Decoding 2017 | Fortune Favors the Flexible

I often talk about my cards as a sort of  'portal' through which I receive messages from the unseen dimensions.  And looking through this portal into what's ahead for all of us in 2017 has me giddy with excitement! 

I won't tell you 2017 will be all sunshine and roses... because we all know life just isn't like that. There's an ebb and flow to everything, and this year is no different.  But, it is possible to bask in the sunshine and smell the roses more often, and get back to feeling alive and joyful more quickly, when we sync up with the energies of this New Year on planet Earth.  

The key to syncing up with this energy, and really using it to our advantage, is to understand what's going on, to know which cards are on the table, so to speak.  So here it is...



Sounds exciting already, doesn't it?  

When we add up the numbers of the year, they first equal the number 10. {2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10} With numerology, we always break the numbers down to the simplest form, which makes this technically a #1 Year (and I'll get to that in a moment).  But, I believe it's important to pay attention to this first sum, also, as it adds depth to the meaning of this segment of our collective journey.

You may already know that when 2016 ended, so did a 9 year cycle.  With 2017 being, ultimately, a #1 year, we've entered a NEW cycle.  And cycle, itself, is a dominant theme in this #10 Tarot card; FORTUNE.  


ET images2281728374838.jpg

In other Tarot decks this card is called The WHEEL of Fortune.  The wheel is front and center on this card in all decks I've seen, drawing our eyes to this image first.

The wheel shows us infinite cycles and motion.  Think of the Earth always spinning and orbiting around the sun.  We are in constant motion, whether we realize it or not... even when we feel stuck in one place.  


What goes around comes around.

Karma. The Golden Rule.

We may have ended a 9 year cycle, but we are still evolving on a spectrum that is in always moving. All our hard work from last year, the last 9 years, our lives up until now, perhaps even previous lifetimes... it's paying off this year in some way.  It's gathered speed and momentum and this year it will be ours for the taking.

{Generally speaking I can't say how it may show up for you, individually.  That's something your personal reading could reveal.}


Spinning wheels generate POWER.  

Like the lightning bolts blazing through the images on this Tarot card, something new is ignited from the cyclical motion. And that power moves us & broadens our horizons.  It expands our capabilities, our confidence and our consciousness.


2017 will be packed with Ah-Ha! Moments, surprising opportunities and spiritual growth.

Individually and globally, we are expanding our consciousness.  

Don't hit the snooze button.  It's time to Wake Up!

Our bodies operate on cycles, just like the seasons, the tides, the Moon, the Earth, just like the solar system, and on and on.  We must have a keen awareness of these cycles and the opportunities that show up for us.  Be ready to accept them.  

And when an opportunity is missed we must go with the flow and remember that when one door closes another one opens.  That, too, is part of the cycle of life.    

I really like Kate's new motto for this year: #ImperfectlyInMotion

When we find a way to be in harmony with Universal Laws, we reap the greatest rewards of all. That harmony generates a sense of ease and magnetism that attracts fortune on higher levels than we've known before.  We may find ourselves getting more in touch with our intuition and Spirit Guides this year, as we tune in to this force of creation.

This year it's important to keep going, keep reaching for your dreams, getting better and better and then BAM! Golden opportunity falls in your lap that changes everything.  Sometimes we may just get crazy lucky, but most of the time....

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
— Seneca


This is the wheel of fortune.  Rewards come around and anything is possible.  When you set clear intentions and use your energy to move toward the results you seek, the Universe pops in quickly to bless your efforts.

Fortune's planet is none other than Lady Luck hereself, JUPITER.  The biggest planet in our solar system.  Abundance and growth is the name of her game.

Pay attention to Jupiter's transits in 2017 because it may provide even more clues to help us collect our rewards.



How the Magic Happens


ET images22716283728.jpg



I mentioned that this is ultimately a #1 year.  {2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 | 1 + 0 = 1}

With The Magus, #1 in the Tarot, activated this year, we are learning how to communicate in a way that is truthful, authentic and clear.  We've already seen this starting to play out on a collective level with the media and the war on "fake news".  Throughout the year, we will see more of this battle for truth vs. falsehood.

You see, The Magus (AKA The Magician or Sorcerer) is also Mercury, The Messenger.  We are expanding our consciousness and building our confidence through all kinds of communications in 2017.


Pay attention to Mercury Retrograde periods this year, because the effects may be more intense.


Expect to see new technologies, in the hands of more people, that further advance our global communications.  

Look back at the Apple iPhone.... While it was first released in 2007 (a #9 year), their sales sky-rocketed in 2008 (a #10/#1 year).  It was in a year, with similar vibes to this one, that new technology transformed our global communications because it was actually being used by more people.

This year news travels fast.

Herd mentatlity is the equivalent of the dark side this year.  As Master Yoda describes it to Luke Skywalker, the dark side is "quicker, easier, more seductive".  We may feel pulled to follow the angry mobs or jump in to share a cookie-cutter opinion on social media, simply because we indentify with a group.


Stepping in line with a group may appear to be the right move, but we are most powerful and influential speaking our own individual truths to create any change we seek.


You see the #1 is the individual.  The Magus reminds us that we each have unique gifts and talents to offer.  There is a delicate balance here between being ourselves, honoring our individual greatness and knowing that we are ONE.  One vital part of the whole.



You may have noticed that The Magus is perfectly poised on the very tip of a surfboard.  He holds on to nothing.  He lives in the moment.  There are many things up in the air that he juggles, but he does so with grace and ease.


We must be flexible in order to keep things in motion. The second we hold on too tight or for too long, those things we're juggling will come crashing down.


If we can learn to more easily let go when we need to, we will see fortune favor us.  It's all a part of moving us forward and helping us express the divine light that we truly are.

We may find ourselves playing around with new kinds of communication in order to express ourselves more fully.  It's no coincidence that livestreaming platforms are on the rise.


We will find life easier and more fulfilling in 2017 when we go with the flow.