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Team Spirit {$47 Value}

Learn to Connect & Play With Your Spirit Guides!

Includes Master Class Audio Download, Templates, and Guided Meditation



UPgrade Your Reality {$47 Value}

In this 4 video series you'll get channeled guidance from Spirit all designed to help you make shifts in your everyday life to upgrade your reality now!

Mastery Guided Thru the Tarot

This course is uniquely designed for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Souls.

To assist you along your journey, I use wisdom from the most powerful, masterful women archetypes of the Tarot; the Queens and The Empress.

It's like a guided journey through your power centers and energetic fields.  Be prepared to deepen your understanding and connection to your Mental, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional sides.

Throughout the course of 6 weeks, you'll learn to integrate these aspects of yourself for maximum, natural power.

From balancing your own chakras and tapping into your inner healer, to clear boundary setting practices and crystals and cards, you'll travel through the realms to reclaim your throne as The Empress of your Life.

Learn to navigate (and transform) your relationships by securing and owning your Power with Love, without sacrificing yourself.


When you join the LIVE round, {happening November 17th -> December 29th, 2017} you'll have the opportunity to get all your questions answered each week and added support through live group sessions with Kimberly, The Empress of Eclipse Tarot.

Your enrollment includes Lifetime membership to the exclusive (private) Facebook group where you can connect with a community of powerful Empresses who are also transforming their own lives.  As well as Lifetime access to the course and any added content in the future.


If you've got any questions, or are not sure this is right for you, contact Kimberly via email: Kimberly@EclipseTarot.com

You can learn a little bit more about Kimberly here and find her on Facebook where she frequently goes Live to share insight, tips and magical messages.

Master Class #1
Understanding How Your Light Shines in a Dark World
  • Identity + The Roles We Play Everyday
  • Duality Awareness
  • Mindset Anchors for Peace
Master Class #2
Build Your Fortress of Unity, NOT Solitude
  • Healthy Energetic Boundaries
  • Honor Your Story + Reclaim Your Power
  • Self Forgiveness 
Master Class #3
Design Your Ground-Breaking Inner-Security System
  • Ground Your Power with the Earth
  • Using High Vibe Objects for Protection + Stability
  • Syncing with Natural Cycles & Seasons



Master Class #4
UPdate How Your Relate
  • Guide to Relationships that Fill You Up, Don't Drag You Down
  • The Power of Your Pleasure
  • Path to Emotional Integrity 
Master Class #5
Strengthening Your Empress Heart
  • How to Embody the Qualities of The Empress Archetype
  • Uniting All Your Energetic Fields for Harmony + Balance
  • Recap + Integration
Inner Coronation Ceremony
Enter the Empress {Graduation}
  • Cross the Threshold with a Powerful Ceremony/Ritual
  • Guided Meditation for Full Integration
  • Step by Step Guide To Create Your Own Ritual



“All of this has changed my whole life, these thoughts and ideas, concepts and expression of spirituality...

I've made contact with my spirit guides too!”

— J.L.

Ready to Rule Your Life?

Become the Empress you already know you are somewhere deep down.