Is It a Sign? Here Are 3 Ways To Tell

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So Is It a Sign? 

This is something I hear ALL the time.  So much doubt and uncertainty when it comes to signs from Spirit.


I get it.

Sometimes signs aren't crystal clear.  They don't usually post the message you need to see on a great big billboard.  Although... I have seen those kinds of literal signs!


The truth is, even if that billboard had your first & last name on it & came flying in through your bedroom window, you may STILL doubt that it's really meant for you...


So really, the very first step (before I get into my quick little method to help you know if it truly is a sign) is to TRUST.

Trust yourself.  Trust the Universe.  Believe deep down that you are always supported & there IS a divine design to this thing called Life.  This is a prerequisite!  Without strengthening that trust muscle, you will always doubt the signs... and miss the message because you'll be too busy wondering whether it's a real sign or not.


Signs are an everyday occurrence in my Life.  From songs on the radio to feathers to yes, even billboard signs on occasion.  I love having constant reminders that Spirit is always guiding me!  And I've put together an easy way for you to KNOW if something is a sign.  Or not.


The A.C.E. Test

Look for the ACE to tell if it's a sign.



When you see something out of the ordinary & get to wondering if it's really a sign...  Notice if it provides an answer for you in some way.


Perhaps there's been something stressing you out or you've been missing a Loved One terribly and are just in need of some kind of confirmation that they are at peace & still with you in Spirit.

Notice if this potential sign provides an answer or solution.  

Disclaimer: Pay attention & really ask yourself if it's an answer... EVEN if it's not the answer you want to hear.




Does it pique your curiosity?  Make you want to explore something new or open you up to a new opportunity you hadn't considered before??

If suddenly your mind is in overdrive exploring more options as a result of something a bit out of the ordinary that caught your attention... Chances are, it's a sign!

I often get signs from animals.  They appear to me in peculiar locations or behave a bit out of the norm.  While animal messengers can be a whole new topic altogether, I wanted to mention it here because when you see an animal in an odd situation or happen upon one (or more) suddenly, it makes you pretty curious, right?!

I recently had an encounter with a red fox.  While these foxes are not unusual in my neck of the woods (upstate New York), this one came right up to the deck of my home & didn't seem at all bothered by my presence.  It casually walked up near the house & just stood there for a while, looking right at my husband and me & then walked away.  Weird!

Out of total curiosity... It compelled me to mention it to a Sister Goddess & she urged me to look up the spiritual significance of a fox encounter.  And there was my answer, or confirmation, that what I was focusing on was in alignment with Source.  I'd been delivering more than the usual amount of messages from Loved Ones in Spirit for clients & was refining my process to become an even clearer channel to deliver these messages at the time.



Did the "sign" trigger a sudden emotion?  Did you suddenly feel a burst of joy? Intrigue? Overwhelming peace?

Pay attention.  And know that emotions themselves often act as signs.

Emotions are our guides. Always.  The negative ones alert us that something is off, out of alignment with our Soul.  The good ones remind us to keep going in THAT direction.

The trick is to get to know yourself and your emotions.  There's a difference between an emotion that comes up as a result of a thought or circumstance and one that comes through with a sign.

A sign's emotional response is unwarranted; there for no apparent reason, usually.

So the next time you think you've gotten a sign, run it through this quick A.C.E. test.  

Did it provide an answer? (Or could it be leading you to a solution?)

Are you suddenly curious, intrigued, feel compelled to explore more?

Did it spark an emotion within you totally out of the blue?


As always say... You are the ONLY expert on YOU.  These are my tips to decoding a sign from Spirit but only you know what is right for you.  So, I encourage you to try it out & see how it works for you. 

And be sure to stay in touch.  I'd love to have you join my high-vibe community where we often share the signs we're receiving in the Glow For It! Facebook Group!

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