Full Moon in Capricorn | June 2018 | Feeling On Purpose

{A Full Moon happens every month.  This is the part of the cycle when the Moon is in opposition with the Sun.  It's a great time for us to see what we need to release or let go of, reap what we've sown (literally or metaphorically) and tune into what is really being revealed to us since this is the brightest time of the month.  It's like clicking zoom in on your screen.  The images and fonts become larger and enhanced.  This is the opportunity we get every month to do that in our own lives.}

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The Moon gets seriously illuminated in the sign of Capricorn, for the Full Moon on June 28th, 2018.  Here I'll share my take on the energies of this Full Moon, including my intuitive insight for what's going on in the cosmos (astrological influence) and wisdom from the Major Arcana Tarot Card aligned with this zodiac sign, so you can leverage this collective energy and move thru this phase with greater confidence, prepared and aligned with the vibes!

Since the last New Moon in Gemini we've all been connecting the dots in some way in our lives, making more sense of things, and hopefully listening to our own shadows to bring more of our True selves into the light... It feels like this Full Moon in Capricorn could help us erect some healthier personal boundaries &/or bring together something we feel we've earned. A feeling like the time has come and now we get to feel on purpose. 

We may even get a glimpse of how strategically the Universe (or whatever higher power you believe in) has set things up for us.  Through connections with the people, opportunities or challenges, that have played a special role in strengthening our inner authority and ultimately helping us to take greater responsibility for ourselves and our lives.


Making Progress

I feel like I've been saying it every single month, but the pressure has been ON since the beginning of 2018.  IN-tense seems to be the over-arching vibe of the year.

The Moon is with (retrograde) Saturn in his natural zone of genius, Capricorn, while it's fully illuminated now.  And the two of them form a nice aspect to Uranus in Taurus.

I feel this brings an element of making progress in a very real way.  

I see the planet Saturn symbolized through The Universe card. (I use the Thoth deck. In other decks this card is known as The World.)

A general meaning that I turn to for this card is often a sense of being in your element, knowing what needs to be done and just how to do it.  It is the culmination; a destiny point.  Things are in their proper place and operating at maximum efficiency.  Just like our Universe, solar system, world.  We know the fundamental laws of nature, the building blocks of life, which give us a sense of certainty and security.

Is it any wonder that this is the 21st and final card in the Major Arcana?  All of the wisdom is contained within it, and yet somehow there is always more to explore, as we spiral and evolve.

Uranus, on the other hand, I see as represented as The Fool. The ZERO in the Major Arcana.  The beginning and also the end, the summit of the mountain. 

Just like the effect we feel from the planet Uranus, The Fool leaps fearlessly into the unknown.  It can be experienced as the peak experience; pure ecstasy and liberation.  The quantum leap.  The feeling we get when we have mastered something and have now reached the Next Level, where we begin again. 

With the Fool (and Uranus) we can reach Higher Consciousness, but we also experience a jolt with that... suddenly we go from Master of the Universe to Total Amateur, when presented with a higher level of responsibility or a territory we've never explored before.  (i.e. A promotion that elevates your status but results in more work or having to learn something new.)


With these two energies amplified by the Moon Goddess, you can experience a feeling of making real progress because you can move on in some way to a new level.  It may be disguised, as a new responsibility may come in for you to handle.  But, it feels like a definite shift in gears that leads to feeling like you're moving forward.  It's not the same heavy grind, and there is more work to do.  But take a moment to allow yourself to feel the progress you've made.  Whether that progress is externally realized, or more of an inner knowing.

I have a feeling the progress is there when you are open to seeing it as such.  For some this will come easily, for others it may require some effort to really feel the progress in the midst of more work that lies ahead or the fear that comes with an ending/new beginning.


What Is Success To You?

It's a good time to give yourself some credit, Capricorn-style.  Acknowledge how far you've come, how much inner or outer work you've done. Take a moment to recognize where your inner and outer realities match (integrity).

Consider how you define success.

This Full Moon is a sort of halfway mark for the year and corresponds with the January 2018 New Moon as a culmination of that energy.  So what did you begin in January?  What goals did you set?  

Allow space for self-compassion and forgiveness.  Honor your adaptability through changes, if you've had a tough year like so many of us have.

It's important to define success for yourself and trust your inner authority.  As the one and only expert on you & in your own life, you can get clear and focus on what matters, what's worth working for & building, and celebrate your successes along the way even when no one else gets it.

There's a real sense of feeling on purpose now.  

Living a life you love, that has true meaning, is important.  Now, I feel you'll get a chance to see where you've been measuring your success by someone's else's measuring stick.  

Ultimately empowering, you may readjust your focus or direction. Let your heart be your guide and block out the noise if you must.  You are here for a purpose.

Signs to Watch For 

[The astrological vibes affect the mode of operation, if you will, for how we tend to receive our signs. It's like this -- if you know you'll be getting an answer via email, you'll check your inbox, right? So, here's how the messages may show up for you, so you know where to look.  You'll understand the mode that Spirit may use to contact you or guide you.]

With a strong Capricorn vibe during this Full Moon phase, signs may be tough to ignore.  The signs may appear as an actual road sign or lit up neon words on a building.

The street I live on has been under construction while they've repaved it for the last couple of weeks.  I've had times when I couldn't leave my home because they were literally using a jackhammer at the end of my driveway.  (So Saturnian and personally symbolic for me.) I'll take that as a sign that the road ahead will be smoother for me. ;-)

The signs could literally be in concrete.

The signs can be most obvious in earthy forms, and currency, like cash or coins.  I'd recommend really tuning into your body for signs, too, as we are recalibrating our vibrations & could experience heightened senses with Uranus in Taurus.  Trust your instincts.



I hope you'll share your signs with me over on Instagram! I've been doing this for a long time, but I'm always blown away by the unique ways Spirit connects with us!

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