Sleeping Giants Awaken | Full Moon in Pisces September 2019

Sleeping giants awaken with this beyond-magical Full Moon in Pisces, a culmination of the energies set in motion at the  New Moon in Pisces last March . This realm of the zodiac is represented in the 10 of Cups, where all the cups overflow. It is closely aligned with Neptune which only amplifies the mystique of it all and piques our superstitions, as  it coincides with Friday the 13th , a rare occurrence for a Full Moon.

Sleeping giants awaken with this beyond-magical Full Moon in Pisces, a culmination of the energies set in motion at the New Moon in Pisces last March. This realm of the zodiac is represented in the 10 of Cups, where all the cups overflow. It is closely aligned with Neptune which only amplifies the mystique of it all and piques our superstitions, as it coincides with Friday the 13th, a rare occurrence for a Full Moon.

This FULL MOON’s Soundtrack: What About Now by Daughtry [MUSIC VIDEO]

The Challenge: emotional overwhelm, caving under emotional pressure and forgetting our own unique expression of the Divine, martyrdom and all around too-much-self-sacrifice, over-idealization, losing sense of self/feeling dis-empowered, sacrificing individual sovereignty for a Utopian ideal

The Breakthrough/Potential Wisdom: finding a new way to bridge your personal and professional life, hometown glory or recognition within your family or local community, overall satisfaction with the state of life as it is now that naturally generates even more “good stuff” in the future

Pisces Decan III.png
This is the culmination of the suit of love, imagination, dreams and the unconscious.
— Mary K. Greer

We reach our highest emotional capacity with this Harvest Moon in Pisces, shown in the 10 of Cups… through Satiety. [pictured above] This is a turning point, fueled by Mars (in more ways than one), when we have an opportunity to let Love win and become the change we wish to see in the world… and it starts with our own world. What is right in front of us, what is in our life right now — today — that is begging for our attention.

Those who capitalize on this energy will activate nothing short of miraculous change.

Shadows Fade Into The Light

A Full Moon in the last sign of the zodiac (Pisces), synced up with Neptune (master of dissolution and ruler of this realm), is making a key connection with the guardian of the Underworld, Pluto. And it happens on a date that is probably the most superstitious of all, Friday the 13th. Fears dissolve under this influence when we do a little digging. Deeply-rooted shame, guilt, anxiety, even full-on phobias may rise to the surface of our awareness and be gently washed away, never to be seen again, with this dynamic cleaning crew involved. Because we’ve got more important things to invest our energy in now. These vibes don’t mess around. They turn on the hydro-power-beams and finish it.

As the Tarot card for this Full Moon indicates, we can only truly give when our own cup is full first. Notice in the image how the top cup (representing the Self, initiative, desire) fills every other cup below it.

Making You ALL That You Were Meant To Be

What if everything you’ve experienced up until now has served a purpose? What if you are exactly where you are meant to be, at precisely the right time?

We are always in a cycle of making; of becoming. This isn’t a free pass of entitlement or the notion that you were just “born for this”. This is so much deeper, more substantive than that cliche. This is the awakening of the giant within you - this is when Higher Self meets the Real World.

When you realize that you have something to give now that can relieve some suffering.

You can do something to make a difference, however small. You are uniquely qualified, because of your experience and all that you’ve learned thus far, to bring something new and beautiful to the world.

It can begin with identifying a need that you are capable of meeting.

We are Full with the 10 of Cups. We have plenty to give. We can give from a place of deep emotional resonance when we act on something that truly, deeply matters to us. But, as with all 10’s of the Tarot, we must release, let go of or share something or we risk it blowing up in our face or coming back to haunt us later.

We could definitely recognize where we have been working for something that we really don’t want now, or realize there is something else we can do to live a Full and enriched life that really makes us happy. We are no longer OK with just OK. We can no longer sweep things under the rug and simply say “it’s all good”. We must act now or forever hold our peace.

So… What About Now? What About Today?

There’s definite sense of urgency here in this zone, this decan of Pisces governed by the planet Mars (as shown on the Tarot card)… We feel we must act before it’s too late. This is the realm of final farewells.

We can summon the courage here in this space to say what we’ve always wanted to say or do something we’ve always wanted to do because there is an awareness that time is slipping away. We must make choices that we can live with, as we move forward and something ends. We may hear a gentle voice, a saving grace, reminding us like, “Indiana… let it go.”

It’s no coincidence that this maxxed-out mystical Moon is challenged by an opposition with lively Mars (our courage, vitality and drive to be of service and tend to the details while in Virgo) and a square to strong-arm Jupiter (our capacity for optimism, hope, willingness to explore and develop new philosophies). There’s not a lot of healthy exchanges happening with these vibes, and quite a lot of misguided directives.

Perhaps it’s wise to focus on just today, right now. What do you need to do to feel good about yourself, to feel fulfilled? Even the smallest acts of kindness can be infused with gigantic love bombs right now, making those little things seem oh so powerful in the future.

Breaking Away From The Futilitarian Regime | Full Moon in Aquarius August 2019

This  futilitarian  Full Moon occurs at 22* Aquarius and the influence is that of the  7 of Swords . These moonbeams are a culmination of the energy initiated last February at the time of the  New Moon in Aquarius .

This futilitarian Full Moon occurs at 22* Aquarius and the influence is that of the 7 of Swords. These moonbeams are a culmination of the energy initiated last February at the time of the New Moon in Aquarius.

This FULL MOON’s Soundtrack: Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve [MUSIC VIDEO]

The Challenge: feeling alienated, nihilism, complacency, losing sense of self within a group/crowd, susceptible to mob mentality/mob rule/danger as a result rioting, disconnection from compassion/humanity, feelings of isolation, anxiety or high levels of stress that results in restlessness, insomnia, racing thoughts, being perceived as cold-hearted or becoming too detached from present moment

The Breakthrough/Potential Wisdom: liberation from habitual negative thought patterns, reclamation of heart’s desire, renewed ambition, reinvigorated relationships that had become stagnant or joy-less, infusion of love and hope that lifts spirits enough to recommit to Soul-missions

Aquarius Decan III.png
The Seven of Swords is that state of mind which produces futility, or the sense of helplessness, hopelessness, or “what’s the use?”
— Angeles Arrien

This Full Moon resurrects our most dreadful thought patterns. Patterns being key, as this is habitual thinking. Those thoughts that we automatically, without question (or even awareness), go to whenever we set out to do something we’ve never done before or seek to make big changes. Like an audio loop that plays over and over and over, we tune it out fairly quickly because… it’s not new. It’s not interesting. But it is controlling us. We don’t even realize that it has programmed us in ways we have yet to fully grasp.

On this Tarot Card aligned with the last decan of the sign of Aquarius (where this Full Moon shines), 6 of the swords come down hard on the (7th) central sword. The central sword, poised in position just like the Ace of Swords, represents the Free mind. Clarity. Authenticity. Original ideas. A revolutionary new perception. And then… all systems fail. Swords are drawn to prevent further disruption from what is already known and believed.

The sudden flash of inspiration or genius idea triggers the same old stories of why it would never work or “who the hell do you think you are?” kind of thoughts that slink us down and put us right back in the place we don’t want to be. The good news is —— this is what we get to let go of with these Full Moon beams. The subconscious melodrama gets lit up.

Under the Futilitarian Regime

Yes, Futilitarian is a real word and defined by Merriam Webster as “one who believes human striving is futile”.

It’s not so much a depressed state of mind. It’s more on the verge of nihilistic, because if striving for something better in life is pointless then it’s not hard to adopt a philosophy of utter meaninglessness.

Under a futilitarian regime, we stop trying. Because, what good will it do anyway if we are destined to fail? Just like we have all those other times. Every embarrassment, failure, heartache or trauma gets stored in a memory bank that magically springs into action and effectively clips our wings just when we want to take flight. There’s a strange interface within our reptilian brains that keeps us in line with the pack, so we don’t stray too far. I mean… it’s dangerous “out there”. In the world. Better to fit in, blend in with the group, where no one is special and we’re all the same. Safety in numbers. Risk being seen as special or breaking a glass ceiling, and you’re on your own. Left to fend for yourself.

Where Nobody Knows Your Name

This primal instinct and tendency towards safety and social status quo (ironically enough) opens the door for a mob mentality take-over. Violent attacks and serious danger run rampant under the veil of a group identity and individual anonymity, where we can literally lose our Self in a sea of faces. This is where everybody thinks the same, and nobody knows your name. A prominent theme in this digital era.

The 7 of Swords symbolizes the Moon in Aquarius, the fluidity and magnetism of the Moon here amplifies those mental fields where we can easily be put under a spell, succumb to peer pressure or get swept up in the swelling tides of a “good” cause that ends up going south, fast.

There is a solution.

But The Heart Wants What It Wants…

It’s no coincidence that Venus is in the heart of The Sun at this time — a time when we most need Venusian comforts. Venus closely aligned with our center-shining Star will fight if she must to keep us grounded in our OWN Light. Our personal desires and unique expression matter and when we forget, if even for a moment, this alliance can pull us back to solid ground to remind us who we (really, truly) are.

During this time, though, we may re-discover what our hearts want through the experience of what we really don’t.

A bit more specifically… we could easily see the cold-hearted candor of a group, friends or even an entire party of people so far off-center that it suddenly hits us. —This is SO not me!

This sudden realization could make way for a swift exit from what is likely to be near-future-pandemonium.

It’s Prime Time For…

Courage! With futilitarian mind-games fully illuminated by the light of the Moon, and our sovereign center fueled by goddess Venus, we can’t help but rise to the occasion. Whatever has been keeping us the same as everybody else (certainly not ruffling any feathers or standing out), feeling lack-lustre under the reigns of an agenda that is so far removed from what we actually want that we’d have to dull alllllll of our senses to ignore it — it gets easier to break FREE. In the name of Sovereignty. In the name of Equality and Opportunity. (Supportive beams from Jupiter shining on Venus and Sun) In the name of Love.