Full Moon in Virgo Vibes | The Light Within | March 2018

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Ahh! A full, deep exhale..  We didn't have a Full Moon for the whole month of February, and here we are starting March off with a Bang!

All planets are still direct, and they have been for a while, so if you've been on the go, go, go, this Full Moon and all the energies that it showers us with may very well feel like a big sigh of relief.  A moment of release, a time to surrender and Go Within.

This feels a little like a Mercury Retrograde to me, except instead of going within to review or revamp, we go within to bring forth that inner Light that will give us the energy we need to keep moving forward, continuing on with all that we've started since the beginning of the year.

{Mercury Retrograde isn't in effect until later this month.}

You can tune in to the vibes of this Full Moon in Virgo by asking yourself this question:

How comfortable am I with my Inner Light?

That light within can really fuel your courage and forward momentum now.  But, although we don't often realize it, that inner light can be a bit disturbing.  It requires us to trust ourselves and our inner wisdom, tap into the purity of our hearts and our connection to wells of compassion.  And if you're not used to feeling peace, calm, serenity? Well, your mind can creep in with all kinds of analytical data to prove that you have so much more work to do before you are good enough, strong enough, complete enough.


You see, The Hermit of Tarot is aligned with Virgo vibes.  Cerberus the 3-headed dog appears in this card symbolizing our inner demons, critics, and guilt-ridden monsters.  Those voices within that tell doubt & question -- you couldn't possibly, or how could you or who do you think you are?

This Full Moon is an opportunity to get more comfortable with Inner Peace. Become more confident with your inner wisdom.  And, this IS The Hermit, so some solitude can really help you tune into that.

It's time to feel more at home with yourself. Especially if you've made lots of changes since January.  That sense of being at home, at peace, by just being you, will recharge your devotion to whatever you're currently working on or trying to build.

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