Fire-Breathing | Full Moon in Aries October 2019

We get a seriously captivating sneak-peek at 2020 with this Full Moon in  the final decan of Aries , aligned with the  4 of Wands . Sparks fly with this bold Moon in the sign of  The Emperor,  aspecting both the outer-most planet and the largest planet in our Solar System. We may feel pulled back into the dark forces of the past by  Pluto , but we’ve got boat-loads of blessings and support from  Jupiter , opening us up to discovering a new mission that ignites our passion and propels us into exciting new directions.

We get a seriously captivating sneak-peek at 2020 with this Full Moon in the final decan of Aries, aligned with the 4 of Wands. Sparks fly with this bold Moon in the sign of The Emperor, aspecting both the outer-most planet and the largest planet in our Solar System. We may feel pulled back into the dark forces of the past by Pluto, but we’ve got boat-loads of blessings and support from Jupiter, opening us up to discovering a new mission that ignites our passion and propels us into exciting new directions.

This FULL MOON’s Soundtrack: Rescue Me by One Republic [MUSIC VIDEO]

The Challenge: careless or risky behavior with a sense of urgency that can lead to injury or heartache, ruthlessness that disconnects from supportive networks and people, nervousness, aggression, bipolar tendencies with delusions of grandeur

The Breakthrough/Potential Wisdom: greater self-trust that enables you to act bravely with powerful presence and confidence, homecoming/returning to a familiar place and reconnecting with loved ones, completion, unity, feeling a possibility of new beginnings within existing or newly developed relationships, new creative endeavors, past-life and/or ancestral healing that ends patterns of abuse or corruption

Aries Decan III.png

We come full circle as this Full Moon syncs with the 4 of Wands. This signifies the completion of a cycle with the promise of a new beginning.

The immediate and forceful action of the masculine unites with the open and gentle nature of the feminine. This is sultry and sexy energy, making it extra creative — passionate and fertile. It’s the ending of something that makes it so seductive, like hot make-up sex after a long and brutal fight with your lover or a first date after a divorce is finalized.

We move from one energy to the next. The vibrations are so opposite, so different and new, that it sparks excitement from within that fuels a totally fresh start.

Confident, creative and yet contained. 4’s signify a newly developed foundation. A launching pad. Even in the fiery sign of Aries, and within the suit of wands, it is steady. Shown in the image on the Tarot card above, the wands fuse together, forming the shape of a wheel. Forward motion is clear, and the fire remains the central focus. When used to warm the heart and light a new path, the conditions are highly favorable. But when not used in that way, we’re just spinning our wheels.

There are powerful influences that both challenge and support the vibration of completion at the time of this Full Moon.

I Smell Gasoline

Just before reaching peak Full Moon status, the Moon moves through the space where Chiron, our inner-wounded-warrior, is traveling at a slow pace in the zone of Aries,. This energy reminds me of the smell of gasoline…. Recently I was shopping at a store and the smell of gas was alarmingly strong. Feeling a bit nauseated, I mentioned something about it aloud, and a gentleman standing in line next to me said he had spilled gas on his shoes earlier in the day.

It’s hard to shake that kind of aroma. Once you’ve got it on you, it lingers. It naturally heightens our senses because we consciously associate gasoline with fire and danger. And subconsciously we know we are a little more vulnerable when we have it on us… A tiny spark becomes a lethal threat.

As the Moon waxes, passing over this vibe of Chiron, we pick up on an inner-sense of urgency and vulnerability. Like a noxious scent, something unseen and intangible but tough to ignore, it travels with us into the Full Moonbeams, even if we can’t exactly identify what that odd feeling is. Something can feel really uneasy inside.


We could feel particularly vulnerable and exposed now. There’s an undeniably difficult vibe with Pluto drilling into us for more transformation. As if our reality hasn’t changed enough already this year?!

Feelings of being cornered or threatened can make it very tempting to evade situations. Uncomfortable confrontations where we will be called on to take greater responsibility than we have before (especially within the realm of relationships) may arise.

When it comes time to face your own shadows, your own actions —maybe even your own shame or dysfunctional patterns — will you?

We see a lot of what I refer to as “flame-throwers” these days. People who blame and seek to simply destroy anyone who dares disagree with them. Those who are quick to label total strangers as xenophobes or Nazis.. I envision this cowardly behavior to be much like centuries ago, of King’s men riding up on horses pitching torches onto thatched-roof houses, with their chests puffed up and a self-proclaimed sense of honor or bravery.

It’s not brave to throw a flame, to blame or shame someone who believes something different than you. Anyone can do it, although many choose not to. It appears to be some act of bravery, for some sort of group-identified “greater good”. But is it really?

It takes courage to take responsibility for our own choices and our own lives. It is much easier to bitch and complain about a situation than it is to admit that it’s a choice you make everyday to stay in it. The great thing about this time right now, though, is that when we are willing to explore other options and open to new opportunities, they are readily available. (Thanks, Jupiter!)

… Or Fire-Breather?

Years ago, one of my friends invited me to an art exhibit where she was doing a fire-breathing performance. It was both exhilarating and terrifying to watch, as I’m not much of a dare-devil myself.. I was able to see a bit of the behind the scenes, to witness how she prepared to breathe and dance with fire. There was a strange calm, an admirable respect for fire and a keen awareness of her skin’s vulnerability when working with it. Extreme care was taken to make her fire-proof, while also able to feed the flames.

Breathing fire is not for the faint of heart. It requires a passion, responsibility and a level of courage that most people don’t have.

It’s far easier to throw a flame, than to consume it yourself. Even more challenging to actually make it look easy.. even beautiful and captivating.

The spectrum of the Aries expression also bears the lower end, which includes partaking in risky acts simply for the adrenaline rush. There can also be a deep insecurity because the image of what makes one brave or bold is hard to attain. The higher end of this vibration includes a connection and commitment to the endeavors that one is passionate about, and a strong sense of self-trust...
— Nadiya Shah, Astrology Realized

Let’s reach for the Higher end of this spectrum. Shall we?

A New Artistic Flare

Artistic expression is blessed at this time. With such intense beams from Pluto we may reach for support from Jupiter. And it’s gladly given. This is the stuff masterpieces are made of. The art that burst into life now can become an entirely new genre, never seen by the world before. As one cycle completes, and a new one is born, the pain we feel deep within can be healed through the release and revelation of our natural talents and art.

Like fire- breathing, there’s a reverence for the danger that is ever-present in Life itself. Now we can get in touch with our impulse to create new things, and experience life on a new level. We may feel more willing to risk go further and taking the first step now, especially when fear or pain is twisting us in knots. We could fall in Love with life again, in ways we never imagined we would.

It may sound odd, but it’s in the openness to new ways of creating art and expressing ourselves in ways that are connect our will with our heart, we are able to rescue ourselves. From the pain, the drama, the intensity of this reality shift. The smoke, mirrors and often deception, We rise above that, through beauty. Through love, Through our willingness to become one with the Light and simply bring that down to Earth.

Many may feel like they’ve finally returned home to themselves, finally free and perhaps with fewer F’s to give, through this brilliant process..