Prediction as a Tool For Spiritual Evolution


I've recently heard a little bit of push-back within spiritual communities about the use of Prediction when it comes to things like what I do.  An argument against using "prediction" claims that it in some way removes personal choice and makes the (valid) point that predicting the Future is a projection of the energies as they are in that moment, and may not be accurate as energy is always changing.

It's the points made within that argument that actually prove the power of prediction and pros to using it, the way I see it.  Let me explain...


First, "predicting the future" is much more common than you think.

Have you ever checked the weather forecast before you made plans?  Have you ever looked up at the sky before leaving the house to see if maybe you should bring an umbrella with you?  

Let me ask you this... Have you ever been surprised by the weather? Caught off guard in the pouring raining or (if you live somewhere like I do) a nasty blizzard that you didn't see coming?  If so, those times probably had you wishing you had known beforehand, right?!


It's more normal to "predict the future" than most people realize.  Even the most closed-minded skeptics of my craft probably use predictive tools on a daily basis.  They just don't label it as such because it's "scientific".  But scientifically generated and mathematically calculated or not, tomorrow hasn't happened yet.

A weather forecast is a prediction of the future.  

I'm not saying that weather forecasts are always right.  We all know that's not true! (Unless, of course, you live in the southwestern U.S. where the days are sunny like 80% of the time. Most often they're right there. LOL) But they can be useful and have the potential to influence our choices... in positive ways.

Even our computers have predictive tools that help prevent viruses and identity theft. SO many of our everyday gadgets now have predictive capabilities, or what's often labeled as, intuitive technology. (I was just shopping for a new washing machine and many of the best-selling machines include "intuitive" features!)

>> Humanity is getting the same kind of upgrades and enhanced sensory capabilities.  More on that soon.<<

Prediction is actually quite useful, right? 

It can be used in simple, practical ways.  But it can add depth in spiritual, more mystical ways, too.


The Choice Is Always Yours

As humans, we've come to rely on and use predictive tools, scientifically, to track hurricanes and volcanoes and other natural disasters to help get people to safety and protect their homes.  It would be important information to share with those who could be affected by something like that, right?

With that information they can make more empowered choices.  To board up their home, to leave or stay, etc.


That's how I see warnings that come through or what I call, "tricky circumstances" that I foresee in readings.  With that information of possibility, my clients can feel more empowered to make choices that will most benefit them and perhaps look for options they hadn't considered before.

Many times when a warning of some kind comes through during a reading, suggestions to help shift the energy flow follows.  When I prepare for a reading, I do a ritual to invoke Spirit and ONLY allow Love and Light.  So I know even if something negative comes up, there will be beneficial information along with it or the warning alone can serve as a preventative measure, ultimately leading to a positive outcome.


Conversely, the same is true for positive things that show up in the cards.  For example, an opportunity may arise as predicted, but it's still a choice to jump at the chance or not.  But it does help us make that choice when we get a  glimpse of what's behind the door that's opening, right?


We are powerful beings with many choices.  Using the power of prediction and peeking into the Future doesn't diminish this fact when used ethically and attuned with the Soul's evolutionary process, and not just the human experience. 

There's something mystical that can't be described when a prediction evolves into physical reality.

I've seen clients who were intrigued and simply curious about getting a reading have something come true to the T, which blew them away and opened them up to whole new realms of what they thought was possible.  It seems to reawaken a sense of child-like wonder, that place within us all where we once believed in magic and that anything really was possible.  

It's a reminder, a confirmation really, that the Universe is listening to us and we are always connected to something greater than we can really comprehend.


Things change. Energy shifts.

Energy is always in motion. You know the saying, "The only constant in life is change." -- to which I always like to add; and our connection to Spirit!

We all change our minds.  What we want changes.  We are exchanging energy and being affecting by everything around us.  Naturally!  

So, yes it is a valid point that when one predicts the future, it may not be accurate when the future becomes the NOW, because the trajectory of that initial outcome may have changed course.  That energetic shift in direction can even happen mid-reading when new information is received.

That being said, the Future has yet to unfold.  I used to say a disclaimer before all of my readings, "The only thing set in stone is our tombstone."  I don't use that particular phrase anymore (as it can come across a bit morbid), but the purpose is to remind us that we always have a choice in life.  We all know that someday our body will die, but in the space between our birth and our last breath is where we have power to choose within our experiences.  And it's important to remember that fundamental Truth. 

After decades of reading the Tarot, one thing I've noticed is there are some things that take time to develop, kinda like strengthening the energy behind a desire or goal.  I've noticed when a goal that someone has is reflected back to them through the cards and messages from their Spirit team, it's like a quantum leap.  These are often things that people have never spoken of to anyone before that are often revealed during a reading, deeply personal goals or long-held beliefs.

Prediction seems to be the same following of trends used in our technology and weather forecasting science.  It is seeing the trends within the energetic field building into form and taking shape in physical reality.  The vibrational manifestation is what I see in the cards, in visions and through feelings, that result in a prediction.  It is real already, it's just simply on another dimension in time and space.


The Spiritual Side of it all

The Tarot, and other divination tools, can be used in a practical way that addresses real life concerns and issues, reveals glimpses of the future that often leads to a greater awakening.  A deeper, more personal connection to our Spiritual nature.  The mystical powers within and all around us.


EVOLUTIONARY: relating to or denoting the process by which different kinds of living organisms are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth
or relating to the gradual development of something.
— Dictionary

The awakening process is spiritual and can prove to be evolutionary in that respect.  Receiving information of something that has yet to be seen in physical reality changes us.  If it becomes a real it shifts something deep within that can never go back.  It may be subtle & gradual or extremely life-changing.  It is always a magical experience that alters our perception, the way we see our world and our life.

And my mission is always to affirm that we are always connected to the Spiritual dimensions.  It's our nature to connected and communicating with the unseen world.  My wish and intention is that truth is experienced through all my readings.