New Moon in Gemini | June 2018 | Connecting the Dots

{A New Moon happens every month.  This is the part of the cycle when the Moon aligns with the Sun.  It's a great time for us to set new intentions, plant new seeds (literally or metaphorically) and tune into our intuition and other senses since this is the darkest time of the month.  It's like clicking refresh. The page temporarily disappears while it reloads.  This is the opportunity we get every month to do that in our own lives.}

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The Sun & Moon come together for a New Moon in Gemini, the sign of the twins, on June 13th, 2018.  Here I'll share my take on the energies of this New Moon, including my intuitive insight from the what's going on in the cosmos (astrological influence) and wisdom from the Tarot Card aligned with this zodiac sign, so you can leverage this collective energy and move thru this phase with greater confidence.  Prepared and aligned with the vibes.


New Moons are always an invitation, I believe.  They invite us to go within, get clear on what's going on inside us & start fresh in some way. 

The overall vibe I'm getting for this one is 'making sense of some important issues in our lives' & really 'connecting the dots'.  As we join the pieces of our lives together, we feel better moving forward.  We gain clarity and confidence. We may even rekindle or spark a new kind of conviction that really gets things moving for us.

And this energy is welcomed with open arms; easier to allow in.

I know it's been an intense year, full of crises and heavy energies for many of us.  This feels like a lighter vibe, that allows us to see the dark side without getting totally lost in it.  And it's got a purpose.


Listen to Your Shadow 

Of the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot, The Lovers align with the sign of Gemini. I love this particular card because on the surface it seems straight to the point.  Relationships.  Attraction. Happy, Happy.  But it's not that superficial.  It's not all on the surface.

As with all cards, it is rich with symbolism.  The images show us how we strike up the conversation, how we tend to move toward what we are attracted to.  It signifies the innocence and initial coming together of opposites, being drawn to something or someone that appears, feels or seems different than what we think we are.  We get interested and the journey begins.  Its the start of learning something new about ourselves, even though we may not realize that at first... being so caught up in the initial attraction and curiosity.

Every attempt at approach, union, connection is an expression of the passionate urge to re-establish [the] lost Oneness.
— Gerd Ziegler, Tarot: Mirror of The Soul

Keeping these words by Zeigler in mind, get interested in what you've attracted into your life that you don't necessarily want.  I'm assuming that one or more key things come to mind as the opposite of what you'd like to experience.  Our people, our circumstances, can show us aspects ourselves that can now be integrated and loved more fervently, compassionately.

Now is a good time to simply take a look, listen to what the shadow is saying. Become casual and curious about those things.  Do you always attract a certain kind of person into your life?  Do you tend to always get triggered by political opinions shared online that are different from your own?  Do you seem to end up in the same kind of dysfunctional relationships?  How about your relationship with money?

For example, does that one high-profile person online always make you jealous or angry?  Listen to the thoughts you have about them.  Are they mirroring something you wish you could be?  Are they courageous enough to say whatever they feel in the moment or never seeming to consider what other people will think of them for voicing their own opinion? It doesn't mean you want to do it the way that they do, but they are showing you a part of yourself that has been switched off and may be begging to come forth, in your own unique way.  

We've all got our shadows.

The key is to get curious and simply be willing to approach it objectively.  Like something that just makes you go hmmm....

I feel this could really open you up to understanding and connecting those dots that reveal more of your internal picture, more of who you are.   Information is coming to help you set intentions for what's next in your life.  You'll get more clear on where you want to go and who you are willing, now, to be. Ultimately more whole, more you.


See What You Used to Believe (Or Still Do)

Realizing what the missing links are or making sense of patterns in your life can provide evidence of what you've been thinking.  And believing.

This is the law of attraction in a sorta stop-motion.  Take a look at what beliefs are showing up as the evidence of broken down situations or feelings that always seem to resurface for you.

Chances are, you've been making lots of changes in your life this year (whether those changes were initiated by you or not).  Who you are today may not be resonating with those things anymore.  It's feeling like we get a chance to catch up a little bit with this New Moon.

Be willing to see it as it is to gather the evidence.  It will help you make even more sense of your own power and help you differentiate too, I believe, between what is within your power to shift or adapt and where you must surrender or accept.


In the Presence of Shape-Shifters

We've got a more casual vibe at play with this New Moon, and other cosmic influences may distort our perception at times.  Especially when it comes to the people in our lives. I don't tell you this to frighten you, I tell you this to enlighten you, actually. 

We are all at various stages of consciousness.  Some people in our lives may not be aware of what's affecting them or may be suffering from something that inhibits their ability to present themselves or their motives clearly.  

The Neptunian vibes are flooding some more than others.  We all have our moments, right?

With Neptune involved, things may not be what they seem at first.  And right now, I'm feeling those things are more like people.  So, simply stay on your toes and be aware when something feels off or someone doesn't seem genuine.  And do your best to avoid the blame game or push the issue too much.

Gemini vibes are casual and light-hearted.  Let your curiosity spark a new sense within you, and help you adapt in ways that are healthier, for you and for your peeps. That means, ease off the suspicion.

Don't put your guard down completely.  Just remember that we've all got our issues & things on our minds. A little empathy and compassion goes a long way.



Has it been all work & no play lately?  It's time to lighten up, loosen up and let some things fall into place naturally.  The magic will happen.  The miracles will unfold.  Sometimes we've gotta take our hands off the wheel and let ourselves be amazed.

Tap into the essence of wonder. Not to be confused with letting your mind wander unattended.  Notice the things in your life that you haven't paid much attention to in a while.  Get curious about how some things require so little effort on your part and others feel like a constant burden.  How can you play with ideas to lighten your load moving forward? 

Signs to Watch For 

[The astrological vibes affect the mode of operation, if you will, for how we tend to receive our signs. It's like this -- if you know you'll be getting an answer via email, you'll check your inbox, right? So, here's how the messages may show up for you, so you know where to look.  You'll understand the mode that Spirit may use to contact you or guide you.]

I consider Gemini, "The Sign of the Signs".   It's all about communication, messages & messengers, curiosity, and wonder.  So, to me, it's only natural that this zone of the zodiac activates, or quickens the pace of signs we receive from Spirit, too.  

Pay attention to things with wings! Butterflies, Dragonflies, Birds, etc.  Signs from your Spirit Guides, Angels or Loved Ones could come fluttering by. Watch for the unusual encounters with winged creatures, like if a butterfly photobombs a photo (yes, that totally happened to me once! See it here. LOL).

-->> Spirit just confirmed this is the right info to share with you now because a beautiful yellow butterfly just flew in front of my laptop screen as I type this from my deck outside on a sunny day. <<--

It's all about the chatter with Gemini, so listen.  Listen to the radio, social media, etc..  You may hear or read something that feels like just what you needed to know at that moment or learn more about to make sense of a situation in your life.

You could receive an email, text or pop-up notification that sheds lights on something for you to make a better choice.  Yes, signs can be that simple and ordinary.  You'll know it's a sign when it lights something up within you as if in an instant something makes more sense or you suddenly have your answer in an Ah-ha! milli-second!

Whether you are prone to shiny object syndrome or not, during the next few days you may feel drawn to different things that catch your attention and totally distract you.  Pay attention to the distractions! They could be leading you to something you need to know to further connect the dots or resolve something in your life.  Something that catches your eye or diverts your attention from the same ol'-same ol', could lead you to a whole new way of seeing something that drops an important puzzle piece into place for you, so you can begin to see the bigger picture.


I hope you'll share your signs with me over on Instagram! I've been doing this for a long time, but I'm always blown away by the unique ways Spirit connects with us!


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I know the collective energies swirling around us can be tough to feel. There is no doubt that there is chaos and tragedy in the world. So much that we may want to totally Tune Out.

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