Introducing the Magic Elixir Bundle!

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There are such intense energies swirling around right now... it's not just you.  Check any current astrological report.

It's getting REAL.  This is a time of Major Shift for all of us.

I wanted to give you something that could really support you now, so you can rise UP above the chaos or heaviness in your life... I want to give you  Magic Elixir so you can get back to the business of being yourself, only much more empowered.  And in tune with your own inner magic.

For a limited time, this Magic Elixir ULTRA Bundle will be up for grabs!


What's inside?

My Mercury Retrograde in Aries Navigation Manual {$11 Value}

12 pages of guidance to help you KNOW what's influencing you and others during this specific Mercury Retrograde season and how to Re-Route so you don't end up burning bridges or getting taken advantage of.

How the Stars Will Align For YOU in 2018 & Beyond Workshop {$80 Value}

In this recorded 3+ hour workshop you'll discover which areas of your Life the Major Shifts of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus will affect and what you can expect. Get Prepared! It also includes a video tutorial on how to get your own Star Map (astrology natal chart) for free.

UPgrade Your Reality Video Training Series {$47 Value}

In this 4-part video series, that was originally titled "What Spirit Wants You to Know", I share channeled messages with practical wisdom to help you start seriously upgrading your Life now.

3 Guided Meditations that are ONLY available in my High-Level Programs! 

Meet Your Spirit Guides, Release Your Inner Magic AND a Deep Grounding Flow.  

These Guided Meditations are only offered in my high-level programs because they are so powerful! The deep grounding flow to help you channel your energy into the Earth at the end of each day, a meditation practice to build a relationship with your team of Spirit Guides and a quick meditation to help your release that magic that's inside of you when you need a boost, feel blocked or stuck!


This value-packed digi-bundle worth over $200 will only be available for a Limited Time and oh yeah! You get it ALL for just $50 right HERE now!


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