Don't Jinx It! How to Break Free from Superstitions That Limit Us

This article has been inspired by the Prince of Swords (depicted here) who, with his sword, is ready to sever the limiting beliefs that pull us in directions we no longer wish to go.

I believe it's extra important to understand this concept during Eclipse Season, because looking at the astrology of it all, THIS alone can help take the edge off anything that may otherwise cause feelings of panic and fear.

I've always been superstitious by nature.  As a child I clung to some pretty irrational notions, avoiding black cats for fear they might cross my path and bring me bad luck, and dancing along the sidewalk chanting,

"Don't step on a crack,

or you'll break your mother's back!"

Over the years, I noticed that some of my superstitions were just my way of making sense of signs or omens.

I explored some on my own to figure out the messages they were bringing me.  Like ravens who always show up in close range (like on my doorstep or the hood of my car) when a loved one will soon pass away.  (That's what it means to me, personally.  Signs like this have different meanings unique to each of us.) As an adult,  I claimed the black cat as my Spirit Animal and now have my sweet cuddly Mo, who you may have seen on instagram.


But there were others that I discovered were self-destructive; limiting beliefs just disguised as quirky little superstitions.

And a big one for me was, "Don't jinx it!" 

I didn't realize the power those three little words had over me until a couple of years ago...


I was deep into my studies of the Law of Attraction.  I was reading books, completing a course certification and listening to Abraham-Hicks religiously at the time.  I was aware of my thoughts, with a deeper understanding of how my "thoughts become things" than ever before.

I started paying closer attention to my words, especially my personal catch phrases like... "Don't jinx it!"

I had noticed that some unpleasant experiences in my life were playing out over and over agian, like a broken record.  And to be honest, I was feeling a bit desperate to stop the pattern.


I became acutely aware that on a deep level, as silly as it sounds on the surface, I really believed in the power of Jinx.

I've been know to be superstitious to a fault, but I had never realized before how deep the roots of my superstitions were.


Then one day in the shower I was thinking to myself about all of these beautiful things I wanted to manifest and I noticed some peculiar thoughts pop up and derail my intentions.  Suddenly I was assuming that IF I experienced those things, something awful WOULD happen, and I was thinking of all the potentially bad scenarios.

Locked in my brain was this automatic, very skewed, reasoning of balance.  I couldn't shake the thought that if I got something really, really good, then something really, really awful would have to happen in exchange for it.  And... it would be my fault.  

Beware the jinx.


As the observer of my thoughts, I started asking myself,

"Why do I believe something bad must happen when I get something good?"

And then it hit me.  

Tears poured down my face as I suddenly remembered where it came from.... 

Down the rabbit hole I went, back to the honeymoon phase of the abusive relationship with my ex-husband.  

He'd go into a violent rage, I'd end up bleeding and leaving with the cops.  Then he'd find me and bring roses and chocolate and say the sweetest things.  Life would be amazing for a while.. he'd shower me with gifts and do all kinds of nice things for me, and then. The rage returned.  Threats to take away my son or even kill me.  The desperate, never-ending cycle of abuse.

And it linked right up to the abuse I experienced in my earlier years, too.  Anchoring this false belief so deep, that it had gone unnoticed for decades.


Every time I was threatened and told "not to tell".  

Every time I was beaten after weeks of picture-perfect romance.  


Somewhere along the line, my young mind decided that it needed control in order to protect me and my loved ones who had been threatened. And I subconsiously latched onto the jinx and made it real for me.


This was a profound realization.  I could suddenly see how it had been showing up in my life.


When something really good happened in my life, like if I got a raise or won something, I rarely told anyone about it -- for fear of jinxing it.

When someone told me something great that happened to them, I would automatically retort, "Oh, don't jinx it!"

And whenever I wanted to uplevel in some way, something would happen to take me back down a notch or two.

{Like the very first time I bought a brand new car (like, not a used one), and a month later I was told I'd have to return it because the financing unexpectedly fell through.  Not only that, but my car, the one I had traded for the new one, had already been sold.  It turned into a disaster.}


I remembered countless stories like that and realized I had started to settle for just okay in my life. I had given up on trying to rise to the next level.  I had let the fear, that totally false and limiting belief, win.

That was a big break-through.  

Facing that superstitious fear head-on meant that it no longer had the power to control my life.  

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Since then, I've broken that pattern that had been on repeat for years, the one I was desperate to change.  And while I'm still a work in progress (aren't we all?), my life has changed dramatically.

So is there something that has been playing like a broken record in your life?  

Do you ever feel like you're stuck, ending up in the same place, over and over again, no matter how hard you try to change direction?

Try this...


Pay Attention to Your Personal Catch Phrases

Listen to the advice you give others.  Really pay attention to the words you speak aloud and the advice you give to others.

Limiting beliefs that have been programmed in our subconscious have a funny way of slipping out when we are talking.  

If you're not sure, ask a friend or family member what phrases you use most often.


Be Curious

We think SO many thoughts everyday.  So many we can't even really put a number on it. There's no way we could ever be aware of every single thought that pops into our heads.  But, when you stay curious about your thoughts you'll notice things you didn't before.

Perhaps your mind tends to go of on tangents of What If scenarios.  Maybe you secretly think about avoiding things or people for a similar reason every time.  Get curious about those things that run through your mind and it can stop the auto-pilot long enough for you to take a closer look.

When something comes up for you, simply observe it. Be curious about it and ask questions to learn more.  When did you start believing that?  How did it help you?


Thank Yo'Self!

When you do discover a thought stuck on replay (which is basically all a belief really is), don't judge it.  Thank it!

Understand that however dumb and unrealistic it may seem to you now, it served you in some way, way back when.  And chances are it became a way for you to protect yourself, like my fear of the jinx did.

So what was that thought originally designed to do for you?  That, my dear, is worthy of gratitude.  

I realized that I designed this "don't jinx it" mentality ultimately to protect myself from things that felt out of my control as a child and as a 20 year old domestic violence survivor.  I thanked that younger me, who had such a big heart, and didn't want anyone to get hurt or anything bad to happen.


Seize the Moment

Just like in the image on the Prince of Swords Tarot card, we can cut the chords to those beliefs that pull us away from what we truly want. Now.

We always have the power to change.  Acknowledgment and awareness of what's wrong, gives us the power to release it.

If you're a visual person, it may help to picture this Prince or Archangel Michael (he's an expert at this stuff) weilding a mighty sword and severing those energetic chords of your psychological conditioning.

If you're more of a hands-on type, write it all out on paper and shred it or burn it, to release that energy.

Doing something to actively release the old superstition or belief works like magic!  

It doesn't mean that you'll never have to do it again, though.  Remember that whatever your belief, it was programmed long ago and has been practiced (subconsciously) for probably many, many years.  Be gentle with yourself if it takes some time to really let it go.

But once you've uncovered the truth, and sought to understand it, healing begins to happen naturally.  You'll notice when you speak the words or hold back in the same ole way as you did before... because you're onto it.