More Joy

I'm sitting at my desk, breathing in the beauty of fresh fallen snow I see out my window and listening to Michael Buble sing Christmas carols.  I'm feeling nostalgic... that's what Christmas music does to me.  It takes me back and reminds me of precious moments.

My sons usually roll their eyes when I share the stories of Christmases past....

Like the year my first son was born and I got to take him home from the hospital wrapped in a stocking on Christmas Eve. {It was extra-special because he was just 24 hours old and a preemie.  It was a blessing, even a miracle, that he was healthy enough to leave the hospital so soon.}

Like the year my oldest son asked Santa for a baby brother. {That following Summer I got pregnant, totally unexpectedly and not at all planned.}  

And like that year when I was pregnant with my youngest son and I felt him kick for the first time when I turned on the radio to listen to Christmas music in the car. {I used to joke that he loved Christmas music because it felt like he was dancing around in my belly every time a holiday tune came on.}


My sons have heard those stories a million times, but I can't help but treasure and share those joyful memories. 

This year it feels even more important to focus on the JOY and create more of it.

You know what's happening all around the the world.... it can seem joyless. (I always picture Annette Benning's intense performance in Amercian Beauty when I think of that word.)


Joy is high frequency.  It's powerfully seductive and contagious.  When you are joyful, the moods of others around you are lifted.  Everything becomes lighter.  

It's joy that has the power to transform a Grinch or a Scrooge... Think of Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol or Cindy Lou Who. It's that innocent, child-like joy that has the power to transform even the darkest of moods.  And that's what we need right now more than ever. 

And it starts in our personal lives.  The more joy we bring into our own lives, the more joy we'll see in the world.  It has that ripple effect that reaches far and wide.


So share your joyful memories and make more of them.  That is my wish for you this season.


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