I'm NOT Your Coach

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Last year I hired a business coach & she was amazing! But -- she kept trying to fit what I do & the services I provide into the coaching box. Ummm.. Nope. Uh-huh!

It's not that I have anything against coaching or coaches -- I actually love that there are coaches who specialize in everything nowadays & I've met some Truly Incredible coaches -- it's just not what I do.  

I was reminded of just how much I don't really fit into any so-called-box when I watched a friend's livestream this morning & she gave me a sweet little Shout-Out.  She referred to me as a Psychic, a Tarot Reader, but she wasn't really sure WHAT to call me. I thought it was hilarious & SO true! -- By the way, you can just call me Kim. ;-)

Because that's the thing -- I don't fit into a pre-labeled box.  How I show up & serve goes beyond what a standard coach or psychic would offer.  

The insight I provide in readings is not something I learned in a program.  

It's guidance directly from your Spirit Team only for YOU.

No two readings are the same.  Even if the same exact cards come up, the messages are different because you are different.  There's only one YOU. 

You could call it intuitive guidance. Sometimes channeling.  

I am merely a messenger.

And while I do have my own process for getting into a state of flow before a session, and I do share some of that in the trainings I offer, it's only to provide messages to you, for you from the Spirit Realms.

I may include some of my own advice, if I have experience with something you're going thru & perhaps even draw on my background as an energy healer to offer additional insight.  If you've experienced a reading with me, you'll know I mention that as a personal side note.  

I interpret the language of the Tarot, and it's thru the lens of intuitive insight & divine wisdom intended only for you.

SO, I'm not a "coach".  But I am your connection to Spirit.  

I'm your ally, here to bring messages from your allies on the other side.  To validate & affirm your own connection, remind you of you own power.  I create a safe & sacred space to allow for inspiration & break-throughs.  I relay information that I receive to you with Love and Light, to give you clarity so that you can feel empowered to make the best choices moving foward.  That's what I do.

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