Crystallize: The Magic of Winter


One of the most beautiful things that occurs in nature is the crystallization, the slowing down of molecules to form a beautiful snowflake.   Each one is unique.  Each one is a product of what was once liquid & flowing, delicately cooling into matter.

I'm sure you know that no two snowflakes are the same... and this is not a science lesson about snowflakes, by any means... 

There is magic to behold within this natural phenomenon.  The atmospheric changes that shape snowflakes is much like the astrological influences & seasonal shifts affect us.  And how our own unique life experiences & perceptions shape US.

During winter, we have the opportunity to bring into form what we've learned throughout the past year of our lives, and integrate it with all that we are and have learned to this point in our lives.  Things begin to make more sense, come together and we are essentially re-born during this time of year as a wiser, more conscious being.  WHEN we tune in to that vibe.

It requires slowing down.

Going within.


I've always found it curious that winter is often associated with cold & flu season.  It's the time when most people get sick.  And I wonder if that is nature's way of showing us when we've not slowed down enough to fully integrate all that we've learned & tried to just keep going, resisting the natural process that's at play.  {By the way, I'm totally guilty of that!}


Want to make a quantum leap in the year ahead?  

Whether it's to fully release a situation like an agonizingly drawn-out divorce or to invite something new and magical in, like a landing the leading role in a hot new TV series...

The Magic begins when we slow down. To slow down is to...



What were the highlights of my 2017? What themes emerged as great lessons for me?


What strengths were revealed that I didn’t realize I had before?


How can I claim sacred space and time for myself now, to rest and dream?


What residual energy, pain or emotions am I holding onto, that can now be released?


Who do I choose to be now that I’ve experienced all that I have? I recognize these new perceptions I have now...


What can I do to relax and replenish my energy? What does my body need and my Soul desire in this moment?


What new emotions am I feeling? What new dreams or goals do I have now? What new ideas or practices are ready to emerge for my Highest Good?

Get clear.

How would I most enjoy making my dreams and goals a reality?


All so we can plan for our Futures.  Decide what we will become.  Allow all that we have discovered about ourselves, about others, about the world, to shape us in a way that is aligned with our Heart + Soul and where we wish to go, what we wish to achieve and create and build upon.

Slowing down is a vital part of the process of our evolution and growth.  


Just as in Nature, when we slow down and allow the natural influences around us to crystallize we become grounded, feel more secure and stable.  A place from which we can move forward with grace and purpose.  With ideas that matter, desires that become reality.


It's really a magical time of year.  The beginning of Winter, Sun in Capricorn, and the New Year.  And this time around, with Saturn in Capricorn (something we haven't experienced in nearly 30 years), it's particularly potent magic.


A fresh new beginning; the potential to restructure your Life & lay the groundwork to manifest your destiny.

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