How a Seinfeld Episode Inspired Me to Create Something New for You

If you're a long-time fan of the show, Seinfeld, like I am, you'll probably remember that episode where George Costanza decides all of the choices he makes are wrong, so he decides to just do the exact opposite of what he would normally do.

After noticing a pretty girl at the coffee shop, Jerry points out that it would be the perfect opportunity to do the opposite of what he would normally do.  So, instead of staying in his seat thinking of excuses & reasons why he shouldn't approach her, he gets up and walks over to her.  He announces he's unemployed and living with his parents. 



And it's hilarious.


I must admit, that episode is one of my absolute favorites!  So, why am I sharing this with you & what the heck does that have to do with my new offering?


Well, this quote had recently really piqued my interest.  


If you do what you’ve always done,
You’ll get what you’ve always got.
— Henry Ford

And while I was relaxing one night watching those old episodes of Seinfeld, it clicked.  What if I try this "do the opposite" thing?  Woudln't that be a fun way to play around & edge out my comfort zone?

And WHAT IF I shared that with a fabulous tribe of women who want to have fun while also creating dramatic positive changes in their lives?

Just like that the concept of this group was born!  But, I was having some trouble coming up with a title for this group experience....

Then my guides reminded me of another one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes: The Summer of George.


In that episode, George Constanza gets a summer off of work and calls it the Summer of George where he does whatever he wants to.  He's carefree and lazy and really all he cares about is himself.


Now.... I'm not saying that's what I'm encouraging you to do.  Our lives are not sitcoms (although they can feel that way sometimes).  What I AM encouraging you to do is think about what YOU want to do, create, be this summer.  


If you truly loved and adored yourself, what would you do this summer?

What would happen if you did the opposite of what you normally do?

 Or maybe just did a part of your routine a bit differently?

What would happen if you tried something totally new? 

Think of this summer as the SUMMER of YOU {fill in your name}!


This SUMMER of YOU members only group will nudge you out of your comfort zone a bit, and it's focus is on your ultimate happiness.  I'll provide you with prompts, inspiration & encouragement all throughout the season.  Stretching & taking even the tiniest step in a new direction during this season can have a greater impact than any other time of year.  I want to teach you how to work with this energy!


With weekly guidance channelled from Spirit, "this is too easy" kind of actionables & inspiration in the form of real life experiences (not just over-used quotes), you can make this summer a Season to Remember!  Perhaps one day you'll look back on it and say, "Wow! That was big turning point in my life!"


Ready to make this the Summer of YOU?!  

Cick image to sign up!

Cick image to sign up!


Got questions? Check out my videos over on Facebook. I share more details about the timing of all of this and why I'm so excited for this group session!! 


Starts June 20th, 2016, but doors will remain open until June 30th, so you can hop on in during that time! 

Click here to join the group:


Special Notes:

You'll receive an email with your invitation to join the closed group on Facebook.  I've done my best to make this as hassle-free as possible! You won't receive a bazilion emails afterward, only the invitation to the group.  :)