The ONLY Way I Wanna Do Business...



This is not a topic I generally speak of head-on like this.  But I feel it's important, especially now as we approach a Priestess year (Energetically speaking, the numbers 2 & 11, are the vibe for 2018 which makes it so).

You should know the ONLY way I wanna do business is from the heart.  

But it goes way beyond that simple phrase.  Because loving WHAT you do is just as important as loving WHO you do business with.

I'm pretty outspoken about how truly incredible my clients are.  And I mean it.  These are people (mostly women, but a few high-vibe guys, too) that I seriously enjoy talking to.  I feel their energy and it lights ME up.  

These are people I'd totally hang out with in real Life.  And when the opportunity arises, I jump at the chance to meet them for coffee.

They are people I rave about as much as they rave about me.  And just ask my hubs because I tell him this all the time, I feel so blessed and downright lucky to work with these amazing people!  

And I, for one, would not want to be in business if it were any other way!  Would you?


I have DONE the whole dreading-going-to-work-everyday thing. 

In the "corporate world" I worked with people I'd never be caught dead hanging out with outside of work.  Not usually people I WANTED to be around.  


The absolute blessing of being your own boss is NOT what they tell you it is. 

Sure, you get to set your own hours, decide when you'll show up and what you get to do.  


Being your own boss means freedom; not having to call in sick, taking time off to care for your sick kids without having someone furious with you and being location independent.  Yeah!  All the things.


But let's really get down to business.... 

Running a business of your own creation is not for faint of heart.  Especially a biz that has your Heart + Soul in it, and probably your name on it.  And while I don't know the statistics, (& honestly, I don't care to look them up) I'm feeling there is a surge in women-run businesses now.

Dare I say... an UPrising.


But, let's get real.

We, women, have a tendency to get caught up in the people-pleasing, self-sacrificing ways of operating.  And if you've got a habit of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders and being everyone's shoulder to cry on, that WILL carry over into the way you run your business. 

If you're not clearly setting boundaries with people you work with? Ouch.  It's not going to go over so well... for anybody.


The Truth is running your own business, as a sensitive, brilliant, giant-hearted woman, is a big responsibility.  Not only to your people, but to yourself, too.  {And first & foremost, I might add.}

Ladies, I believe our success depends on knowing how to handle the trickier things in biz. 


The relationships we build and the spaces we hold.


It means trusting your own inner guidance, that intuition. In every situation... ABOVE all the advice you get. Above all else.


It means being clear about what you want and what you are WILLING to do and not do.

It means knowing you actually run the show of your own creation.. (I see so many women doing things only, purely, because someone else told them that's how it should be done and it breaks my heart.)

It also means, if you want to be an authority in your field, you have to be an authority in your own Life.  That's how energy works.  It filters through.  It affects it all.

Perhaps more than a "Heart-Centered" or "Spirit-Led" business.. if you are anything like me, you want a business that thrives on High Vibes.  It's the ENERGY of everything, from your message to your branding to the people who follow you and work with you. 

You get to set the standard.


You are here for a reason. FOR REAL.

Here reading this. Here, interested in starting or already running your own biz.

You were meant to read these words.  Connect with me.  Dream that dream.  Be here On Earth. Right here. Right now.

Thank you.

And keep going... Keep on bringing Magic to Life.

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