Tarot Card Reading for Week of November 21st - 27th, 2017 {Expanded Messages}

This week (Thanksgiving week for my fellow Americans) is full of POWERFUL moments...

Read on for the Expanded Messages...

Early on in the week, The Priestess Rx prepares us for the Next Year ahead. 

2018 is a Priestess Year, with the numerology code reducing to the number 2, which is aligned with The Priestess of Tarot vibe.

(2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11/ 1 + 1 = 2)


And on the heels of a New Moon in Scorpio, as the Moon begins to wax, you are invited (or really urged) to go within and trust yo' self!  It could be a pivotal moment in your Life to begin trusting yourself first and foremost.  Now and into the Future.

This comes up because there's an area of your Life where you haven't been listening to your instincts and intuition.  Now is the time to look at the true motivation behind your choices. Have you chosen fear or faith?

Mercury is in a shadow phase now, so you will most likely revisit this concept of learning to rely on your own intuition over the next several weeks.

Image Credit: Oracle Card from  Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray

Image Credit: Oracle Card from Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray

When you get real with yourself & commit (or re-commit) to trusting your inner wisdom more, you could feel much lighter and things may become more clear as you act on that internal guidance.

You know deep down what it is.  And it could very well be something you don't really want to admit, even to yourself.  KUTHUMI here in this Oracle Card helps you with the courage to face it.  Doing so will prove to build your confidence in that area of your Life (like career, love or health).  


You'll inevitably feel more enlightened... perhaps not at first, though.  It will come.  Trust!  While this is more of an inner-game move, it will set the stage for positive changes for your future life.



The Tower Rx returns again this week to help you dig a little deeper into what's driving you, and asks you to really look at it with new eyes.  That frustration, resentment, depression may be hidden now... but it won't be for long.  There's a danger of getting lost in the abyss of despair OR lashing out in anger, burning a bridge in the process.

Stay mindful (especially on Thanksgiving day and Black Friday in the U.S.)

This is kinda like that saying, what you resist persists.  The only way to free yourself from the volatile undercurrent is to address it in some way.  You may feel the need to contact a therapist or energy healer this week.  You may journal it out or have a serious conversation with someone about an old grudge that's weighing too heavy on you.  Things could become heated fast.  Stay aware.  Step away if need be. But don't sweep it under the rug!  It will return for transformation and healing.


Weekend through Monday

You could feel so much lighter after dealing with all that deep internal stuff earlier in the week!

The Sun shines. (This could be literal. At least, I'm hoping so for upstate New York!)

You may feel more creative, revitalized, and totally re-energized!  There's luck when it comes to taking care of or just treating yourself to something you enjoy, whether that be material or experiential -- there's an element of luxury with this sunshine.  Fun times.  Rejuvenating spa treatments. Party-planning or celebrations of any kind.

You could be working with a team or collaborating with others in a way that benefits all.  Charity work, volunteer opportunities could be just what the doctor ordered if you've been feeling down.  Joy returns now. 

And this JOY, however it plays out in your Life, feels like it could be a crack in time... like a prelude to what's being incubated now, to be fully revealed to you in the Future.


How This Is All Playing Out on The Collective Level...

In the news and media at large we may see women's issues continue to be highlighted, especially when it comes to the #metoo movement.  All that has been revealed (during Scorpio season) now enters a phase of questioning.  Why do we, as a society, NOT believe or trust women when they speak up?

Continued outrage for the way things have been, continue to lead us deeper into transformation, and ultimately total renovation of our societal constructs.  As we collectively untangle the cobwebs of the denial of feminine power, women begin to speak up more.  We may see women celebrating and communing for a purpose to bring more light to important topics.  Women in the spotlight (like celebrities) may be speaking up more and more to bring about an even greater understanding of the feminine voice and the Power of it. #RiseUp


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