Afterglow | How To Integrate the Lessons of the February 2017 Eclipses

You can go your whole life never paying attention to eclipses.  But I've learned that being aware of the changes that occur within us, and the things that manifest in our lives around eclipses hold great significance that help us heighten our consciousness.  

You are here, reading this, because you are aware, open-minded and perhaps, even intrigued by your own spiritual power.  As author Barbara De Angelis says, your cosmic alarm clock has gone off.  You know there is more out there, and more within you to discover; more of an impact YOU can make.

Eclipses are a sacred time when we experience a glimpse into our future reality through the events that manifest.  There are great lessons to learn, if we know how to connect the dots.


We just recently moved through a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo & a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces.  Now we've entered what I like to call, the Afterglow.  

When an eclipse is especially intense, the days and even weeks afterwards can feel like a hangover, but let's consciously choose to reframe it as an afterglow.  (Doesn't that feel much better to you, too?!)


The "Afterglow" phase is an adjustment period.


It's when we actually can feel like we have a lot more control, once the dust has settled from the chaos that occurred in our lives during the eclipses.  After all, eclipses can bring up the stuff we've suppressed or ignored (possibly for a very long time) so we must face it somehow. Once it's in your face like that, it takes time to recalibrate, adjust your sails and then, ideally, use it to grow & evolve.


Not-so-coincidentally, a water pipe burst in the basement of my home during these eclipses. That one event had all the components of how eclipses energetically affect us...

It was an emergency.  It could not be put off or ignored or dealt with later.  It required my immediate attention.

It was in my basement, symbolic of my subconscious or un-conscious.  The explosion occured in the unfinished part of my basement, representative of "unfinished business".

It was emotional.  I moved from panic (not sure what to do), to fear of further damage, frustration and then relief when it was finally repaired.

It had to be fixed and I had to call in reinforcements.  (In this case, my hubs and a plumber.)

As a result of the pipe bursting, and flooding my basement, the nooks and crannies of my basement floor got really clean.  Spaces that I rarely pay attention to had to be mopped up with a swamp vac... My basement floors have probably never been so clean! Very symbolic of the purification and cleansing that comes with these experiences.


I tell you this story because if we can look back what transpired for us during the eclipse, we can see the wisdom in it.  And most importantly, consciously use that wisdom moving forward.


The first step in intergrating your lessons from these most recent eclipses is to REVIEW.

If lots of crazy things happened, pick one to focus on and review.


IDENTIFY the keys of that experience, like I did with my basement-flooding, pipe-bursting fiasco.

What did you feel when that happened?  How did you react?

Was there anything symbolic of where or how it happened? How did it get resolved?  Did you need to speak up and ask for help?  Who was there for you?

What did this clear out or clean up for you?


WRITE your story down, even if it's just a couple of sentences.  Consider putting that piece of paper in an envelope, date it and seal it.  Place it somewhere, not too far out of sight, and label it OPEN IN AUGUST 2017.

This is a powerful practice and if you choose to do it, I'd love for you share the magic that happens with me when you open your letter to yourself 6 months later! (That happens to be when our next pair of eclipses will occur.)


The final step to integrating and amping up your Spiritual Awakening (because that's ultimately, what these last eclipes were on a mission to do for all of us) is to SURRENDER and BE DELIGHTED.

Acknowledge that the situation, or perhaps only the initial shock of the situation, is over.  It is now in the past.  It's ok to let it go.  No judgments.  No rehashing it out, like... oh, if I had only done this or that things would have been different. -- None of that!  Really surrender to the Universe, so you can live in hte here and now.  There can be no integration when you're stuck reliving that story in your head.

To be delighted is to be grateful for it in some way, and recognize the magic of it.

My crisis with the water pipe bursting and flooding my basement taught me SO much.  I realized why I had been feeling panicky for days before it even happened.  I developed a deeper understanding of my astrology chart through that very down-to-earth eruption.

I would never wish for a pipe to burst again! BUT, I can see the value in that experience.  That's what's important.  That's what allows us to learn it, use it and move forward in ANY situation.

If your experience was particularly sensitive, or emotionally volatile, it may take more time to find the delight in it.  That is perfectly ok.  It is way easier to get over a pipe bursting, and even shelling out the cash to fix it, than it is to recover from a break-up or tragedy.  Be gentle with yourself and be delighted in little things that show up for you in the here and now, that are totally unrelated to that experience.  Know that when you open up your letter and read your story 6 months from now, you may discover hidden treasures that you cannot see right now.


Fully embracing the AFTERGLOW of an eclipse can be so powerful! Eclipses are designed to really help us break free and awaken more of ourselves and our potential here on Earth.  All we have to do is use what we've learned, consciously, moving forward.