The Illusion of Brokenness


There have been many times in my life when I've felt like everything was falling apart. On the outside it looked like everything was slowly deconstructing and on the inside I crumbled even faster.

I've noticed that no matter how much I've grown, awakened spiritually, or healed the wounded parts of myself, there are still times when I feel broken during times of transition.

Change is hard.  We fall into patterns that serve us until suddenly... they don't.  

We trust people and love people and believe they will love us back... and then they don't.  We rely on systems and then they fail.

It's jarring.  It feels like the ground beneath our feet could give way at any moment. There may be times when we don't even recognize ourselves because our lives have changed so dramatically that we got swept up somewhere in the memories.


But you know what I've become intimately aware of?  These transitional times lead us to what we ultimately desire.  They are opportunities disguised as pain and suffering.

The brokenness we feel is the shedding of illusions.  It takes us deeper into the unknown where we must choose to have faith in ourselves, our power and our oneness OR choose to create a new illusion to attach to.


In my younger years, I most often opted for a new illusion to cling to.  It seems that when we do that, we eventually reach that infamous rock bottom.  The place where we've run out of illusions and all we can do is turn to the Universe; surrender.

These days, I can't say that I look forward to big change or those familar feelings of brokenness, but I do embrace the shift that results within me {after the initial shock and sob fest}.

 It brings me closer to my true self.  It demands that I use my beautiful, creative power.  It reminds me of my strength and reconnects me to the Universe.  It begs me to reach for a higher vibration to ease the pain; to return to the vibration of pure love.


And I will say... when all you are doing is aiming to feel better and rise above it, your physical reality matches it.  New opportunites appear, support lifts you even higher, love flows and magic happens.

You'll discover that the brokenness, itself, is an illusion.  You are already whole.  Always have been.  Feeling broken, in pain, or lost, leads you right back to your wholeness.  The overwhelming desire to break free or fix the broken peices, leads you right back to your truth.