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Day 1

Thriving Single Mama, Lisbeth Savard, joins us to share how she’s working with the Moon phases and seasons, and lighting magical fires! Get her tips for Divine decision-making and her approach to simple manifesting. Come giggle with us as she shares some wisdom wisdom from her Mama with us, too!

We’re all sisters. We’re Soul-connected.”
— Lisbeth Savard

Meet Marcela Saavedra. Energy work is in Marcela’s blood, literally. She was born in Nezahualcoyolt, Mexico City into a family of Shamanic healers & now resides in Arizona. She reveals some practical tips to keep your energy pure and reconnect to your intuition and truly heal the body!

You become magic. you become part of that essence.
— Marcela Saavedra


If you ever get scared or worry that your doing it all wrong, you’ll love listening to Leonie today! Lifestyle Teacher for Mothers, Leonie Caines, shares some powerful mindset shifts with us so we can truly, unapologetically embrace our unique journeys.

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We start to see synchronicity... things falling into place... because we realize, it’s Our Time. We get to live whatever life we choose, as long as we choose it.
— Leonie Caines

Intuitive Metamorphosis Coach, Sharon McMillen has her own language and shares some wacky metaphors to guide us in navigating the full range of emotions, honoring our steady progress and getting back to the essence of simplicity.

Throw your hair up and be real & raw!
— Sharon McMillen


Learn how to differentiate between the Truth and the lies with Spiritual Mentor, Gina Ciancio. She reminds us that we don’t always have to get it right and we don’t have to be perfect. Get inspired and become fierce, focused, fearless and free, just like a lioness!

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Always seek Truth.
— Gina Ciancio

Drop the illusions with Shamaness, Nichol Altman, so you can get back into alignment and live authentically. We talk alchemy, opening up the heart center and reconnecting with Mother Earth.

Whatever rituals make you feel really good... that puts the magic in everything that you do.
— Nichol Altman

Take your self-care to a whole new level with Ayurveda Practitioner + Vedic Astrologist, Lisa McKnight!  It's the first thing we seem to drop when we get busy or stressed -- our own self-care.  She shares her tips for optimizing your daily practice and advice for tuning into to gain more clarity.

The biggest tool that I use is tuning into that Universal knowledge everyday.
— Lisa McKnight

Meet the High Priestess Power Panel


Lisbeth is a single mom who holds space and offers coaching for other single moms just like her. She knows that single moms desperately want the best for their kids, but many moms have neglected themselves along the way.

Lisbeth shows moms how to get more out of their money and bring freedom, wealth, and abundance into their lives.

She holds women's circles both in person and online for any woman interested in finding their sistership tribe. Her specialty is working with Moon energy to create a life of abundance.

You can join her tribe of Thriving Single Mamas on Facebook here.


Energy work is in Marcela’s blood, literally. She was born in Nezahualcoyolt, Mexico City into a family of Shamanic healers. Her mother specialized in Shamanic clearings and soul retrievals for victims of traumatic events including rape and kidnappings. Her father was a Shamanic wizard whose focus was on healing and reuniting couples as well as families. At a young age, her grandmother trained her on the art of soul reading and telepathy. As she grew older, her parents continued to educate her on the ancient teachings of the Aztecs & Mayans as well as their influence on her lineage.

Marcela developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the human soul, the spirit world and the connection between the two. With time and practice, her life purpose became clearer, which was to help bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realm. Marcela felt that it was very important to spread the teachings of what magical healing is possible when the two sides unite to work together. The more positive transformations she saw, the more it confirmed that she truly was serving her life’s purpose of helping others become their best selves.

Marcela’s core belief is very simple; with the right energy to heal the body, anything is possible. In fact, Marcela has seen over and over how dis-ease and emotional unrest is due to an underlying disturbance in the person’s spiritual and energetic state. She specializes in using energy work to clear and restore the body, mind and soul energy source. Whether you are looking for energetic or heart balancing, healing from trauma, past life retrieval or even mentorship, Marcela welcomes everyone & their needs with compassion and open arms. Her expertise and years of experience allows her to customize a session to your exact needs in a safe and nurturing space. Training & Education In addition to ancient Shamanic practices, Marcela is also a Reiki master and has been trained in numerous techniques including cranial sacral, polarity, Munay-Ki Peruvian right of passage, toe reading, biomechanical restructuring & advanced bodywork.

Follow Marcela at Eres En3rgy LLC on Facebook and Instagram.


Lisa envisions a world in which we all take responsibility for the quality of our experiences, where we take the time to discover our purpose, so that we can travel our path to self-realization, and share our gifts. She contributes by shining a light on the path. When we change ourselves, we change the world.

She's a wife, mother, grandmother, Ayurvedic Bodyworker, Iyotishi, and Cosmetologist. She graduated from California College of Ayurveda and finished an internship with Kanyakumari Ayurveda and Yoga Wellness Center. Her bodywork training was taken through Ajara Ayurvedic Beauty.

Most recently she became a Certified Vedic Astrologer through the Academy of Vedic Art and Science.

Lisa loves combining her skills to create custom plans for her clients, and as a lifelong student of the Vedic Sciences, her offerings are continually refreshed and deepened. Her hobbies include playing with herbs and food to create medicinal, delicious and nutrient-dense foods and remedies, creating customized skincare products using herbs, minerals, essential oils, yoga, knitting, spending time with family and friends, and continuing to study the Vedic Sciences.

Follow Lisa on Facebook at Stardust Ayurveda.

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Nichol uses her intuitive abilities along with energy work to help clients tap back into their inner knowingness, their true essence.

As a Shamaness and Spiritual Teacher, she serves as a bridge for her clients by delivering them the messages of their Soul with her various healing techniques and Soul Coaching style.

Among the many tools she uses are Reiki, Crystal Healing, Cards, tuning forks.  

You can stay in touch with her on Instagram and enjoy her unique and powerfully uplifting messages daily.

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Gina is the founder and owner of Organdle Healthy Living, Rising up Fearless and the co-ordinator for Glasgow Mums in Business Association networking events. A total heart-led, spirit-filled, entrepreneurial junkie!

For her, being able to create something from what was once just an idea to a reality and to use your God given skills and talents to serve others is a gift. she launched her first business in February 2017, with a product - filled with her biggest passion at the time to make you feel good. She says her “biggest passion at the time” because she believe in seasons & reasons – there is a time, a season & a reason for everything that we do in life that leads us to our present moment.

She’s created a support network for women to have a voice – a place where they would feel safe, loved, accepted and where they would gain inspiration, hope and encouragement no matter where they have come from, or what they had gone through. Today she is a spiritual mentor, helping men & women from all walks of life step into their brave; showing them how they can live a life being completely fierce, focused, fearless and free.

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Leonie Caines is a Lifestyle teacher for mothers.

She helps mothers to birth their desired life into reality which support them to navigate their way through their motherhood journey without losing themselves.

She’s the owner of Leonie Caines Coaching and the founder of the CEOMOM inspirational message, create empower overcome, and collectively works with mothers to change the narrative of motherhood from sacrificers to leaders. She uses both NLP coaching and intuitive consultation to ensure all mothers are able to achieve their desired goals with the tools that supports the type of life they want to live for years to come.

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Sharon is an Intuitive Metamorphosis Coach. As she intuitively and energetically partners with Divine Energy, she transforms into an energetic clean up crew. She is a Divine Translator who delivers messages in an earthly manner that her clients are able to understand.

Through her own unique style of old school wisdom, faith, and new age spirituality, she birthed her business of “Wisdom, Worship, and Woo”. She uses this combination to encourage her clients to embrace their own essence and become their own true light being.

Sharon utilizes her own life adventures, misadventures, knowledge and abilities as she provides compassion, understanding and inspiration with a sassy kick in the butt.

Sharon offers personal coaching melded with intuitive card readings and energetic clearings.