New Moon in Sagittarius Vibes

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Lately I've been somewhat forced to surrender.  At times I've felt bombarded by twists and turns on my path.  Like nothing has been going as planned, things have been messy, even the simplest of things have been proving more difficult, and a bit chaotic.  I've throw my hands up, with an emphatic, FINE! This is how it's gonna be!

I've had to pick myself by the bootstraps at times and just breathe. 

Drop deeper into my beliefs & reaffirm that I do believe in a greater purpose, MY great purpose, and that I am always evolving spiritually along my journey.  There are blessings and wisdom in every situation, even when it doesn't seem that way at first.

It's required letting go of my need to figure out that deeper meaning and wisdom right away. {Thank you Merc Retro in Sagittarius.}

 Let it flow. 

Let it be revealed to me in Divine Time, not my own idea of time. 

Trust myself and the Universe.

It's easy to blame Mercury Retrograde for mishaps and grrr moments [and I do often joke about that] but really? We are not at the Mercy of Mercury Retrograde and all the tangled wires that seem come with the territory of these times.  


This time around (because Merc Retro happens pretty regularly) it seems to be a Call to Action to simply surrender to the process.  To  use the fiery force of Sagittarius to go within and make it count in the long run.  Let it fuel our desires for MORE in this Lifetime and let go of the little things that get our panties all in a bunch.


The vibes of this New Moon in Sagittarius aligned with the let's-get-down-to-business-like Saturn influence...  it's feeling a lot like the lyrics of this whacky song.  It invites us to challenge our own beliefs and perceptions at the core... asking if we are willing to go the distance.  Like do we even want to, would it be worth it?

And what IS worth going the distance FOR?


Going the distance requires a firm belief in ourselves and our purpose, and a deep knowing that what we choose to do and be now IS actually worth it in the long run.


In recent months of astro-moon vibes inviting us to explore how bad we want it {Taurus}, what we've been willing to let go of {Scorpio} & what we're broadcasting {Gemini}, this is a beautiful culmination of those inquiries and soul searching.  It's easy to see now how this is a natural progression, guiding us toward greater evolution and Higher Perceptions.


This New Moon is only days before Saturn returns to his home {Capricorn} and the Winter Solstice, the peak of darkness/longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.


And it's all happening at the Galactic Center Point.  So...

This is For Real.  

What you decide now MATTERS.  It will determine and project your future.  It's more like a New Year vibe than January First. 

Be ready. 

Be committed. 

Be in it to win it.  

And you will have the whole galaxy on your side to help you make that magic happen.

It will require you to BE A RUTHLESS OPTIMIST. Like, know, believe, and remind yourself often that your wildest dreams are actually possible. And with this New Moon vibe? Inevitable.


The stars are aligned in your favor.  Make it count.  


Believing in YOU,

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