Butterflies in the Shadows

I was having one of those off days.  You know those days... when you just don't quite feel like yourself.  Odd synchronicities had been happening all day and nothing happened according to plan.  It wasn't a "bad" day.  It just felt different.

So I stood outside in my backyard and just soaked up the beauty of our land for a moment.  I needed a breather.  

Rays of sunshine filtered through the tall Maple trees and I enjoyed the gentle breeze as it cooled my skin.  And in that moment of stillness and deep appreciation for the beauty of nature, a butterfly fluttered by.

It danced gracefully on the breeze through the shadows beneath the tree branches overhead.  

I only saw it for a few seconds as it glided through the shadows, so it appeared to be black.   I couldn't see any colors on it's wings. --- Like I said, things were just a bit off that day!


Metaphorically speaking, I've seen many butteflies in the shadows lately.  Newly transformed people who are flying through the shadows, not showing off their brilliant colors quite yet.  I, too, feel this way.

The summer is a time for great growth, and as this season of plenty winds down and big planets shift positions in the sky, it can feel like we're not ready to dance in the light, full out, for all to see.  We may linger in the shadows for a while as we stretch out our wings and practice this new, smoother way of getting around... with wings.


I've curiously observed this phenomenon with many of my clients, friends and family... It's not so much that they are challenged by crisis; it's more a sense of unusual ease and grace that can feel really uncomfortable (and confusing, when you're not used to it!).  

Changes are occuring, but on a deep inner level, the changes are welcomed, timely and simply feel right.

In many of the readings I've given lately, there's a strong element of the Unexpected happening.  But it comes through as though it's not the events outside of our control that are so unexpected...  it's our own new way of handling things and experiencing life that is unexpected.


We may find ourselves more comfortable in the shadows now as we enter the next big Eclipse happening September 16th.  

A little more toned down, quiet and contemplative.  

More content being alone with our thoughts than communicating with others.

It's like we are the same, but the way we are ABLE to express ourselves in the world has changed.  And we're not quite sure what to do.


As for me and my off day...  that butterfly showed me that what was feeling off, for me, was this new sense of ease in my daily life.  

Support was showing up for me exactly when I needed it and when things went awry (like a toilet malfunction as I was getting my son off to school & heading out for the day), I was able to let go of the frustration quickly and easily, instead of allowing it to affect my mood.

As I look back on my summer, I realize that the natural shedding of my old ways of doing things and the desire to learn new skills and dive deep into my spiritual practice, have transformed my life.  I'm living that now and it is weird! .. but also, welcomed.


Like the butterfly who has undergone that dramatic metamorphosis, we have been forever changed.... And that change may be real to you, but you may be feeling uncertain of how to show up in the world now that you are different.  You may even begin to wonder what others will think of this New You.

No matter what stage of transformation you may currently be in, something may feel really off to you.  It takes little bit for our perception to catch up to our reality.

 It's OK to dance in the shadows for a while.  Enjoy your new wings!  But, remember those wings came with brilliant colors for you to share.  You'll soon be flying in the sunlight, adding beauty and delivering great service as this new expression of yourself.