Ditch the Confusion & Get Clear


Let's Get Clear!  

1. Stop! -- Notice when you keep saying that you are confused, a situation is confusing or thinking about how incredibly confused you are. And just stop it!  a little awareness goes a long way to shifting your vibes so you can invite something different into your experience.  It always begins with awareness.

2. Affirm: "I am always led in the right direction." Or something along those lines.  Remind yourself of the basics... You are intuitive.  You have a whole team of allies in Spirit assisting you, and you are always being guided by the Divine.

3. Look for the Signs!  Signals that you are onto something.  Signs that reveal a bit more so that whatever it is that was confusing, makes more sense.  You'll begin to see pretty quickly that signs show up not only with messages that bring clarity, but also to help us shift into a High Vibe gear so we can open up to what's already there. [Record your signs. Keep track.  Trust me, it's fun to do this!]

4. Ask for More! If at first it's not clear, ask for a crystal, clear, totally obvious sign.  Yes! You can let it be that easy!  There are no rules when it comes to calling on divine guidance. So feel free to ask for a specific sign or something within a specific time-frame, & then be willing to accept the sign you get.

5. Say thank you in advance!  Like, "Thank you for that phone call that gave me all answers I needed about this situation." or "I'm so thankful that it all makes sense now!" Remember it is inevitable that clarity will come.