ArchAngel Metatron & The 8th Chakra


According to Stewart Pearce, Metatron is known as "The Supernal Teacher".  In his deck, Angel Heart Sigils, Metatron presents the cards Adoration, Charisma, Jubilance, and Magnification.

Watch the video to learn about my personal experience working with ArchAngel Metatron, the Angel Heart Sigil: Magnification, and more!  For a simple overview of Matatron and the 8th Chakra, scroll down. :)

Overview of ArchAngel Metatron 

  • Believed to be one of only 2 ArchAngels who once lived a mortal life as a human on Earth. (The other of the pair is Sandalphon.)
  • The theory is that Metatron lived his earthly life as Enoch, from the book of Genesis, the biblical Scribe & Prophet.
  • Serves as an intermediary between heaven and Earth; the bridge that helps us exchange and transmit data between the physical and spiritual realms.
  • Connects with the generations of Indigo and Crystal children on the planet today.
  • Helps us activate and improve our psychic abilities.
  • Helps us break-through barriers and limitations in our lives through the manifestation of physical change and experiences that cause us to explore beyond what we already know or believe. in order to Elevate our consciousness.
  • His "specialty" is the Akashic Records and the recording of them.
  • Associated with the 8th Chakra (also known as the "Soul Star" Chakra)


Overview of The 8th Chakra

  • Located about 1 - 3 feet above the head/Crown Chakra.
  • Our connection to our Higher Self.
  • Radiates an almost indescribable color of violet, sea green or what I would compare to iridescent.
  • Our energetic gateway to the Akashic Records, higher consciousness, and Divine Intelligence, true Wisdom.


What I Didn't Mention during the Livestream...

Metatron's Cube!

Metatron's Cube
  • A sacred geometric shape.
  • Metatron's cube has 78 lines in it.   Is it a coincidence that there just so happens to be 78 cards in the Tarot deck? 
  • 13 circles, just like the 13 lunar cycles in the calendar year.
  • Masterful symbolic representation of the power of Creation, Infinite Love and Universal Oneness.



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