Full Moon Revelations | Angel Card Messages

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** These messages are delivered intuitively, so this is not just what's "in the book".  If you have questions or need further insight, feel free to comment below this post or contact Kimberly.


For more general insight about this Full Moon in Virgo, see this blog post.  

These messages are general, but your intuition has led you to the message you need to hear now. 

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If you selected Card #1...


You are receiving Divine Guidance now.

You may find yourself wanting to be alone or simply long to escape somehow to just BE.

You could be feeling a sense of separation, perhaps even loneliness due to a break-up or some kind of disruption in your relationships; past or current.

Your connection to your inner knowing is turned UP.  So, know that anything that may be tugging at you to sneak away from the "real world" in some way, trust it.  There's a reason for it.

You have heightened awareness now, and when you allow yourself to be still and in the moment, magic happens.  You could have a brilliant idea that comes to you like a "Divine Download" or you may realize a deeper understanding of some pattern or issue in your Life that you can now transcend.

You become the Master of the Moment and have the ability to channel creative flow into art, music, dance or whatever talent you are naturally inspired to use.  This Universal Creative flow may not even feel like it's coming from you, yourself.  This is how Masterpieces are made. 

Trust that you are being guided by Spirit and have access to a deeper connection to the essence of Love, Oneness and all of Humankind.  What will you choose to create with this beautiful creative flow?  What wisdom is flowing through you?  Immerse yourself in the moment of silence to receive it fully.  Even if it's the solution to a problem you have, the effects could alter the trajectory of your life for the best.  And if it's something of a grander scale, when the time comes to get it our there & share it, you will know.  Either way, you are opening up to experience greater joy and inner peace.


If you selected Card #2...


It's time to take a stand.

What are you afraid of?  What are you so over, like really done putting up with? 

This is a point of release for you.  Fear is holding you back, keeping you feeling stuck or playing small... and you know it. At least on some level you do.  Even if you may feel a bit confused.

Your mind is so wrapped up in concerns of what other people would think if you did it (something that feels pretty important to you), that you feel like you are twisted in knots. 

This may be showing up as "symptoms" like indecisiveness, confusion, blaming authority figures and/or becoming more & more aware of repetitive patterns in your life where you always end up being disappointed by others or getting "the short end of the stick".

You may daydream about rebelling or just going against the people in your life in some dramatic and bold way, like storming out & shouting "I quit!" or taking all of your partner's clothes & tossing them into a bonfire... but you know that's not really what you want. You care too much. And I don't mean that in a bad way.

Your caring and compassionate nature must be honored AND directed toward yourself now.  Essentially, you've gotta love yourself enough to take a risk & really, really say what you want or expect or will no longer tolerate in your Life.

When you give your Truth a voice that can be heard by others, you integrate your inner and outer worlds.  You will soon see that circumstances in your life, especially in the realm of your closest relationships, will transform to better reflect what you truly want.  The justice you so passionately believe in will come.

You may have a strong desire to take a stand for the underdog, or advocate for victims, but you can't be of much help when you feel like an underdog, or are driving in victim mode, yourself.  Now you get the chance to really take a stand.  In a way that builds your confidence and courage, so that you CAN go on to help others, in a way that sets your Soul on Fire! 

Say the words you need to say, and know that your Angels will be there to support and guide you every step of the way.



If you selected Card #3...


Doubt is normal. Don't give up!

You may be feeling a whole lotta doubt and insecurity right about now.  If you are finding yourself backing off or questioning something you've already set into motion/decided was what you want to do, take this as your sign to keep going.

This is an awakening.  The doubts bubbling up serve to help you strengthen your conviction. 

It's OK to follow your bliss. And it's totally natural to doubt that whole concept!  After all, it goes against everything you've probably been taught. But you can't deny that desire within you.

That desire could be something that's calling you, speaking straight to your heart, and it doesn't quite make logical sense.  What is it for you? To travel abroad, to start your own business, to home-school your kids?  It may appear a little unconventional, or even unreasonable, and your mind will naturally run a-muck when we feel strong desires that could upset the status-quo in our lives.

Your heart is pure.  And your deepest desires are blessed.

Go with it! Follow that calling, that undeniable urge, and let yourself follow your heart.  You may not have all the answers or know HOW yet.  SO what?! Don't let that stop you or even matter right now.  You've got the Green Light to keep going.  

If you've put things on hold, as you wait for answers, consider this your answer.  All you need to do is devote yourself to sharing what you feel compelled to share.  In whatever way it comes to you.  You could find yourself writing copy that wows you (and everyone who reads it) or talking to someone on the phone who randomly inspires you to take the next step or connects you with someone or perhaps a resource that opens more doors for you.

If feels like you'll be getting breadcrumbs that enable you to see your dream unfold, when you stick to it and make it your mission to follow your Heart.  In doing so, great success is very likely.