On Glowing With It, Weak Signals & a Dash of Synchonicity

If you joined me on Facebook last week for my Glow With It! Workshop that I hosted via FB Livestream, you'll know how I was struggling with maintaining a consistent internet connection.  I was super excited to talk about my favorite subjects; eclipses & psychic power.  I was all prepared to share my tips and strategies with you to help YOU tap into your power & amplify your intution this eclipse season.  But, it didn't turn out exactly as I had expected.

My first attempt was riddled with that "your internet connection is too weak" error message.  After having to pause several times due to this interruption, the connection was eventually completely lost.  

I checked my home network connections and couldn't see a problem, so I tried again to go live that day.  But, again the same thing happened. Grrr!

So, I decided to give myself a do-over!  I knew there were a few people who had requested that I offer the workshop again so they could tune in live with me, so I thought that maybe this was the Universe's way of asking me to do it again so they could join in in real time.

Only... that next day, when I went live again... you guessed it! Same. Issue.  

I actually got booted off without warning that time. But I did get just enough of a stable connection to go live again, continue where I left off & was even able to give a live reading to a loyal viewer, who stuck with me through it all! {You know who you are! And thank you again!}


In the moment, while I was focused on delivering my workshop content live, I was feeling the GLOW.  I was actually quite proud of myself for just glowing with it.

It's not just a clever workshop title.  It truly is how I relate to all these deep topics I discuss and work with in my daily life... 


Even in the midst of darkness, when we have no clue what's going on, there is a glow we can access and embody.  

A glow that illuminates for us, exactly what we need to see & know in order to grow and evolve.

And that's exactly why Eclipses are so damn powerful.


Glowing with it doesn't mean you never feel upset or frustrated or whatever else.  It simply means you are able to look for the light hidden in whatever situation you find yourself in, no matter how dire it is.

My weak internet connection was an annoyance.  That annoyance led to frustration.  And to be honest, that frustration led to anger.  A strong internet connection is vital to running my business.  Not only do I love to offer live trainings like that workshop, but I give all of my readings live online via skype or zoom.  I was thankful that a poor internet connection hadn't interfered with any of my readings, but I was committed to solving the issue to prevent any further mishaps!

I felt that anger flow through me and decided to take action to solve the issue== by calling my internet service provider first thing Monday morning!  My guides advised me to put it on my schedule as a reminder, so I did.


Guess what I discovered on that phone call with the customer service rep?

My modem was simply tuned in to the wrong radio station!  After testing my internet speed & running an analysis, it was a very simple fix.  All I had to do was set it to tune in to the proper channel that could handle higher speeds of communication, i.e. the internet.

Hello, synchronicity!

In my workshop, as I explained the bridge between worlds, I described it as tuning in to the right radio station.   

Now I have a funny story to tell & an even better way to relate to this concept, thanks to Divine Intervention. {Divine Intervention is also the Angel card that flipped over for my first attempt at sharing my workshop live!} 

This is just another way we can bring magic to life!  Through experiences like this that show us that everything is connected, everything is beautfiully orchestrated to teach us something, if we are only willing to see it.




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