Seeds of Success | New Moon in Taurus | May 2019

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With this New Moon in Taurus (Decan II) aligned with the 6 of Disks acts as an invitation to tune right in and sow the seeds of our success. But, we feel a bit unsteady, perhaps too keenly aware that we may not have our feet on solid ground yet. Uranus is in the Moon’s happiest place in the zodiac, adding this element of unsettling and instability to the mix. Never the less, these dark skies open up a beautiful time for sensual connection with nature — literally planting seeds for flowers (beauty) and food (sustenance) — and offers up a magic-making elixir from Neptune with spiritual wavelengths harmonizing with the Sun and Moon now.

This NEW MOON’s Soundtrack: This Is How We Do by Katy Perry [Music Video]

The Challenge: avoidance or laziness, procrastination, feelings of insecurity, unworthiness or entitlement, fear of failure or not having what it takes to reach goals and dreams, holding on to complicated issues or ignoring simple solutions

The Breakthrough/Potential Wisdom: kindness, charity and philanthropy, healthy balance of giving and receiving, awakening to greater feelings of self-worth and self-reliance, feeling in communion with nature and the divine, external manifestation of inner desires and needs fulfilled feels highly likely, feeling the promise of luck and success

Taurus Decan II.png

The 6 of Disks is the visual + symbolic representation of a New Moon in Taurus. Sacred geometry bursts into blooming radiance in this image, evoking our intrinsic nature to connect, create and commune. This harmonious pattern is the way we do this most efficiently. We are shown what is pleasing to the eye and to the bank account.

The Sacred Hexagon

With Taurus as the sign of pleasure, abundance, self-reliance and sustainability — it makes perfect sense that the sacred hexagonal shape adorns this Tarot card aligned with the second decan of Taurus, where this New Moon occurs.

Encoded in nature, this shape is everywhere, although the first that comes to mind is usually the bee’s honeycomb. It’s the most efficient way of creating and storing, as it requires the least amount of effort with the most bang for your buck! No space is wasted and less energy is used in the process of making it. This concept is high vibe Taurus energy at play, as it can lean toward laziness in favor of saving precious energy and resources. Sweet Taurus wants to have the cake and eat it, too. The hexagon shape gives Taurus everything she wants!

The Recipe For Success

If you look closely at the image on the Crowley Thoth Tarot Card above, you’ll notice each of the 6 disks is stamped with a planetary symbol. (The astrological correspondence is one of the reason I love this deck!) These planetary symbols hold the keys to our success! Tuning into the planetary wisdom of the 6 of Disks is like following a recipe. Every disk is perfectly situated at a 120 degree angle, in perfect harmony with the others, in order to form the sacred hexagon. So, easy does it. Equal measures of each ingredient create the finest and decadent results.


[Currently Rx in Capricorn, with Pluto and the South Node of the Moon, squaring Venus]

Proceed with caution, taking into account the consequences of our actions/failures to act. Saturn can be a stern guide, always reminding us that we live in a physical world with limitations and rules. That’s why it’s so important to live with integrity, honor and respect. We must manage our time, as mortal beings, wisely, if we are to create something meaningful that will stand the test of time. Considering the highest benefit for one’s self and for all involved and doing the hard work necessary to achieve that end, is one of Saturn’s greatest avenues toward being a G.O.A.T.


[Currently Rx in Sagittarius, opposing Mars]

Be open and willing to take a risk once in a while! Jupiter takes us on a journey, so we can experience life more fully and gain new perspective and wisdom. Always encouraging us to expand, we gain treasured wisdom. Life is an adventure, full of ups and downs, and Jupiter helps us stay afloat with chance encounters with guides, teachers and even Angels, who reconnect us to our Divinity and Natural Law on our quest for more. Stay open to new and unexpected developments.


[Currently in Aries, squaring Saturn]

There must be an emotional connection, a deep desire to achieve success. It must personal to us, and that’s where Venus comes in. We are willing to give and open to receive. We value our connections with people and know we can’t do it alone. The power of love fuels our drive for success, and enables us to truly enjoy it (and share it!) when we have accomplished what we set out to do.

The Moon

[Currently synced with the Sun at her New Moon phase in Taurus, sextiling Neptune in Pisces]

Intuitive guidance flows from deep within us. The Moon shows us we don’t always have to be ON. We cycle like the Moon. There times when we need more rest, and solitude. Times when we express ourselves full-out and truly shine. The Moon gently reminds us to sync with our own natural rhythms, and listen to our Soul.


[Currently in Aries, trining Jupiter]

The trick is to avoid distraction, so we can effectively communicate our brilliant ideas. Mercury keeps everything in motion. We must be light on our feet, flexible and willing to creatively maneuver in this world of time and space. The daily routines we operate on, the words we use to clarify our intention and the alignment with our authentic self are all vital parts along our path toward true success.


[Currently in Gemini, opposing Jupiter]

Go get it! Mars activates our willpower and drive for success. Not a fan of losing, Mars ignites the flame within us that inspires us into action toward a goal and doesn’t easily back down or shy away from a challenge. It helps us get started, and helps us get back up when we fall down. Our instincts and impulses can light the way forward. Knowing we have the energy to get there means victory is within our grasp already.

Every ingredient in this “cosmic recipe” is vital to our sweet success. I’ll be Live on Facebook on Friday, May 4th, to share more about how we can work with this energy of the 6 of Disks! Tune in or catch the replay if you can’t make it live, HERE.

120 Degrees

Now, back to the sacred hexagon and a sneak peek at the Future. . .

The hexagon takes shape under immense pressure that incites a 120 degree angle that creates it’s interior angles, bringing it into formation. Interestingly enough, there’s one on the north pole of Saturn. And get this! — The day after this New Moon, the Moon in Taurus will connect with Saturn in Capricorn to make a perfect 120 degree angle. The Sun will follow suit, making this connection to Saturn about 10 days later.

Known as a “trine” in astrology speak, this is the most harmonious of all aspects. In general, it’s the aspect that indicates things coming easily to you, where others may view you as especially lucky. [More about the Moon Trine Saturn aspect.]

So, while I know we’ve been under enormous pressure as we navigate the wild changes in our personal lives and in the world at large, we are supremely connected to the Divine Harmony of Life. There’s a divine design at play, and this New Moon blesses us with a new twist - we get more of what we want when we tune in and sync with this natural rhythm encoded within us.

New Moon in Taurus + Uranus (A New Era Begins)

New Moon May.png

If you're sick and tired of the way your life has been lately, feeling like something's gotta give, praying for a big change, anything to stop the bleeding -- then THIS is most definitely the cosmic juice you need.  We all do.


This New Moon is amped up with Uranus crashing into the zone of Taurus at the same time -- Holy New Beginnings! -- and will most likely help you break new ground in one or more areas of life.  It's that kind of juiced! For real. I mean, we're getting physical with Taurus.

So summon up your inner-Aries Warrior; rally the courage you need and the willingness to plant some serious seeds now, because you'll need it when the thunder starts to rumble on May 15th.  And those seeds may be totally new and different... like, wild ideas and brand new intentions that you've probably never considered before because, A. you were too scared to think THAT could ever become a reality for you and now on a wing and a prayer you think What the Hell, why not? OR, B. it never occurred to you that you could have that or even wanted it in the first place.  (Yeah, with this vibe you could definitely surprise yourself.)


It Gets A Little Weird

Speaking of surprising yourself... please be advised that things may actually get a bit strange next week.  The New Moon phase is when everything is dark and Uranus activating a new zone at this time can be un-settling.

And that's the nature of Uranus' influence. It comes out of nowhere.  The kind where you look around and you're like, what just happened?!

We've gotta use other senses that are unfamiliar to us or may have been lying dormant.  


Heightened Senses

When one thing that you depended on for security fails or gets disrupted, you reach for other ways to feel secure.  You have to.

Since I've got a crew of only boys at home with me, and as a result, I know more than I care to admit about Comic Book stories & Superheros, I'm reminded of Daredevil's story.  Daredevil loses his eyesight in a freak accident and as anyone who suddenly loses one physical sense must do, he develops his hearing.  It becomes his zone of genius that enables him to be masterfully resourceful.

So, as things in your life start to get weird and unsettling, a new sense may be awakened within you.  Most likely one you hadn't previously paid much attention to or were completely unaware of.  It's like a sudden physical injury that prevents you from working or enjoying life in the same way you had before, and you end up with a whole new perception that enables you to develop a new skill that you're actually quite good at or an opportunity that arises and leads you to explore a talent you never knew you had.

Also, I'm going out on a limb here, but I feel strongly that intuitive, psychic and empathic, or "6th Senses", will start to become second nature to more people. 

And speaking from experience, it IS unsettling and a bit scary the first time you see a Spirit visit you in your bedroom at night or experience a vision with full-body sensations that later comes to life in exactly the way you first saw it!

You may get a hint of some kind of heightened sense during this New Moon time and develop it through the next 7 years.  


*Don't* Brace Yourself

A chiropractor once told me that if you see a car coming in your rearview mirror, about to hit you while you're stopped, you shouldn't brace yourself and tightly grip the steering wheel because it makes the whiplash much worse. 

So yes, this is big energy.  There's a lot of talk online about this Uranus Ingress, so chances are pretty good it's getting you a bit nervous.  It is big. And it only happens about every 84 years or so, so totally new energy for most generations. Yes!  But anything new or unknown (gasp!) can trigger fear. It's natural.  But do NOT brace yourself for impact.

Loosen up.  Breathe.  Become aware of tension in your body, places you may be holding onto stress.  We are in the realm of Taurus here, so it's in the body.  And with Uranus in the mix, it wants to be free.  So let it.  

You are here reading this, and probably a lot of other stuff like this, so you're in-the-know.  You get it.  You are conscious and alert and in-tune. 

Even if (or inevitably when, because life is just that way anyway) something happens in your life that shocks you, let it serve to awaken you more.  Ultimately, that's what Uranus is designed to do -- Awaken Us.  Raise our Vibes.  Get us in touch with the higher, multi-dimensional realms.  It's a good thing... even if it doesn't feel good at first.  The biggest shake-ups in our lives are, dare I say always, the very things that we look back on years later and realize that it really was all for our Higher Good.  Those things change everything for us and open us up to more than we dreamed of before.

Take a note from Mother Earth and think of a palm tree. They are designed to be flexible and bend so they don't easily break during a tropical storm.  Be like a palm tree now, not an oak. Get grounded but stay limber.  


BRAND New Revolutionary Moonbeams

If you've read my e-book The Year of The Priestess you already know that New Moons this year vibe with the Priestess power.  And this one kicks off a Brand New Era.

Time-stamp this moment. 

It's a really good time to brand it. Put it in writing.  Paint a picture.  Make something with your unique style to honor this threshold.  Do something to direct the energy toward what you want to manifest in your life, the kind of lifestyle you want to have and how you want to feel.  Set an intention and make it real in some way.  Then allow the Universe to works its magic through you like pixie dust, the revolutionary kind.


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