Full Moon in Cancer Vibes | Does It FEEL Worth It?

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What better way to start off a brand NEW YEAR with a Full Super Moon that has the power to set you up for Great Success in 2018 and beyond!

This could be a highly emotional time with the Moon Goddess in her home sign of Cancer, making some lovely aspects to other celestial bodies in fellow water signs. 

The feels are REAL with this influence, with so much Capricorn vibe in the mix.  So it's a grounded, compassionate {even a little slow-mo} kinda vibe.

The Tarot Card aligned with the zodiac sign of Cancer is The Chariot.  This is cardinal, ready-to-launch-type energy, and the Chariot shows us we must be centered, feel prepared & at home before our journey begins....


There is no turning back the clock.  

Now is the time to prepare for the Future we want, & get ready to work for it in 2018. 


There's such a Spiritual vibe to this.  It feels MUCH stronger than the usual New Year resolutions and goal setting... (perhaps that's due to Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn, where the Sun, Venus & Pluto are also hanging out.)

This New Year's Day is like we're setting goals for our whole Life, or at least further out than we would normally.  It feels important... Soul deep.  As Danielle LaPorte would say, these are "goals with Soul".


The soldier on The Chariot card wears golden armor.  Highly valued + protected, as he begins moving forward.  In the center he holds the Holy Grail or the Wheel of Fortune.


Our heart has got to be in it.  


We've got to be emotionally connected & driven to achieve all that we desire.  It must have a deeper meaning to us.  Superficiality won't cut it.  There must be purpose backing whatever it is you set out to do.  Only then can you muster the courage & responsibility required to bring it to life.

That's when integrity shapes the manifestation of it.  What we believe, we achieve.  What we put in, we get out. Karma, The Golden Rule most definitely applies here. 

When it is highly valued by us, internally, it will become highly valued in the external world.


I feel this Full Moon Vibe is like Super-Charged Manifesting power.


Whatever you dream up WILL become your reality in the Future.  Only when it feels worth it to you, though, and when you can compassionately dedicate yourself to your mission.

Doing the work, the day-to-day stuff it takes to reach a Higher level, must become an act of self-love.  When you lay your head on the pillow at night and a peaceful satisfaction sweeps over you, because you know you took steps (however small) toward your dreams, you didn't give up, you stayed the course.... That's nurturing, loving and compassionate to yourself.


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