Foundation, Passion & Power

You already know the answer you seek. Trust what you know.
— KUTHUMI of Keepers of the Light Oracle

The final Full Moon of any year always feels like a right of passage to me.  One last surge of high energy that hones a spotlight on what we need to see and helps us wrap things up, before we slip into a brand new year, full of promise.  

You probably already know that full moons can be emotional, bringing up repressed feelings that you just can't seem to ignore anymore, no matter how hard you try.  But, this bright Supermoon in Gemini (that occurred last night) supercharged our minds.  Our thoughts got a boost of clarity during this lunation.... What a wonderful way to close out the year!

As I sat down to write this, I pulled a card from my Keepers of the Light Orcale deck (my new favorite, espeically for full moon readings).  --"You already know the answer you seek."

Ha! How's that for mental clarity lit up by a Full Moon glow!

My cards are my companions & I often talk to them like people... so I said,  aloud,

"Okay, okay.  But give me something a little more to go on."

And next up pops Mercury, the card of Open Communication.  (Significant as this Full Moon was in Gemini, a sign ruled by Mercury.)  Message heard, loud and clear.


So, here's the deal; what I initially intended to write about.  The thing I want to share with you, and my cards shined a bright green light on...

I'm excited to share this with you because I had an epiphany.  It's never dawned on me quite like this before.

And I must add that this has been inspired by my friend, Jenny Fenig.  It was her challenge {7 Days to Boost Your Message, Reach + Faith}, and the many brilliant souls who have shared their insights in her facebook group that led me to go deep and ask myself, why I'm so passionate about helping people, expecially single moms, understand and work with their own intuition.


I could say that I'm passionate about a lot of things --my family, motherhood, veganism, tarot cards, mysticism and spirituality in general -- and it would all be true.  But when I reach far below the surface of those themes, and feel for the gems buried there, it's clear what I'm most passionate about...

Ultimately, I'm most passionate about helping people feel safe.

That may seem a little strange to you.  So let me explain...


Safety, of course, is a basic human need.  Without feeling a sense of safety and security, nothing else really matters.  

We will automatically feel stressed and our energy will go to securing that sense of safety first.  As human beings, this is how we are programmed to operate, although we may not even be conscious of it.  When we don't feel safe, we simply can't grow or evolve.  

I know this because I've lived it. I spent half of my life, essentially, NOT feeling safe. 

While I've always had a roof over my head and enough food to eat (except for that one time when I lived in my car for a few days when I was 17), I spent my younger years hopelessly searching for safety.  

I dated big strong guys, like the QB of the high school football team, that I thought would protect me.

I rented apartments on the top floor because they'd be less likely to be broken into.

I took self defense classes and even trained to be a kick-boxing intructor at one point.


I searched in all the wrong places.  Because I searched outside of myself.


That quarterback never protected me.  In fact, I tried to protect him once by stepping in when another guy started a fight.  I ended up getting accidentally punched in the face and knocked out cold.

Those top floor apartments didn't prove to be much safer when I lived next door to drug dealers, had scorpion infestations or stalkers waiting for me at the bottom of the stair well.

And while the self defense and kick-boxing skills helped my confidence and physical strength, it was no match for the constant death threats or wallet snatching of my abusive ex-husband.


Safety is most often about our perception.  When we are not in immediate physical danger, I believe we co-create the danger because we don't feel safe.

And we don't feel safe because we are living in the past. It becomes a vicious cycle.  It's that law of attraction in action... we get what we feel & think about most.  

And that's where intuition and the Tarot comes into play.


You see, I did years of psychotherapy back in the day.  I uncovered lots of legitimate reasons for my lack of a sense of security, the Capital T of my PTSD.  But all that didn't give me a reason TO feel safe.  

Sure, it was over. In the past.  But, my ego kept telling me that if it happened before, it could happen again.  I knew there were "bad" people in the world, so how could I ever really be safe?  Intellectually that makes sense, right?

It wasn't until I delved into the Tarot -- started embracing my intuition and psychic power -- that I found a way to feel truly safe.  And once I felt safe, my whole world changed dramatically.

I met my twin flame, my soul mate, when I stopped looking for a knight in shining armour to protect me from the evils of the world.  In fact, I asked him out because I felt so strongly that I needed to.  Almost fourteen years later, he's the one whom I affectionately refer to as my 'hubs'. And in all of our years together he's never once made me feel unsafe.

I don't really find myself in situations that are dangerous anymore... If I get a feeling that something or someone is not right, I listen and change course.

And while it never hurts to know some self defense moves, fortunately I haven't had to use them.  I meet so many amazingly good people. 


I learned how to trust myself, my intuition, first and foremost.  I saw how my feelings, my inner guidance system, were designed to protect me and always keep me safe. Not paying attention to them is what often landed me in frightful situation in the past.  

I tuned into my guides and Spirits who visit me, and recognized them as an alliance, teamed up to help me not only stay safe, but help me become a leader and a contributor to the Light in our world, that is so desperately needed.

When a woman leads her inner world, it cannot help but emerge in the outer world. We need feminine leadership not only internally, but externally.
— Regena Thomashauer


My clients probably don't even realize it, but what I give them during a reading is a reason to feel safe.  

It comes through as the confirmation of what they sensed all along.

It comes through as comforting messages from their Spirit Guides or loved ones in Spirit,

Or as warnings to avoid a situation or person.

It comes through as insight that clarifies something for them,

inspires them to make a decision or gives them hope.


While each reading is undoubtedly unique, underneath all the prediction and insight is guiding light leading them back to safety, security and their own inner wisdom.  

And from that place, we can grow and evolve and BE the leaders we were destined to be in this time and space.  

And THAT's why I'm so passionate about helping to create that safety and security.  It's the foundation for growth and expansion.  When we feel safe, we can reclaim our power with every choice and show up in the world as an even brighter light, shining the way for others.  



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