Activate Your Natural Power

Get insider secrets and my unique strategy for integrating all of your energy fields. It's a blend of ancient wisdom from the Tarot, energy healing, intuitive & psychic development and practical techniques to bring it all to real life.  It's both airy-fairy and down-to-Earth.  

It's learning to direct your own energy, work in harmony with Universal power and essentially creating a force field around you so that you make choices from that center of power within you. 

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Here's the thing... When we don't feel safe, deep within, we experience stuff that reinforces our need to survive.  We get stuck in survival mode when we don't feel safe in the world. There are endless examples I could give you to create a picture of how this plays out in our lives, but the best example is your own. 

Where in your life to do you feel like you are barely getting by?  Something's gotta give?  Know you're playing too small or hiding? Or like someone or something else always seems to have the upper-hand, calling the shots for you?  

That's the sense of powerlessness.  It keeps us fighting to stay afloat rather than making our dreams come true.  What I share with you in The Empress Academy is a not new way to become powerful.  Its not a way to conquer or defeat anything.  It is a return to power.  To your true power that's always been there.  It's a journey of discovery and reclaiming your natural essence.




When we aren't conscious of where our energy is going or what residual energies we've taken on, it's easy to feel out of control and lose touch with our inner power, even our desires and preferences.


Being passive is not the same as being compassionate, aggressive is not the same as assertive. 

There's a difference between tolerance and acceptance, between enabling and caring.

Being disconnected from your own needs, your own power, means living at the mercy of others.

In The Empress Academy, you become intimately connected to yourself, to the natural rhythms of life and to the spiritual dimensions.  You get intimate with your own energy field and how it works + tools to choose from to continue living as The Empress of your life.



You'll learn to lean into your natural strength, own your story and rise up from any setback or challenging situation.

Because everything IS energy.  Once you master your own energy; know what it is, all the different ways it works & how to direct it and protect it -- your world changes.

It's universal Law.

The Empress Academy is a journey inward that allows the richness of your life experience to unfold gently, like a big beautiful flower.


All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust.
— Tinkerbell

This Isn't Your Average Online Course...


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It's so much more!  The Empress Academy is a 6-week self-study e-course INSPIRED by and GUIDED by the Queens of the Tarot.  It's not designed to teach you how to read the Tarot (although, if that's your thing, you'll get an in-depth look at the meaning and application of the wisdom within these court cards of the deck as an added benefit).



It's a journey through your inner world

  • Each week for 5 weeks, you'll receive a video + audio class.
  • The final (6th) week of the academy, you'll receive a guided audio for your Inner Coronation Ceremony.  Learn how to design your own ritual, integrate all that you've learned throughout the course and cross the threshold to being The Empress of your life.  It's like a graduation!
  • Guided Meditations. Journaling & Visualization prompts.
  • Access to the Private Community of Empresses for ongoing support, open sharing and celebration.

We Use the F-Word. Unapologetically.


F for FEMININE. As in Divine Feminine Power.  And it's not a "bad word".  There's no denying that Feminine Power through the ages, has gotten a bad wrap.  This vital natural flow of power within all of us (even guys) has been pushed down, held back, ignored... and you know, that's the censored version.  

We've been taught, conditioned -- basically brainwashed by our cultures -- that the only way to be powerful and respected is to apply masculine principles.  Ever heard of Resting Bitch Face? Yeah... women who know what they want and go after it, put up a shield to deflect confrontation, often molding themselves into a man-shaped box to get there.  There's no cultural "respect" for wearing your heart on your sleeve.

The funny thing is, we, women, often do this without even realizing it.  While every single one us, as humans, have a masculine and feminine side, the feminine has been deemed weak -- even dangerous -- for centuries.  We withdraw, avoid, stay silent,

We are all waking up from this nonsense now, but we must redefine the feminine nature.  Restore it to it's natural harmonious power.  And we do that individually as women, as we reclaim our own natural power & embody The Empress within.

Empathy is the most radical of human emotions.
— Gloria Steinem, "Mother of Feminism"

Sisterhood Support Circles Every 3 Months



And, oh yeah! Bonuses!

  1. My popular TEAM SPIRIT Masterclass! Learn all about Spirit Guides & connect with your very own Divine Support Team
  2. A Bonus 1-Hour Video Class! Design Your Code of Ethics & learn how to restore Balance to your energy flow during extreme times.
  3. Audio Guide + eBook: Unplugging Energetic Cords

With every new season within The Empress Academy we have what is called, The Empress State of the Union.  A livestream gathering of Empresses to celebrate the end of a season and the coming of a new energy.  Together we celebrate each other as we continue to build our empires (design our life on our terms), share inspiring stories of women in the news and the current global state of affairs of the Feminine Rising.

With enrollment in the academy, in addition to the 6-week course and all the bonuses, you'll receive Lifetime Access to everything, including the quarterly Empress State of the Union circles.  No monthly or quarterly membership fees.  Because Empresses Give and Receive in a harmonious and everlasting rhythm.  We join together to release more and receive more, celebrate more and give more.  We roll like the tides and are deeply and completely supported and loved on our journey, no matter which season we're in.  We attune to the natural energies and cycles of nature. 

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This ISN'T For You If..

  • Woo-woo isn't your thing and you have zero interest in Tarot Cards or crystals or magic.  In this course you'll explore stuff like Spirit Animals, Magical Tools and Chakras.  You don't have to know anything about any of that to begin, but you must be open & receptive to it.  
  • You don't believe in a Higher Power of any kind or tend to reject language that refers to Spirit, The Universe and spiritual realms.
  • You feel completely fulfilled & like The Empress of your life already.  You enjoy healthy relationships, know how to ask for you need and respond to challenges with grace.  You understand that your intuitive, empathic and compassionate nature is an asset and a blessing because you use it with confidence.

This IS For You If...

  • You have trouble setting and/or enforcing boundaries within your relationships with others.
  • You're tired of being a doormat & being taken advantage of.  Giving and giving to point of resentment has become your normal.
  • You know you're powerful. You know you're intuitive, and perhaps even psychic.  But that part of you still feels like a mystery.
  • You question yourself constantly, most often seeking the answers outside of yourself.  
  • You easily become exhausted & overwhelmed, and no matter what healthy changes make you always seem to end up in that place of feeling depleted.


But, truly here is the best way to know...

Place your hand over your heart center and breathe deeply.  Is this the course for you?   Feel into it.  Only you have the answer.  Only you know what is best for you.