Double-Down | Full Moon in Libra | April 2019

This Full Moon event occurs at the FINAL degree in the sign of Libra, so it brings with it a vibration of closing, ending a cycle more completely than an ordinary Full Moon phase might. It’s also important to take into account that this is the 2nd Full Moon in Libra in a row… helping us to fully integrate what we set into motion last October during the New Moon in Libra during a Venus Retrograde. This is a double-dose of the Aries/Libra vibes that were starting to resolve situations  last month during the March Full Moon in Libra at 0 degrees at the Equinox .

This Full Moon event occurs at the FINAL degree in the sign of Libra, so it brings with it a vibration of closing, ending a cycle more completely than an ordinary Full Moon phase might. It’s also important to take into account that this is the 2nd Full Moon in Libra in a row… helping us to fully integrate what we set into motion last October during the New Moon in Libra during a Venus Retrograde. This is a double-dose of the Aries/Libra vibes that were starting to resolve situations last month during the March Full Moon in Libra at 0 degrees at the Equinox.

This FULL MOON’s Soundtrack: Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man [Music Video]

The Challenge: Avoidance of decision-making for fear of what others may think, complacency, people-pleasing to one’s own detriment, ignoring reason or reality in favor of wishful thinking, holding-out for a desired-outcome ending in loss of control

The Breakthrough/Potential Wisdom: Complete resolution of an issue in order to bring peace and balance, the courage to make difficult decisions that has long-lasting benefits, healthy adjustment, justice served, restoring balance, peaceful agreements that ultimately lead to progress for key issues

Libra Decan III.png

Considering the last Full Moon in Libra we experienced in March with the Equinox was associated with the 2 of Swords, this one really draws on this theme of Doubling Down with the 4 of Swords (2 doubled). Adding to this theme, Mars will be in the double-take, twinning sign of Gemini, encouraging us to speak up and get the job done.

What I find fascinating with this particular card at this particular point in time, though, is the significance of Uranus. At the time of this Double Full Moon, the Sun will be closing in on Uranus. This will be their first meet-up of this kind (since progressive Uranus has moved into Taurus ground) since 1942. Social justice is a Uranian stronghold, and there’s an element of instilling social peace, a kind of compromise that suits all sides of an issue, at play with this 4 of Swords. The swords come together, and meet in the Center. A clearly impending crisis begets an intellectual understanding that something must be done to adjudicate a resolution. It may not be pretty, and not everyone will get what they want right this hot minute, but it will bring peace to a situation that’s getting out of hand and provide a more level playing field in the future.

Do you see this in the image on the card? The clear-cut swords define a space, shielding the rose in the center from the threatening live wires (abstract yellow web of lines) on the outside.

In the Book of Thoth, Crowley describes the 4 of Swords as “the strong man armed, keeping his house in peace”.

Feeling It Still. . .

What is it that still feels off, not right, unjust or like it’s getting out of control? We’ve all got our issues. At this time, there may be lots of unresolved situations that are vying for your attention, so it’s worth narrowing down what most requires your attention.

Hint: It’s that thing that feels worrisome, makes you squirm a bit at the thought of it. It’s probably keeping you up at night and could likely cause a disruption in your relationships if you were to actually face it head-on. That’s the place to turn and make an effort toward resolution.

“It” is not new. You’ve been feeling this for a while, although, you may not have had the complete awareness of it to pinpoint what needs to really be done about it. But, now you’ll have a better grasp on it. It may have started to come to light around the time of that last Full Moon in Libra (March 20th - Mercury was still retrograde in Pisces then) and remained in the background, like a low-vibe hum that threatens your sanity because you just cannot tune it out.

This doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a “bad thing” or something that needs to go. It could be something that you desperately want to do, something that excites and terrifies you at the same time. If you only had the courage to act on it, speak up or make that damn decision to end the war within that causes you so much anxiety, privately.

Still — This energy is best utilized when we get still and listen. Not only to what our heart tells us, but to what others are really saying. Perhaps there’s a side of the story you haven’t considered or a new piece of information you need in order to make a wise decision. In the stillness we can truly feel into what it is we need, and open up to considering what could be best for everyone in the future. Get still to consider what is in your best interest AND the best interest of others. It’s difficult to do that when there’s so much noise.

Settle It.

I come from a family of lawyers, so I’m very familiar with the term settlement when it comes to court cases. The 4 of Swords elicits a settlement of sorts; a truce. Coming to an agreement to end a dispute. After you’ve seen the evidence, made your case, and all sides have been heard, there’s an opportunity to settle out of court or get a settlement; settle for whatever the judge or jury decides will be just.

While it may or may not be a legal settlement for you, there’s an air of reaching an agreement or coming to terms with an issue. We get an opportunity to put something to rest and truly move on. There is a definite ending with this Full Moon at the final degree of Libra, and we can choose to settle out of court, so to speak, or let some external authority settle it for us.

With the planetary ruler of this Full Moon in Libra, Lady Venus, making an awkwardly challenging aspect to this lunar climax, we may have trouble letting go of our desire for an ideal outcome.

We may want to hold-on; devoted to a dream or belief in a perfect world where no one ever loses and all is forgiven. A sudden realization could help us recognize that peace in this moment, a settling of some kind, will bring about more harmony than dragging something out for longer than necessary.

Chances are good we’ll have to accept a little less than what we had hoped for in order to bring some issue to a close, so we can make actual progress toward what we ultimately desire and what matters most. It could become (suddenly) crystal clear that something cannot continue in the way that it has and a choice must be made.

Double-Down For What?

Revelations and realizations rule the day. Something came to light before, but now it’s in your face. It gets clear and demands action. The 4 of Swords can indicate a military-like forcefulness that tamps down civil unrest, like sending the troops in to calm rioting mobs. Not to be confused with war, this energy is all about doing whatever is necessary to resolve a situation that may be reaching a breaking point (that could potentially lead to war). It preserves life, brings peace and restores balance.

There is a central focus. A clear response. This Moon triggers decisive action.

With this being a Double Full Moon, there is this commanding presence that is like doubling-down. Any resistance is simply met with more force to balance the scales. While all that doesn’t seem pretty at the moment, it is necessary in order allow beauty and balance and all the poetic Libran qualities to flourish in the future.

If you had an inkling or a nudge in a new direction with the last Full Moon, this time around that feeling could become a compelling force that spurs you (or someone else) into action. I’ll be honest, it’s a more serious vibe with this one. There may be temporary disruption or fall-out, but decisions made now can lead to more of what you want in the future when you keep in mind what matters to you above all else. Remember this year we can consciously upgrade our lives.

This is the 4 of Swords and the final degree of Libra. The next Full Moon is in Scorpio, where we’ll investigate and get to the bottom of things. This moment in time is an opportunity to clear out what’s not working so we can have the energy for the deeper healing that’s coming next.

Feel It Coming. . .

In the stars at the time of this Full Moon, we’ve got a Cardinal Cross. We may feel stretched. There could be an uprising that needs to be settled to lay the groundwork for what’s ahead… But the Moon reigns supreme with the North Node of the Moon in Cancer. The Moon — fully lit — guides us back to our center, to inner-security. It’s also our feminine, intuitive guiding light.

Especially with the Sun in close proximity to Uranus now, we could feel and psychically see what’s coming when we are able take decisive action that frees our energy up to receive more insight.

So make the call. Put your foot down. Choose.

There’s more, right around the corner. You can feel it coming…

Divine Willpower | New Moon in Aries | April 2019

With this  New Moon in Aries  (Decan II) aligned with the  3 of Wands , we can be proactive and willing to fight or stand-up for something that we believe to be absolute truth. With Mercury newly direct and all planets moving forward at this time, we can feel ready to make a power move, but we must be willing to act from a place of integrity and higher standards, considering not only what is in our own best interest, but in the best interest of others as well. It’s important to be realistic when considering exactly what it will take to create something new, and of higher quality than we’ve known before.

With this New Moon in Aries (Decan II) aligned with the 3 of Wands, we can be proactive and willing to fight or stand-up for something that we believe to be absolute truth. With Mercury newly direct and all planets moving forward at this time, we can feel ready to make a power move, but we must be willing to act from a place of integrity and higher standards, considering not only what is in our own best interest, but in the best interest of others as well. It’s important to be realistic when considering exactly what it will take to create something new, and of higher quality than we’ve known before.

This NEW MOON’s Soundtrack: The Champion by Carrie Underwood ft. Ludacris [Music Video]

The Challenge: difficulty deciphering truth from falsehoods or accepting truth that has been revealed after being hidden for a long time, virtue-signaling - not afraid to tout a moral high ground to put others down, pompous arrogance or self-righteousness, impulsiveness, desiring a quick fix to a large problem that proves to be futile/harmful/damaging, becoming headstrong but lacking humility or grace

The Breakthrough/Potential Wisdom: willingness to risk losing or sacrificing something superficial temporarily in favor of long-term benefits, courage to fight or take a stand for something from a space of integrity and alignment, liberation from long-held fears, breaking the silence to speak the truth, directing creative energy toward something meaningful, willingness to consciously override self-doubt, limiting beliefs and fear in order to pursue something that matters, strength in the face of haters or nay-sayers, renewed vitality, high energy

Aries Decan II.png

With the 3 of Wands, we become a force to be reckoned with!

It’s knowing what we stand for and why. It’s the connection to our core values and an unwavering, undeniable truth that ignites the flame within us, inspiring us to engage with life in a new way. It’s the kind of will that keeps us going even when the going gets tough. When the pain borders on the unbearable, even when we feel broken or down-trodden, this is the unseen force that compels us to keep up the good fight. Because it means more to us than any temporary set-backs or failure. It’s what connects us to something greater than and beyond our self, but at the same time, through the process of fighting for it and sacrificing much, we learn to honor, respect and value our True Self even more.

Magic Wands, Magic Words

The suit of wands is spiritual, passionate and action-oriented. Wands encompass those things that inspire, encourage and motivate us into action. With that kind of fuel, we direct the energy to create new forms. All other symbols in the Tarot suits are forged in fire - swords, cups, and disks. Fire, associated with the wands, comes first. It creates things. It’s the Spirit within that animates and sparks life.

The U.S. Constitution begins with Freedom of Religion and Free Speech in the first amendment, in that order. Perhaps, the revolutionary leaders of the “New World” knew what they were doing. It’s no coincidence that threats to the first amendment are the subject of much debate in American politics these days, and this may be a particularly hot topic in the media around the time of this New Moon as conflict and disagreements surge.

While Mars, the ruler (The Emperor) of this Aries New Moon is a few steps ahead, moving through the sign of Gemini at the this time, we can be quick-witted and sharp-tongued. Some feathers can definitely get ruffled. The magic happens through the spoken (or written) word with these vibes. But it can still be tricky to tell when someone is speaking truthfully, and from the heart. It requires us to tune into their tone and our underlying emotional transmission that we tend to shove aside, when we like what we hear and desperately want to believe it. Deceptive energy is still at play, as it has been for quite a while, but during the New Moon phase we’ll have easier access to our intuitive guidance and subtle instinctive signals, when we are willing to listen.

Our voice is most powerful when we use it authentically and honestly. (Aries loves it when you call a spade a spade, and get straight to the point!) We can initiate conflict (necessary or unnecessary) with our voices, but within this realm of the 3 of Wands, temporary conflicts could lead to beautiful turnarounds and an infusion of love. It reminds me of the difficult conversations guests on the Dr. Phil show have, when they scream and call each other out. But, by the end of the episode, they’re hugging and bawling their eyes out.

Invoking The Power of Three

Our will, and the voice we give it, is best utilized when we stand firm in our integrity. This is, of course, always the case, but we get a conscious boost of this powerfully creative energy through the number 3 now. You may already know that 2019 is a 3 year, and if you read my e-book you know how important this year is. The Aries New Moon is a pivotal moment in the timeline of this year, as we ignite a flame that will continue to revitalize our lives for a long-time to come.

We integrate our will with Divine will through the three graces, the three virtues, the Holy Trinity - however you prefer to name it.

The three graces of classical mythology have been beautifully brought to life, painted and sculpted, by the most masterful and legendary artists since the Renaissance era and in new ways in every era since then. The three graces are goddess qualities represented as three nude female bodies angled in such a way that every aspect of their manifestation is revealed. Some say they are a depiction of the triple moon goddess, signifying the three stage of feminine development and maturity: maiden, mother, crone. Others say they are expressions of characteristics and divine qualities of Lady Venus; chastity, beauty and love.

The three virtues of Christian theology, are like the recipe to being infused by the grace of God.

When we invoke the 3 virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity; integrate and act from those qualities, we become supernatural. They are the anchors that keep us going, moving forward, fighting for something because we know we are not alone. We are tapped in, tuned in to a Creative Source of power. We establish the meaning. We give it a purpose. And then we let the power of 3 fuel us, guide us and lift us when we falter.

If you’ve ever met someone who is tuned in like this, you know. They are the ones who command respect with their mere presence. They make you want to stand up straighter, and inspire you to be better… all while being gentle, charming, graceful and kind.

With the power of three, like the virtues depicted above, we recognize and honor our human nature and allow the divine to operate through us in an imperfectly perfect way. We are motivated to do better, reach higher, but we also recognize when we need to adjust or let go of attachments and singular, self-serving motivations.

Divine Will-Power

We’ve got some heavy, heavy influences ahead of us. We will need to be anchored in Truth, connected with the Light, and humble in order to move forward. We must be willing to accept those temporary upsets along the journey without forfeiting what truly matters above all else. Plugging into creative source, the beauty of the mystery of Life, will carry us through. But we must release the lies we’ve been told or have been telling ourselves. We must be willing to see what is being revealed now, and move forward, even if that sobering realization is emotionally turbulent. It can feel like a blow to the gut to really see where we have been deceiving ourselves, but it is an absolute must now. That means we’ve gotta be brutally honest with ourselves, and get straight. That’s where the 3 virtues, grace or the holy trinity will flood in and help us weather the storms ahead.

HINT: A good way to tell if you are moving in the right direction is if it is NOT based on fixing the past. It’s NOT a twisted version of something that has been tried. And it is NOT certain. If you have no doubts about your own abilities, then that’s a clear sign a trickster energy is at play, deceiving you. — We are creating the Future. And it is nothing like what we’ve experienced before. Stop fooling yourself, thinking that if only you try it this way it will make all your dreams come true and solve all the issues. This is NEW energy. The temptation will be to incorporate or change the past. Stay aware.

That’s why I selected this particular song for the soundtrack to this New Moon. It’s about being “right”, it’s about doing what’s right. It’s about building our own confidence and fighting for what matters most to us. Ultimately we are becoming stronger, individually, in order to do the work of bringing to life a whole new reality and force against us will be great. Connect with your inner-Champion, your Higher Self — that part of you that knows it will worth it and you can do it.

The C is for the Courage I possess through the drama.
H is for the Hurt, but it’s all for the Honor.
A is for my attitude working through the patience.
Money comes and goes, so the M is for Motivation.
Gotta stay consistent, the P is to Persevere.
The I is for Integrity, Innovative career.
The O is optimistic; Open and never shut.
And the N is Necessary ‘cause I’m Never giving up!
— Ludacris, The CHAMPION

Lost | Mercury Retrograde in Pisces | March 2019

The Timeline

Mercury enters what is known as the shadow phase on February 20, 2019. It’s like traveling down a road, then [when Mercury turns Retrograde] making a U-turn and traveling back down that same road, because you forgot something and you’ve got to retrieve it. Once you’ve gone all the way to this point to get what you needed, you pick up where you left off and make another U-turn to retrace this part of the road yet again [that’s the post-retrograde shadow phase] to get to where you originally planned to go.

Shadow path begins in Pisces: February 20, 2019. [Chiron is at Zero Degrees Aries, transitioning into the fiery realm of the Emperor, marking the official end of a cycle that won’t return again for another 50 years.]

Mercury Stations Retrograde in Pisces: March 6, 2019. [Within hours, Uranus crosses the threshold into the sign of Taurus - another major shift that we got a taste of for few months last year. This time it’s official, launching a new reality that will unfold between now and 2026. This influence will not be happening again until around 2100, making it quite significant.]

Mercury is Retrograde until March 29, 2019. Stationing direct that day, the post shadow begins and will last until April 17, 2019.

Key Dates

MARCH 6/7, 2019: New Moon in Pisces, Mercury stations Retrograde in Pisces, Uranus ingress into Taurus

MARCH 14, 2019: Cazimi - Sun Mercury Meet-up

MARCH 20, 2019: Equinox, Full Moon in Libra (at 0*)

MARCH 24, 2019: Mercury Neptune Meet-up

MARCH 28/29, 2019: Mercury stations Direct

Keep Calm Before the Storm

In the days leading up to this pivotal moment when Mercury turns back and it can feel like we are being swallowed whole by a tidal wave, the energies form a sort of alliance to help us suit up and prepare for what’s to come. With a Full Moon in Virgo, Chiron (our inner- Wounded Healer) starting over in Aries, Mars slowing us down a bit in the sign of Taurus, and all planets direct. . .

The cosmic vibes before this Mercury Retrograde seem to whisper, “Something big is coming. Get ready.”

In our own ways, we’ve been getting signals to tune in, remove the excess, tie up the loose ends and pay close attention to what we truly need. There’s a strong focus on grounding and getting centered.

It reminds me of a soldier, fresh out of boot camp. The bell tolls, but there’s time to prepare. As he/she gets ready for the real battle, there’s no room for anything that isn’t absolutely necessary — it would only weigh him/her down. There’s a need to have the tools, skills, resources and knowledge that will be required on the front-line. Also a need for a calm and focused approach. Is there a plan in place? A strategy? And alignment… who are our allies? What really matters in the end? An unwavering commitment to fighting for only what is worth fighting for. A solemn and strict order before the chaos is unleashed.

So much energy in Earth signs before the murky Retrograde takes full effect is important to leverage. When things seem relatively calm, use that time to organize what you can in your life, preferably something that will make your life a little easier later on. It’s worth the effort now to take something stressful off your plate that could tip you overboard in the event that other stressors sneak up on you.

[Soundtrack for this Mercury Retrograde phase: Head Above Water by Avril Lavigne]

More Or Less?

More or less is a typical vague Piscean response to a question, which leaves one wondering what that even means. It’s the quintessential shoulder shrug, wide-open to going either way… there’s really no certainty or definite answer. That’s the over-arching vibe of this whole Mercury Retrograde, making it quite a confusing time, more so than the average Mercury Retrograde effect.

But it’s nothing to gloss over or take too lightly. During this time it may be difficult to judge how much is too much and when enough is enough. Mercury travels through a zone in the cosmos associated with the Tarot card revealing maxed out emotional capacity. This influence can blur the lines between knowing when to stop or wave the white flag, and when to give it your all or see it through to the end.

We can feel like we need a lot more than we do in a given situation. This could result in overdoses, or otherwise extreme reactions when crossing a sensitivity threshold (ie. acute allergic reactions to medicines).

[Use extra caution when it comes to drinking alcohol (or any kind of substance use). Seriously. Even if you are a casual drinker, we’re a bit more susceptible than usual to over-consumption at this time, which will result in a sense of lost time or losing control. Not a time to throw caution to the wind and let loose, especially if it’s in an unfamiliar place or with people you may not fully trust.]

On the flip-side, this influence could leave us seriously lacking in resources or nourishment. Resulting in a deficiency of some kind or letting go of too much. Some could feel a soul-deep urge to sell everything they own and adopt a minimalist lifestyle or take a vow of silence for an extended period of time, or some other extreme abandon everything type of lifestyle shift.

It’s all or nothing energy.


Or nothing at all.

And these two opposite energies can affect one another. For example, a person who suddenly adopts a radical new diet like eating only one type of food in order to lose weight, then suffering a major vitamin deficiency as a result that causes an illness. It’s a sort of abandoning one thing for the sake of another, creating a separation from belief and reality… a tearing away at the core to discover a deeper Truth and revealing the ultimate desire for wholeness.

Either way, there could be an overall need to fill some kind of void. It’s a time to tread lightly and use caution, especially when it comes to anything that is driven by a sense of insatiability. Slow down, and listen to cues that come from deep within.

While the dangers are real with this energy, when we are willing to submit to what is beyond our control and we can open up to unveiling our true self . This is a great time to channel this flow toward something we know we have outgrown or has become toxic in our lives. A time to break-free from dysfunctional patterns that may have had a hold on us for far too long. This makes it an optimal time for rehab, letting go of an addiction once and for all. Remember you can use this force for good.

Can’t Seem to Keep It All Together. . .

Under the influence of this Mercury Retrograde it will be all too easy to lose track of time…. especially when getting distracted or attempting to escape reality in some way. Many things may seem all too seductively binge-worthy now.

Oversleeping could lead to missed appointments or running late….

There may be a sense of brain fog that lends way to forgetfulness. Like, what day is it again? Or, OMG! That was scheduled for today?!

>> My youngest son (born with Mercury in Pisces) has no concept of time. At times this is a beautiful thing, because he could easily spend hours drawing or practicing his magic card tricks. On the other hand, it can be challenging, as I’m always having to remind him that it’s time to eat or get ready to go somewhere. He most always believes he has more time than he does or no time at all, like he’s already missed out. <<

There could be a lot of hang-ups when it comes to managing time, lots of rescheduling or mixing up dates. So, review your calendar carefully during this phase when the essence of time itself comes into question.

It’s a broader brush stroke in the final degrees of the tropical zodiac… We could be at a loss for words or simply have a nagging feeling that something important is missing or has been left behind. We could misplace or lose things. Having a general sense that everything is falling apart, we could be at a total loss.

We, humans, are fallible by nature and because life is so complex, and we ourselves are complex beings, we usually see only what we’re used to seeing or are actively looking for.. Like this selective attention test demonstrates, we miss details that are irrelevant to what we are focusing our attention on. If something doesn’t fit with the narrative we’ve been told or the pattern we are in, we don’t really see it until it disrupts the pattern… even if it’s been there all along. This influence is particularly strong at the New Moon, March 6th, the say that Mercury officially goes retro.

Mercury’s retrograde journey is a swim through the deepest depths of the emotional realms (9 &amp; 10 of Cups, Happiness and Satiety reversed) in the sign of Pisces. In the Major Arcana [Tarot], Pisces is represented by The Hanged Man and The Moon. Mercury [The Magus or “Magician”] is known as  the messenger of the gods.

Mercury’s retrograde journey is a swim through the deepest depths of the emotional realms (9 & 10 of Cups, Happiness and Satiety reversed) in the sign of Pisces. In the Major Arcana [Tarot], Pisces is represented by The Hanged Man and The Moon. Mercury [The Magus or “Magician”] is known as the messenger of the gods.

I don’t mean to be dramatic, but this really is some wild energy that could send us into a tailspin, especially when Mercury links up with Neptune [Happening February 19, March 24 and April 2, 2019]. It seems to wash away whatever we’ve been clinging to for dear life, perhaps without even realizing it, and show us something beyond that. The Truth that’s been there all along, we simply couldn’t see before.

Underneath the Undertow

With the energy of the 10 of Cups activated with this Mercury Retrograde, it can feel like we’re being dragged with the current along the ocean floor or plunged into no man’s land at times. It’s difficult to know where you’re going when you don’t really know where you are or how you got there… and that’s the kind of strange vibes that are at play. The urge to escape the overwhelm can be so strong it’s difficult to resist.

During this phase it’s possible to become overwhelmed by a situation that challenges everything we once believed or believed in.

The energy reads like a scene from a suspenseful thriller…. You know, that pivotal moment when the hero faces the maniacal villain just as he’s about to execute his evil plan. Have you noticed how the hero or “good guy” always asks the enemy, why? What’s the point in doing this? Creating this chaos? Causing this suffering? (We may find ourselves asking a Higher Power these same existential questions.)

The answer given by the villain is never a good one, because it never makes logical sense. At least, not to one who doesn’t hold the same distorted perception of reality. And that’s exactly the point. We are confronted with something beyond our comprehension and yet still… we try to understand or make sense of it somehow. That’s Mercury (our mind) doing what it’s used to doing.

That kind of questioning is tough on the psyche and the emotional state. Clear and direct answers may not be entirely possible at this time.

Even in the movies, those crises are never resolved through logic alone. It requires us to reach beyond what we can see or make sense of, because we’re confronted with something outside of that realm. We must meet it with something beyond what we would normally do or perhaps have ever done before. We may have to let go of a belief or a picture-perfect ending we had imagined when faced with a reality check. Surrender to what is without putting the puzzle pieces together and allow a miracle to unfold or let our creative-genius-side take the reigns.

Everything unpleasant that was hidden from sight may be exposed.... The result may be a feeling of liberation, once you are released from superficial or false attachments.
— Mary K. Greer, The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals

We must not abandon what truly deeply has value and meaning to us in the process.. We must awaken to the space within us that realizes what it is that truly does matter above all else. Those are the guiding lights that flicker and glow, when all else seems to be lost.

Deep in the ocean waters, marine animals have adapted to these bizarre conditions that are unlike anything anywhere else on Earth. They glow in the dark with bio-luminescence. They use sonar and shape-shifting and transparency in a way that enables them to survive and thrive in the vast unknown depths. Just like a hero in a story or movie transcends the limitations of what has been known or even his usual skills and talents to diffuse a crisis, defeat the villain and save the world.

We may not be saving the world, but in some way, each of us is saving ourselves…

The things (underlying stress) that we’ve been neglecting or willfully ignoring take a toll on us. It becomes obvious we can’t go on like this forever.

…Like This Forever?

We could find ourselves going over and over things in our mind, stirring up a seemingly endless loop of emotional torture, until we realize that we cannot keep doing that forever. It could feel like drowning, until you suddenly open your eyes underwater and discover that you can mobilize and engage your muscles in ways that are not possible on land, out of the water. It’s like swimming in the deep end. You recognize that your body is lighter, and strangely more free and flexible, when you are completely submerged.

While Mercury is considered to be debilitated or in detriment in the sign of Pisces, I feel that in a mysterious way, Mercury has the most magical effect in this zone — particularly when retrograde, because things don’t work the way they usually do during this time and we’ve gotta get creative with our solutions to everyday issues. Mercury can play with what’s available in the deepest oceans of Piscean energy, the purest magic. The ultimate Truth. THE Divine. When Mercury gets an opportunity to whip through the abyss, we can engage with the subtler energies that always keep us afloat without us ever really paying attention to them.

We may become painfully aware of where a boundary is needed, too. What we’ve let slide in the past may not be the best choice now. We may feel waves wash over us, revealing that something is amiss and we are leaving ourselves too wide-open or vulnerable to attracting the things we don’t want. While part of Mercury’s path will be aligned with the 9 of Cups, we could be over- or under-appreciating things in our lives, feeling taken for granted or irritatingly unworthy of some kind of praise or gifts because of an unresolved feeling deep within. Even if the ducks are all in a row, there’s this sense of something not being quite right even though we can’t put our finger on exactly what that is.

Issues of codependency, or otherwise over-compensating to make up for an internal sense of lack, may come bubbling up to the surface.

Just as the same rules don’t apply when you’re swimming deep in the ocean as compared to trekking up a steep mountainside, this Mercury Retrograde could provide a calming sense of relief amidst this total restructuring of the world as we know it while Pluto and Saturn do their thing in the sign of Capricorn. It could serve as a sort of spiritual retreat, a break in time, providing solace and reprieve from the intensity and pressure we’ve been feeling from Pluto and Saturn that have us all working so hard.

I’ll Meet You There… At The Altar.

The same rules don’t apply in the depths of the ocean, as they do on solid ground. We can be tossed around like rag dolls in slow motion down there. The force is magnified and yet our bodies, physical matters, seem lighter and more buoyant.

I used to teach swimming lessons to infants decades ago. Babies naturally, instinctively relax once they’re comfortable in the water and float easily once they know they are safe. It’s like they remember what it’s like to be in their mother’s womb, their innocence safely contained and protected from the outside world.

We, too, must learn to relax and go with the flow when we realize we’re getting in over our heads or finding it hard to breathe… Become one with the water, essentially. Return to the cosmic womb. I titled my e-book Quantum Rebirth 2019 (about the energies of this year) for a reason. We get this period of time during Mercury Retrograde to re-set and reconnect to the sacred space of Life. It’s no coincidence that this is all enveloping the Equinox, too. On it’s own, this time is when we are renewed with Mother Nature, held in her cyclical rhythm, reminded that there is balance and harmony in our material world (even when it doesn’t look that way).

In the space between letting go and falling apart emotionally, we could realize how truly magical our Life already is. That space is where poets, musicians and artists of every shape and form create their very best work.

As we drop to our knees and beg for mercy we discover things in the stillness… Humility. Grace. Innocence. Our True Nature. Infinite Love.

When we release our need to do it our way we are lifted up by the divine way. This is a rite of passage. To release who we once thought we were and more fully Live the Truth of who we are.