today, sharing with you how I use the Tarot as a Spiritual practice in my own life.  Funny how life has it's twists and turns and we often end up in a direction we had never dreamed of; how much we, as individuals, can change throughout the course of a few years. (Okay, twenty years is more than just a few years... but still! You get what I mean here.)


So initially, when I started using the Tarot in my own life it was just for fun.  Driven by curiosity, I had something new to learn and I quickly became obsessed with them.

As I played with the Tarot and began turning to them for insight on situations happening in my life, I noticed that they seemed to speak a language I could understand.  They helped me make sense of things I was seeing or feeling, but couldn't quite articulate.  They validated and often helped me make sense of my psychic visions. 

It wasn't long before I was seriously studying, and devouring any information I could get my hands on about this mystical work of art... while also turning to them and practicing using them as a means to deliver messages and insight for myself and those closest to me (which expanded into a practice of giving Tarot card readings for others, simply by word of mouth).


Of course, I didn't realize I was developing such a soulful healing practice for myself all those years ago.  And the way I used them evolved and shifted as I did. 

Here's what my spiritual practice using the Tarot looks like today...

You may be thinking I give myself readings all the time, but actually, I rarely do.  The full out readings I give myself are always purposefully timed.  Occasionally I do a Full Moon or New Moon reading with the cards -- usually if I know that a particular astrological aspect will be affecting me more personally or if I'm feeling particularly challenged at the time. But it's not a monthly practice.

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I used to meditate on individual cards.  That is a powerful practice!  In fact, that's how I discovered wisdom from the Queens & The Empress of the Tarot to develop & design my practice for energy protection & manifestation.  That naturally evolved into The Empress Academy, where I share the whole process with you (but it doesn't require meditating on each card. ;-)


But, currently I'm experimenting with selecting a single card from my annual birthday reading, and using it as my wallpaper or lack screen on my iPhone.  Most often it's a card that has come up for me in reverse, something I'm cultivating within or a pattern I need to shift.  The images alone speak volumes & have an energetic frequency that I can tap into for greater clarity & understanding on multi-levels.  

Seeing the image everyday, and setting it as a screensaver anchors it in so that it can recalibrate the subconscious.



The foundation of my Spiritual practice with the Tarot is centered around my annual reading. 


That's when I give myself an in-depth reading (using the Celtic Cross spread) on my birthday every year.  It's become a sacred ritual, a gift I faithfully give to myself each new year of my life.  It really is sacred to me... a way to honor my journey through life, who I am, where I'm going and where I've been.

Because (believe it or not!) I find it much easier to give a reading to someone I've never met before than I do for myself.  I've developed a practice of using automatic writing after I've initially 'read' the cards.  I snap a pic of the spread & save it to refer back to later on in the year and jot down whatever comes through for me during the reading.

I draw up my Solar Return astrology chart and identify the strongest themes as they match the Tarot cards. I see these as opportunities for personal growth and spiritual awakening.

As a part of this annual ritual, I calculate my spiritual growth cycle for the year and identify the Archetypal wisdom of the Tarot that I'm aligned with.

The spiritual growth cycle is key for me.  It seems to activate and awaken within me a drive to embody the higher octave of that archetype or universal wisdom.  I allow it to inspire my theme or word for the new year of my life. 

This year, I'm aligned with the spiritual growth cycle of The Sun.  If you're in my online sphere you've probably heard me mention #ShineMode as my theme for 2018.  That's totally inspired by The Sun card.


The Tarot card, the one aligned with my spiritual growth cycle each year, is the one I focus on learning more about throughout the year, identifying patterns that are revealed and strengthening that aspect of myself.  And I've been doing this for years... 

It never ceases to amaze me the incredible wisdom that comes from not only approaching a new year with an awareness of delving deeper into a Universal Principle or Archetype, but how when we approach life this way, we become active and conscious of the deeper lessons within our experiences throughout the year.  I won't say that life suddenly becomes easier, but it definitely becomes more on purpose, divinely-directed and clearer.  It's like self-discovery on steroids and a more intimate connection with your own Spirit and the Universe itself. 

There's a conscious alignment.


This one Trump (or Major Arcana) Card is THE one I commit to working with deeply throughout the year.  It's like having a central aim.  I practice embodying the highest vibration those symbols or archetype.  It colors everything I do.

When I first started doing this, it felt like finally coming Online.  Things started to make more sense and I was an active participant in my own spiritual journey.  It no longer felt like I was searching for answers.  Using the Tarot wisdom as a guide, I allowed it to fill in the blanks of what didn't make sense and give me a focus for my energy.  It's kinda like being in the current, the natural flow of energy.


What is your Spiritual Practice like?  I'd love to know.  Share with me in the comments.

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