Seeds of Success | New Moon in Taurus | May 2019

New Moon MAY (1).png

With this New Moon in Taurus (Decan II) aligned with the 6 of Disks acts as an invitation to tune right in and sow the seeds of our success. But, we feel a bit unsteady, perhaps too keenly aware that we may not have our feet on solid ground yet. Uranus is in the Moon’s happiest place in the zodiac, adding this element of unsettling and instability to the mix. Never the less, these dark skies open up a beautiful time for sensual connection with nature — literally planting seeds for flowers (beauty) and food (sustenance) — and offers up a magic-making elixir from Neptune with spiritual wavelengths harmonizing with the Sun and Moon now.

This NEW MOON’s Soundtrack: This Is How We Do by Katy Perry [Music Video]

The Challenge: avoidance or laziness, procrastination, feelings of insecurity, unworthiness or entitlement, fear of failure or not having what it takes to reach goals and dreams, holding on to complicated issues or ignoring simple solutions

The Breakthrough/Potential Wisdom: kindness, charity and philanthropy, healthy balance of giving and receiving, awakening to greater feelings of self-worth and self-reliance, feeling in communion with nature and the divine, external manifestation of inner desires and needs fulfilled feels highly likely, feeling the promise of luck and success

Taurus Decan II.png

The 6 of Disks is the visual + symbolic representation of a New Moon in Taurus. Sacred geometry bursts into blooming radiance in this image, evoking our intrinsic nature to connect, create and commune. This harmonious pattern is the way we do this most efficiently. We are shown what is pleasing to the eye and to the bank account.

The Sacred Hexagon

With Taurus as the sign of pleasure, abundance, self-reliance and sustainability — it makes perfect sense that the sacred hexagonal shape adorns this Tarot card aligned with the second decan of Taurus, where this New Moon occurs.

Encoded in nature, this shape is everywhere, although the first that comes to mind is usually the bee’s honeycomb. It’s the most efficient way of creating and storing, as it requires the least amount of effort with the most bang for your buck! No space is wasted and less energy is used in the process of making it. This concept is high vibe Taurus energy at play, as it can lean toward laziness in favor of saving precious energy and resources. Sweet Taurus wants to have the cake and eat it, too. The hexagon shape gives Taurus everything she wants!

The Recipe For Success

If you look closely at the image on the Crowley Thoth Tarot Card above, you’ll notice each of the 6 disks is stamped with a planetary symbol. (The astrological correspondence is one of the reason I love this deck!) These planetary symbols hold the keys to our success! Tuning into the planetary wisdom of the 6 of Disks is like following a recipe. Every disk is perfectly situated at a 120 degree angle, in perfect harmony with the others, in order to form the sacred hexagon. So, easy does it. Equal measures of each ingredient create the finest and decadent results.


[Currently Rx in Capricorn, with Pluto and the South Node of the Moon, squaring Venus]

Proceed with caution, taking into account the consequences of our actions/failures to act. Saturn can be a stern guide, always reminding us that we live in a physical world with limitations and rules. That’s why it’s so important to live with integrity, honor and respect. We must manage our time, as mortal beings, wisely, if we are to create something meaningful that will stand the test of time. Considering the highest benefit for one’s self and for all involved and doing the hard work necessary to achieve that end, is one of Saturn’s greatest avenues toward being a G.O.A.T.


[Currently Rx in Sagittarius, opposing Mars]

Be open and willing to take a risk once in a while! Jupiter takes us on a journey, so we can experience life more fully and gain new perspective and wisdom. Always encouraging us to expand, we gain treasured wisdom. Life is an adventure, full of ups and downs, and Jupiter helps us stay afloat with chance encounters with guides, teachers and even Angels, who reconnect us to our Divinity and Natural Law on our quest for more. Stay open to new and unexpected developments.


[Currently in Aries, squaring Saturn]

There must be an emotional connection, a deep desire to achieve success. It must personal to us, and that’s where Venus comes in. We are willing to give and open to receive. We value our connections with people and know we can’t do it alone. The power of love fuels our drive for success, and enables us to truly enjoy it (and share it!) when we have accomplished what we set out to do.

The Moon

[Currently synced with the Sun at her New Moon phase in Taurus, sextiling Neptune in Pisces]

Intuitive guidance flows from deep within us. The Moon shows us we don’t always have to be ON. We cycle like the Moon. There times when we need more rest, and solitude. Times when we express ourselves full-out and truly shine. The Moon gently reminds us to sync with our own natural rhythms, and listen to our Soul.


[Currently in Aries, trining Jupiter]

The trick is to avoid distraction, so we can effectively communicate our brilliant ideas. Mercury keeps everything in motion. We must be light on our feet, flexible and willing to creatively maneuver in this world of time and space. The daily routines we operate on, the words we use to clarify our intention and the alignment with our authentic self are all vital parts along our path toward true success.


[Currently in Gemini, opposing Jupiter]

Go get it! Mars activates our willpower and drive for success. Not a fan of losing, Mars ignites the flame within us that inspires us into action toward a goal and doesn’t easily back down or shy away from a challenge. It helps us get started, and helps us get back up when we fall down. Our instincts and impulses can light the way forward. Knowing we have the energy to get there means victory is within our grasp already.

Every ingredient in this “cosmic recipe” is vital to our sweet success. I’ll be Live on Facebook on Friday, May 4th, to share more about how we can work with this energy of the 6 of Disks! Tune in or catch the replay if you can’t make it live, HERE.

120 Degrees

Now, back to the sacred hexagon and a sneak peek at the Future. . .

The hexagon takes shape under immense pressure that incites a 120 degree angle that creates it’s interior angles, bringing it into formation. Interestingly enough, there’s one on the north pole of Saturn. And get this! — The day after this New Moon, the Moon in Taurus will connect with Saturn in Capricorn to make a perfect 120 degree angle. The Sun will follow suit, making this connection to Saturn about 10 days later.

Known as a “trine” in astrology speak, this is the most harmonious of all aspects. In general, it’s the aspect that indicates things coming easily to you, where others may view you as especially lucky. [More about the Moon Trine Saturn aspect.]

So, while I know we’ve been under enormous pressure as we navigate the wild changes in our personal lives and in the world at large, we are supremely connected to the Divine Harmony of Life. There’s a divine design at play, and this New Moon blesses us with a new twist - we get more of what we want when we tune in and sync with this natural rhythm encoded within us.

Double-Down | Full Moon in Libra | April 2019

This Full Moon event occurs at the FINAL degree in the sign of Libra, so it brings with it a vibration of closing, ending a cycle more completely than an ordinary Full Moon phase might. It’s also important to take into account that this is the 2nd Full Moon in Libra in a row… helping us to fully integrate what we set into motion last October during the New Moon in Libra during a Venus Retrograde. This is a double-dose of the Aries/Libra vibes that were starting to resolve situations  last month during the March Full Moon in Libra at 0 degrees at the Equinox .

This Full Moon event occurs at the FINAL degree in the sign of Libra, so it brings with it a vibration of closing, ending a cycle more completely than an ordinary Full Moon phase might. It’s also important to take into account that this is the 2nd Full Moon in Libra in a row… helping us to fully integrate what we set into motion last October during the New Moon in Libra during a Venus Retrograde. This is a double-dose of the Aries/Libra vibes that were starting to resolve situations last month during the March Full Moon in Libra at 0 degrees at the Equinox.

This FULL MOON’s Soundtrack: Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man [Music Video]

The Challenge: Avoidance of decision-making for fear of what others may think, complacency, people-pleasing to one’s own detriment, ignoring reason or reality in favor of wishful thinking, holding-out for a desired-outcome ending in loss of control

The Breakthrough/Potential Wisdom: Complete resolution of an issue in order to bring peace and balance, the courage to make difficult decisions that has long-lasting benefits, healthy adjustment, justice served, restoring balance, peaceful agreements that ultimately lead to progress for key issues

Libra Decan III.png

Considering the last Full Moon in Libra we experienced in March with the Equinox was associated with the 2 of Swords, this one really draws on this theme of Doubling Down with the 4 of Swords (2 doubled). Adding to this theme, Mars will be in the double-take, twinning sign of Gemini, encouraging us to speak up and get the job done.

What I find fascinating with this particular card at this particular point in time, though, is the significance of Uranus. At the time of this Double Full Moon, the Sun will be closing in on Uranus. This will be their first meet-up of this kind (since progressive Uranus has moved into Taurus ground) since 1942. Social justice is a Uranian stronghold, and there’s an element of instilling social peace, a kind of compromise that suits all sides of an issue, at play with this 4 of Swords. The swords come together, and meet in the Center. A clearly impending crisis begets an intellectual understanding that something must be done to adjudicate a resolution. It may not be pretty, and not everyone will get what they want right this hot minute, but it will bring peace to a situation that’s getting out of hand and provide a more level playing field in the future.

Do you see this in the image on the card? The clear-cut swords define a space, shielding the rose in the center from the threatening live wires (abstract yellow web of lines) on the outside.

In the Book of Thoth, Crowley describes the 4 of Swords as “the strong man armed, keeping his house in peace”.

Feeling It Still. . .

What is it that still feels off, not right, unjust or like it’s getting out of control? We’ve all got our issues. At this time, there may be lots of unresolved situations that are vying for your attention, so it’s worth narrowing down what most requires your attention.

Hint: It’s that thing that feels worrisome, makes you squirm a bit at the thought of it. It’s probably keeping you up at night and could likely cause a disruption in your relationships if you were to actually face it head-on. That’s the place to turn and make an effort toward resolution.

“It” is not new. You’ve been feeling this for a while, although, you may not have had the complete awareness of it to pinpoint what needs to really be done about it. But, now you’ll have a better grasp on it. It may have started to come to light around the time of that last Full Moon in Libra (March 20th - Mercury was still retrograde in Pisces then) and remained in the background, like a low-vibe hum that threatens your sanity because you just cannot tune it out.

This doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a “bad thing” or something that needs to go. It could be something that you desperately want to do, something that excites and terrifies you at the same time. If you only had the courage to act on it, speak up or make that damn decision to end the war within that causes you so much anxiety, privately.

Still — This energy is best utilized when we get still and listen. Not only to what our heart tells us, but to what others are really saying. Perhaps there’s a side of the story you haven’t considered or a new piece of information you need in order to make a wise decision. In the stillness we can truly feel into what it is we need, and open up to considering what could be best for everyone in the future. Get still to consider what is in your best interest AND the best interest of others. It’s difficult to do that when there’s so much noise.

Settle It.

I come from a family of lawyers, so I’m very familiar with the term settlement when it comes to court cases. The 4 of Swords elicits a settlement of sorts; a truce. Coming to an agreement to end a dispute. After you’ve seen the evidence, made your case, and all sides have been heard, there’s an opportunity to settle out of court or get a settlement; settle for whatever the judge or jury decides will be just.

While it may or may not be a legal settlement for you, there’s an air of reaching an agreement or coming to terms with an issue. We get an opportunity to put something to rest and truly move on. There is a definite ending with this Full Moon at the final degree of Libra, and we can choose to settle out of court, so to speak, or let some external authority settle it for us.

With the planetary ruler of this Full Moon in Libra, Lady Venus, making an awkwardly challenging aspect to this lunar climax, we may have trouble letting go of our desire for an ideal outcome.

We may want to hold-on; devoted to a dream or belief in a perfect world where no one ever loses and all is forgiven. A sudden realization could help us recognize that peace in this moment, a settling of some kind, will bring about more harmony than dragging something out for longer than necessary.

Chances are good we’ll have to accept a little less than what we had hoped for in order to bring some issue to a close, so we can make actual progress toward what we ultimately desire and what matters most. It could become (suddenly) crystal clear that something cannot continue in the way that it has and a choice must be made.

Double-Down For What?

Revelations and realizations rule the day. Something came to light before, but now it’s in your face. It gets clear and demands action. The 4 of Swords can indicate a military-like forcefulness that tamps down civil unrest, like sending the troops in to calm rioting mobs. Not to be confused with war, this energy is all about doing whatever is necessary to resolve a situation that may be reaching a breaking point (that could potentially lead to war). It preserves life, brings peace and restores balance.

There is a central focus. A clear response. This Moon triggers decisive action.

With this being a Double Full Moon, there is this commanding presence that is like doubling-down. Any resistance is simply met with more force to balance the scales. While all that doesn’t seem pretty at the moment, it is necessary in order allow beauty and balance and all the poetic Libran qualities to flourish in the future.

If you had an inkling or a nudge in a new direction with the last Full Moon, this time around that feeling could become a compelling force that spurs you (or someone else) into action. I’ll be honest, it’s a more serious vibe with this one. There may be temporary disruption or fall-out, but decisions made now can lead to more of what you want in the future when you keep in mind what matters to you above all else. Remember this year we can consciously upgrade our lives.

This is the 4 of Swords and the final degree of Libra. The next Full Moon is in Scorpio, where we’ll investigate and get to the bottom of things. This moment in time is an opportunity to clear out what’s not working so we can have the energy for the deeper healing that’s coming next.

Feel It Coming. . .

In the stars at the time of this Full Moon, we’ve got a Cardinal Cross. We may feel stretched. There could be an uprising that needs to be settled to lay the groundwork for what’s ahead… But the Moon reigns supreme with the North Node of the Moon in Cancer. The Moon — fully lit — guides us back to our center, to inner-security. It’s also our feminine, intuitive guiding light.

Especially with the Sun in close proximity to Uranus now, we could feel and psychically see what’s coming when we are able take decisive action that frees our energy up to receive more insight.

So make the call. Put your foot down. Choose.

There’s more, right around the corner. You can feel it coming…