Fate or Free Will? | Truth Serum Ep. 2


I would like to think I’m the master of my own destiny, that I create my own future — I’d be scared to see what the future holds — what if I don’t like the answer?

When I share what I do, I often receive responses like this one. The word “psychic” or mention of predicting the future elicits some interesting reactions.

Are we really the masters of our own destinies? Do we create our future?

OR… is it fated — out of our hands?

Here’s my A to this Q… an all-too-common concern I hear all the time.

The Truth is — we walk the line between both fate and free will. Both are true. This is Life.

To deny that we have free will would be dangerous — and depressing.

To deny that fate plays a role in our lives, that some things are simply beyond our control, would be an equally dangerous trap.

We are not ALL-Powerful beings, nor are we totally Powerless.

We’re Spirit in Human-form. Since the dawn of time, humans have been visionaries and creators. And we abide by the Natural Laws of this physical domain. In this material world, there are ebbs and flows., cycles, beginnings and endings, consequences. There are things we can see, and there is a lot that is unseen, and even un-see-able.

To master our destinies, or to simply live a better life, we must recognize both our individual power AND the powers that be.

It’s totally natural for anything unknown (like the Future) to seem scary.

A Note on Respecting the Mystery & Ethical Practices

Getting right to the core here, no one wants to be told they (or someone they love) is going to die, or that they are otherwise cursed; doomed to fail or meant to suffer. Ultimately, those fears I know are in the back of people’s minds… especially when it comes to something mysterious like psychic prediction or when they see a Tarot card that literally says the word Death on it. (Before I really understood the Tarot, that card freaked me out, too. It never means actual death… but a clearing and ending, and quite often that’s a really good sign!)

Just being real here… Every now and then I hear some wild stories from my clients about other psychics or readers of some kind telling them they were cursed and needed to do x,y,z to remove it. (Which usually involved a product or service the reader sold that could provide a “cure”… thankfully, my clients were suspicious about that. And rightfully so.)

Even in the metaphysical or psychic services industry, it’s important to know who you’re working with. It’s a good idea to check reviews and see what other people have to say. Use that free will of yours and trust yourself, first and foremost.

At times things will happen just as imagined, predicted or hoped. Sometimes we reach the logical conclusion in reality. Sometimes our mind is blown, for better or for worse.

The choice is always ours to make AND some things are fated or will always remain a mystery.


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