Rise! Enter the New Dimension | Solar Eclipse September 2016

This Solar Eclipse on September 1st packs a powerful punch!  There is so much happening in the cosmos that may have us feeling a bit crazy, but trust me... There's a way through the craziness; a way to leverage this highly influential cosmic event to get what it is we really, really want out of life.


What's going on in the sky?

The New Moon, the Sun, Jupiter AND Mercury {which is retrograde at this time} are all in the down-to-Earth sign of Virgo.  There's some tension with Saturn and the BIG thing Astrologers have been talking about is the Square between Saturn and Neptune.

Hard-working Satrun in Sagittarius is facing the shadows and illusions of Neptune in Pisces HEAD ON.

All this while so much of our attention is consumed by practical, holistic Virgo.

Sounds like a tricky configuration, right?  

My take on it is that this is A CHANCE TO GET YOUR REALITY MATCHED UP TO WHAT YOU REALLY, REALLY WANT.  Like... what you want more than anything.  That dream you tucked away and almost forgot about... that dream, I belive, is more possible now than ever before.


Powerful Positioning

I feel a surge of energy will flow like a super-charged current, so MAKE THE NECESSARY PLANS for your future.  Position yourself for success.  Get ready to actually experience it.

I just completed an incredible course on practicing the LOA {Law of Attraction} and a vital part of aligning your vibe with the vibe of whatever it is that you desire (in order to attract it into your life) is LIVING AS IF whatever it is that you want was already in your possession.  

BE waht you want to become.

LIVE like you already have "it" (whatever it is for you).

That kind of action is SUPER SUPPORTED NOW with this cosmic alignment.

But, also remember to MIND THE DETAILS.

Do the work.

Be aware of the shadows and illusions to avoid getting lost in them. 

Open up to the opportunities that will inevtiably come your way.



Remember, there's a LOT of grounded Virgo energy now.  So, check yourself!

 If you start feeling unusually exhausted or depleted, pay attention to where you may slipping into the role of Martyr and shift back to your place of power.  Don't sacrifice your health and well-being now thinking you'll get it back in the future when the work is done.

To truly transform this Eclipse season, you may need to PURIFY and SIMPLIFY your life. Anything that's not serving your mission will easily fall to the way side.  Stay focused on doing only the things that fit into your big picture plan.

Virgo energy encourages us to SERVE from the heart.  

See the powerful image of The Hermit above who represents the Virgo essence.  Stay true in your LIGHT and you will light the way for others.

We can make a powerful impact as we serve and that draws our intentions into the physical realm and allows them to take shape.


Psychic Powers

Tuning into your own psychic powers and connecting with the "unseen" world is easier during Eclipse season.  The veil between worlds is thinner and I belive this is even more supported with Neptune in Pisces and Mercury Retrograde at play.

During this time, I belive we can easily tap into what's happening in the shadows. You may notice physical signs and just experience a sense of knowing or, like me, you have more vivid, detailed dreams than normal.  Dreams can bring a deeper understanding of what's healing (or needs to be healed) in our subconsious.  I feel that prophetic dreams are more likely during this time, too.

Write down any signs or significant dreams you have in the coming weeks, so you can refer back to them.  I urge you not to try to figure them out with your logical mind... They may make perfect sense to you at a later date as events unfold.


The New Dimension and Relationships

Our relationshps with other people make life what it is.  They are like the platform through which we grow and evolve here on Earth.

Venus has just moved into Libra.... The Goddess of Love dances in the sign of partnership and balance.

With all this intense energy swirling around us, I believe our relationships will be transformed.

Existing relationships may reach a whole new level of intimacy.  Toxic relationships burn away to dust and become easier to let go of.

For new and soon-to-be relationships; I believe this energy is setting the stage and preparing you for a whole new dimension of love.  

All these different circumstances lead to a higher level of communion and a love that we've never experienced before.... How magical!

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We are being called to RISE now.

With all of this energy (and even more intense Eclipse energy coming with the next Full Moon), we have the power to rise above the madness and build the life of our dreams in a practical way.  This is exciting energy!   

There is so much energy that it can overwhelm us... so remember to stay grounded and take care of yourself as your life transforms into more and more of how you want it to be.

Take this inspirational quote from Katy Perry's song, Rise, with you as you move into this new dimension now.


I must stay consious
Through the madness and chaos
SO I call on my Angels,
they say...

Oh, ye of so little faith
Dont doubt it, Don’t doubt it
Victory is in your veins
You know it, You know it