What You Can Do When It Seems Like The World Is Going Straight To Hell


Highly Sensitive Souls.

You, feeling like it's all just. Too. Much. When news hits of yet another devastatingly tragedy, your heart breaks.  Again. And again.


Feel the Power of Your Emotions

Refuse to Numb Out.  Resist the urge to Escape.


Don't deny it or ignore those feelings.  Feel them full force.  Bawl your eyes out if you must.  Head to the gym and sweat out the rage.  (I strapped on my pink boxing gloves & hit the heavy bag, myself.)

Do whatever you must to let those feelings flow through you.  

When the world feels like a scary, awful place, honor your empathy.  It's ok for your heart to ache.  It's human to feel.  


Care For Yourself AND The World

You matter.  And you are a part of the world. 

We are ONE.


Take supreme care of yourself.  Do whatever it takes to nurture yourself & get back to vibing high!

I know, if you're here on this page, reading these words, you've got a big heart.  You must know that you must include yourself when it comes to compassion and taking care.  The world needs you operating at your highest power.  Now is not the time to neglect your own self-care.


Seek Out JOY with a Vengeance!

Don't stop until you feel totally Lit UP.


Keep reaching for the good feelings.  Do what lights you up.  

Seriously. Don't stop until you feel AMAZING.  


BELIEVE The World Can Be Healed

You've gotta believe it's possible to heal the world, because otherwise, what's the point?


This is a Big One!  I hear so many people complaining, buying into the assumption that we are doomed.  The more we talk like it's the end of the world, the less hope there is.

Pay attention to the words you use.  Stay conscious of the conversations you engage in, online or off.  

Now is the time to renew our faith in humanity.  We've got to believe the world CAN be healed in order to even, ever attempt to make a difference.


Be Courageous Enough to Follow Your Heart

In small ways and big, bold ways. (Work your way up to the bolder moves if you must, but start small today.)


How many times have you shied away from offering your help to a stranger?  Been too afraid to speak up when you witnessed someone being mistreated?

Every smile counts.  Every whisper of encouragement & every ounce of support matters.


You are divinely guided.  Every day.  What your heart wants is sacred and destined and worthy of your attention.  And I must say, it feels damn good to follow your heart!  


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