Full Moon in Gemini Vibes | What Are You Broadcasting?

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Look into the mirror.

There's a pretty serious vibe with this.... with the opportunity for massive growth & understanding of yourSELF on a whole new, Higher, more SPIRITual level.

Let's get real about the messages we share with others. Through our actions, our words, the things that go round and round in our heads that inevitably come out through all that we are and who we show up as.

Stop! {With Saturn holding the reigns at the Galactic Center with this Full Moon and messenger Mercury at the helm, stalled in Sagittarius, to retrograde.}

You've gotta know, understand, feel into your TRUTH.


You've gotta know what you are putting out there, into the world. What you are essentially broadcasting.... because we all are broadcasting something.  Whether we think so or like it or not.

Knowing what that is and really connecting with the core of what you are here on Earth to share with others at this time is CRITICAL. {Soul-Aligned Leaders/Lightworkers heed this call!}

You'll see your own truth reflecting back to you through others. Those closest to you. The ones who mean the world to you.

What do you bring to the table, just by being you?

And what do you MOST want to share with them... that you've been, perhaps, holding back, hiding, wavering in your own Truth... unsure of what "they" will think?

You may even find yourself wondering IF it's really even you, yourself, thinking and knowing and discovering what your message is right now. It may feel a bit daunting. {Hello, Neptune Square aspect!}

When it comes to the message you SHARE and what you've decided resonates as Truth for you, you've gotta leave others out of it.

You've gotta tune into your HEART and see the bigger picture now.

You've gotta OWN your message and accept the responsibility of bringing that message to LIFE.

All you've ever experienced has led you here, to this point in your Life. Right. Now.


You've got all that you need to understand what is important to you.  So much that you can't imagine NOT sharing it with the world.  Yeah.. it's that big of a deal.

While you will most likely question it, you've gotta return to LOVE, FAITH, your natural inner WISDOM that is the culmination of all your life experiences thus far.

Allow that to FLOW through you AS your broadcast.

Here's a friendly reminder...

You are a DIVINE transmitter, a channel for the Divine to flow through.

Where you've been, what you've gone through, yadda yadda... it's ALL a part of it. Your philosophy. Your message.

Share THAT.

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