Full Moon in Sagittarius | May 29, 2018 | Will You Embrace Your New Life Philosophy Now?

Full Moon May.png
Examine the inner realms of the Earth; by cleansing you will find the hidden stone.
— Latin Sentences inscribed on the Sun in the background of the ART Tarot Card

A big Full Moon in Sagittarius! This realm of the zodiac is aligned with the Major Arcana card; ART (or Temperance).  With this Full Moon, we can heal & cleanse ourselves from emotional wounds of the [somewhat recent] past, use what we have learned through our pain & experiences, and see our own personal higher Truth that has been revealed to us through all of it.

Sagittarius is optimistic and bold and adventurous.  And highly creative, tapping into the divine power of alchemy.

Incorporating the wisdom of the Tarot, we can now face our new life philosophies, restructured belief system (Saturn in Sagittarius), and blend the opposites we've encountered along our life's journey thus far (ART) after having gone through the intensity of stripping down to our core through Death/Rebirth (the previous sign of Scorpio aligned with the Death card). This Full Moon is like a beautiful healing elixir for our Souls, after much trauma.  We get an opportunity to not only heal -- with a glorious grand water trine -- but also allow that healing to wash over us in a way that can motivate us to boldly move forward with a newfound Hope for a brighter future.  



To truly embrace a new life philosophy (and all that we create from a newly-birthed vision of our future), I feel it's important to appreciate our journey, however difficult it has been.  If you can get into a space of deep reverence for the chaos, trauma, and challenges -- even self-destructive or sabotaging patterns -- that have laced your life's path,  you can recognize the value of it, how it all has shaped you into this evolved version of your Conscious self.  Release the things that don't support the vision you have for your future.  Let go of the experiences that you no longer want to replay or dominate your daily life.

Last week in the Priestess Power Club, during our weekly Priestess Power Hour, we discussed hosting a Memorial Service for old patterns, situations or wounds.  It's all about letting go with deep respect and love.  Finding a way to honor what has been.  It is a powerful way to release, especially those things we know we have been holding onto for too long.  

In memorial, we lay to rest those aspects of ourselves that have fought hard for us -- even if those aspects of ourselves were stuck in the illusion that we needed to keep fighting a war that has already ended.  When we can take a moment to offer gratitude, compassion, and respect, we can let them go gracefully and then move forward with a new zest for life.



Open up to opportunities that may be revealed during this Full Moon to unleash your creativity.  I feel that creative, artistic expression (especially the kind of masterpieces born from the ashes of agony or despair) may flow through each of us in some way that is natural for us. Let yourself explore a bit more than usual.  Stretch yourself.  

Bring more of your wisdom to life through sharing it far and wide.  Share those experiences, even the vulnerable ones, with the blessings of Jupiter promising you more expansion when you do.


These Full Moon vibes support us in applying our new life philosophies and bringing a broader vision of our lives moving forward into our view.  It's magical and healing and feels like a soothing elixir after all that we've gone through this year so far.  It's the beauty that emerges after the chaos that lets us see more than just a glimmer of hope, but embody a real sense of prosperity and potential through action.


P.S. Would you like a private Tarot Card Reading? Select from a variety of readings  here . 

P.S. Would you like a private Tarot Card Reading? Select from a variety of readings here